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9 Jan. 2009
The guys start of the summer by blowing up a building while Jarppi stands on the top of it. Things don't go as planned. After a visit to the hospital the Dudesons decide to become astronauts out of an old van and try to launch themselves into Mars. Before that there needs to be hard training, making of space suits and fighting against aliens, the Dudesons style!
16 Jan. 2009
Follow the Leader
The Dudesons start playing a classic game of follow the leader. Every Dudeson gets to lead others through different challenges. Those who drop out will join the gay parade through the city of Seinäjoki.
23 Jan. 2009
Dream Jobs
The Dudesons try out their childhood dream jobs. Jarppi wants to be a construction worker, Jarno wants to be a police officer, Jukka wants to be a life guard and HP a fireman.
30 Jan. 2009
Dudesons World War
Each Dudeson forms a country and takes over a part of the Dudesons Ranch. Alliances with be formed and countries will be invaded.
6 Feb. 2009
Motor Heads
The Dudesons create the ultimate crash car called the Dudesons Mobile. It is equipped with weapons, a defense system and artificial intelligence.
13 Feb. 2009
Winter Olympics with Bam Margera
Bam and the Dudesons compete for Olympic gold. The teams are Bam and Jukka vs Novak and Jarppi.
20 Feb. 2009
Return of Jarppi's Thumb
The Dudesons travel to Helsinki to get Jarppi's thumb. Then they have a funeral party for it in celebration for 10 years of Jarppi's thumblessness.
27 Feb. 2009
Dudesons Top 10
The Dudesons host the top 10 moments of season 3 followed by the insane trailer destruction derby.
3 Mar. 2009
Bonus Episode
Jukka and Jarppi host the Season 3 "Bonus Episode" also known as "The Secret Episode" where the guys comment on some of the crazy stunts that didn't make it to the original 8 episodes in Season 3 including The Blind Robber and Rolling Rock.

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