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Season 11

26 Sep. 2019
Hopp & Ex
Psychology student Susanne Schmid is found skull-smashed in the city park. Professional 'relationship finisher' Peter Hopp dumped for her adulterer Markus Veith, whose wife Nadja is his alibi.Suspended and mourning, Jo contemplates leaving the force, buddy Schrotti suggests a boat rental managing post. Susanne Schmid actually was a greedy harlot, kept by several men, including petty plaster entrepreneur Dieter Steinbeck whom she dumps now he's broke and bankrupt. She actually was Hopp's first love and scratched him the fatal night. Yet the three lovers aren't the only...
10 Oct. 2019
Böser Wolf
In a forest near Stuttgart suburb Mühlenwinkel, Simon Waldeck's corpse is found, with post-mortem wolf bite marks. The locals are bitterly divided over wolves since one was spotted there. Biology and geography teacher Wendelin Sommer champions their return to a natural biotope, against Simon's party: Neighbour Gunnar Hauser, who runs a construction firm, legally disputed an alleged 'informally agreed' 30 000 Euro 'extra' to a cheap land deal, and Simon dumped mother and children's books author Britta Bautze as his mistress, while she also had an affair with Gunnar, ...
17 Oct. 2019
Der letzte Tanz
In Anastasia Blinow's reputed ballerinas boarding school, Katja Krylow's corpse is found in the hall where she practiced at night, expected to land the next lead, contested by rival Vivian Schleicher. Katja's feet were bloody due to glass splinters sprinkled in her shoes. Anastasia Blinow embezzled school funds to support her Russian parents. Orphan Katja's buddy Sandra Wöllner was actually jealous, feeling neglected as her parents, especially Sandra's stifling-ambitious mother Anne seemed only focused on 'needy' Katja.
24 Oct. 2019
Ganz allein
In a forest near Stuttgart, the corpse is found of widowed pensioner Uwe Gollhofer, whom nobody missed for a year. That also goes for estranged son Matthias Gollhofer, who may have known and cashed his pension to pay off his own debts, running an ailing nostalgic business in outdated equipment. Uwe Gollhofer's neighbors, Tobias and Beata Kempe, who complained obsessively about noisy annoyance. Corner shop keeper Viktor Betz does favors for his regular customers, even got donated Uwe Gollhofer's fancy car, but they fell out. Meanwhile Jo prepares a birthday surprise ...
7 Nov. 2019
After rowdy students from the rival Goethe school intrude Laemmle gymnasium and spray a graffiti insult, janitor Kai Jankowski, an Afghanistan veteran, is found killed by head wound. Incompetent Laemmle principal Gerda Beck claims it must be the long-running 'graduation war' between both populations. Goethe senior and reputed artist Sven Engel is made to admit the admit the graffiti and a beating, but that was after the actually fatal baseball bat skull hit. His favorite and confident teacher, Dieter Pohl, passed by around the time, allegedly to check out a moot tip, ...

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