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The movie is pleasant enough thanks to Kendrick and co-stars, especially Merchant's daft mannerisms and Squibb's matronly spunk. It's solely their attention to the project holding ours.
Tiny profundities, clever twists and lots of giggles are the hallmarks of Table 19, a wedding comedy with on-the-nose casting and slight, uneven charms.
When Table 19 tries to be a goofy humiliation comedy, it’s barely engaging. (The pratfalls are numerous and laugh-free.) But when it settles down into something like an indie ensemble about disappointment and the comfort of strangers, Blitz finds a more effortless tone.
Mixing touchy-feely, sub-Sundance quirk, a studio comedy’s penchant for pratfalls and dick jokes, and unabashed John Hughes nostalgia, the film crowds its leading lady with a busy ensemble and too much plot.
Blitz, however, brings no visual snap to Table 19’s proceedings, and maintains a distant relationship with its characters.
And yes, it’s as tired as “The Breakfast Club remade with adults” implies.
Blitz manages to land the occasional punchline, but the smattering of decent jokes only call further attention to the film’s complete lack of rhythm.
Almost everything that happens in this movie rings cloyingly false. It wants to make you laugh and cry, but you may be too busy cringing.
Slant Magazine
Each of Table 19‘s faint glimmers of grace are overwhelmed by elements of general spatial and narrative incompetence.
After the unnatural way it plops this gruesome group in their social Siberia, it goes from (alleged) comedy to serious drama with all the subtlety of a 10-year-old playing Mario Kart.

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