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Season 1

9 Apr. 2009
Ôji-sama o hirotta yo
Saki's visit to the U.S. takes an odd turn when she meets Takizawa in front of the White House. He's naked and armed with a gun. He has no memory and may be a terrorist. And he's joining her on a flight to Japan.
16 Apr. 2009
Yûutsu na getsuyôbi
Takizawa learns some unusual facts from Juiz: if he calls with a request, she'll make it happen - quickly. She also reveals that billions of yen are credited to the device - and Takizawa has to spend it.
23 Apr. 2009
Reito shô no yoru ni
At the shopping mall he calls home, Takizawa receives a violent visit from Kondo. Their next meeting goes just as poorly - the detective, bleeding in the street, reveals monstrous actions from Takizawa's past.
30 Apr. 2009
Riaru na genjitsu kyokô no genjitsu
During a visit with the respected Dr. Hiura, Takizawa finally learns the rules, expectations, and penalties that come with the role of a Sele̤̣o. He also learns how impossibly difficult it's going to be to survive.
7 May 2009
Ima sonnakoto kangae teru baai janainoni
As Akira contemplates the power he has as a Selecao, he is confronted by a stranger who had known him before he had erased his memories. Saki prepares for her prospective job interview, but she is rudely turned down.
14 May 2009
Higashi no Eden
Saki returns to her friends in Eden of the East, a recycling club at their University, and tells them about Akira. Akira offers to help Eden of the East in their goal, in exchange for having them help him on his duty as a Selecao.
21 May 2009
Burakku suwan mau
The Eden of the East members begin to receive pictures from Ohsugi. Takizawa uses his phone to find him. Juiz is able to locate him in a hotel.
28 May 2009
Arakajime ushinawareta michinori o sagashite
Takizawa wakes up to find Saki tending to his wounds.Ohsugi returns to Eden of the East, takes a picture of Takizawa and registers to Eden's program. He finds out that Takizawa has different aliases. He calls Hirasawa to warn Eden.
4 Jun. 2009
Hakanasugita otoko
"Pantsu" manages to recover the complete Selecao history from Kondo's phone, and discovers that the Selecao were responsible for Careless Monday.
10 Jun. 2009
Dare ga Takizawa Akira o koroshita ka
After finding out Mr. Outside's true identity, Takizawa learns that those responsible for Careless Monday are planning an even greater attack - but the most disturbing revelation concerns his missing memories.
18 Jun. 2009
Sara ni tsuzuku higashi
Saki explains to Eden that Takizawa recruited the NEET to help evacuate citizens. Takizawa took responsibility for Careless Monday and shipped the NEETs to Dubai. Out of guilt and despair for what had happened, Takizawa erased his memories.

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