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Gross-out comedy and breakout Spanish hit , being written and directed by Segura, who also stars
ma-cortes14 May 2015
This time Torrente reunites a geek gang to execute a killing but he is detained and goes in prison . In ¨Torrente 4 Lethal crisis¨ Santiago Segura is mainly accompanied by Kiko Rivera , Isabel Pantoja's son . New adventure in Torrente series starred by a racist , rude , despicable and drunken ex-cop . Torrente has a great big package and he'd like you to look at it , he is a bungler detective that deserves to be repulsed . Fourth entry in ¨Torrente series¨ , the masterpiece of earthy films , starred by the most grotesque detective and well played by Santiago Segura , he is a real private dick , a poster child for police corruption . Featuring politically incorrect private detective Torrente , he is a macho man , lazy , rude , sex maniac , drunkard , Athletic fan , caring only about protecting and serving himself . He is a Bad Santa of the police force , a peculiar and fatty man , being a ¨El Fari¨ fan , too . Despite that , he still manages to get the job done . Torrente follows the exploits of Jose Luis Torrente , an uneducated man acting for his own selfish purports . In previous outings Torrente was rejected from police duty and he returned to private investigation . A four film package, that is, with the quartet of Santiago Segura's massive cult hit comedies arriving on Us streaming platforms yesterday . The botcher ex-dirty private eye forms a new band of underdogs (Paquirrin , Barragan , Cañita Brava) to carry out a killing , being hired by Ramírez (Enrique Villen) but Torrente is imprisoned . Here crooked cop Torrente breaks out prison to seek revenge those former sidekicks betrayed him . As we find our anti-hero in a delicate situation but he can count on to help him some people , his equally freak friends .

This is 4º installment sequel in Torrente series are each starred written , directed , performed by Santiago Segura as the repulsive, sleazy and frequently drunk "Torrente" , an ex-officer of the law who refuses to accept his expulsion from the police . These films are made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a nice entertainment . "Torrente" is a passable and unapologetic dark comedy with great special effects , it has several funny and hilarious scenes and quite successful action scenes with persecution , car crashes and many other things . The picture contains thrills , noisy action , tongue-in-cheek , grotesque situations and above all , humor . Although there are also nudism , bad-mouthed language , bad taste jokes and profanities . ¨Torrente 4¨ is written, directed, produced and stars Segura, whose production house Amiguetes Entertainment produced the film , UIP and Sony hold Spanish distribution rights ; it ran up the biggest domestic opening for any film at the 2014 Spanish box office, scoring Euro3.6 million ($4.5 million) its first days . The screenplay is absurd as well as crazy , just what makes laugh a lot , that the character "Torrente" a very slutty , clumsy , sexist , Machista , extreme-right-wing , on a real person is despicable , being not adequate , but this is a film that satirizes all this and that just means he's a pathetic character , though he also has his unsettling charms . First ¨Torrente , El Brazo Tonto De Ley¨ set box office records in its day , took $707,000 and Torrente 2 grossed more than €22 million in 2001 , while the opening figures of "Torrente 5" "are lower than those of its predecessor, this "Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis," released three years ago, with $10.6 million and 1.1 million tickets sold . The film contains numerous cameos of famous people ; a lot of familiar faces , many of them known from ¨Cuore¨ magazines . And the cameos are very funny and likable and there are lots of laughters and jokes . The movie contains a colorful and adequate cinematography by Teo Delgado . Thrilling as well as appropriate musical score by Roque Baños . The film takes advantage of impressive special effects , especially on its final part when takes place a breathtaking explosions , car chases , including : bound and leaps vehicles and expensive crashes . Santiago Segura dares to make films with total entertainment and bemusement . And "Torrente " is pure eschatological fun , it is 100 and some minutes of fun and laughters . It is a commendable effort by Santiago Segura to make a film like this . Few directors are able to achieve results as ¨Torrente¨ , the biggest box-office in Spain until ¨8 Apellidos Vascos¨. This film will not disappoint Santiago Segura fans.

So if you want to be all sophisticated, like the audiences in Spain and across Europe that flock to these films in droves, here's your chance : The quintet of movies in the Torrente Package such as , the first instalment was ¨Torrente El Brazo Tonto De La Ley¨ or ¨The Dumb Arm of the Law¨ (1998) with Javier Camera , Neus Asensi ; being followed by "Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella" with Juanito Navarro , Paloma Cela , Santi Millan , Jose Mota , Pablo Carbonel , among others ; ¨Torrente 3 El Protector¨ in which the horrendous Spanish detective becomes a bodyguard , being performed by José Mota , Yvonne Sciò , Eduardo García , Fabio Testi ; . And ¨Torrente V : Misión Eurovegas¨ has a good cast as Alec Baldwin , Anna Simon , Carlos Areces , Chus Lampreave and many others . The movies were written by, directed by and starred popular Spanish comedian-director Santiago Segura and is getting the remake treatment from New Line Cinema ; all of them were produced by Andres Vicente Gomez, who exec produced the Academy Award-winning Belle Epoque
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arturito-net14 March 2011
This is the fourth movie about Spanish private detective Torrente. The main character José Luís Torrente played by Santiago Segura is an absolute anti-hero. He always has a bad luck and gets in to really difficult situations. On top of that he always looks dirty and does disgusting things and has no manners at all. The whole movie is full of dirty jokes, naked breasts, farts and sneezing. Most of the movie cast are Spanish comedians, actors,famous people and even football players or Real Madrid.

If you like this type of humour and you know a bit Spanish culture, you have to see it. I laughed out loud in a lot of moments but there were some jokes related to Spanish media or celebrities that I had to ask my friends for explanation.

In my opinion Torrente 4 and Torrente 2 are the best of all Torrente movies.
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Does lewd, crude, and rude sound good to you?
carbuff11 May 2015
Same review applies to the entire series of the first four Torrente films--they are very similar in concept and execution, and I binge- watched them all because I liked them so much. I think that this is real love it or hate it stuff, and God I love it.

I'm guessing 7 out of 10 people won't appreciate this material at all, while the other 3 who are a bit twisted like me won't be able to get enough. It helps to have some knowledge of European culture and politics, but it's not essential--a well-honed appreciation of outstanding low-brow humor is sorely needed though.

Yes, all the films are Spanish subtitled in English, but in very easy to read yellow lettering so it's no big deal at all. Most women I'm guessing will be turned off by these flicks. It's best to watch them in order.

They play like the work of some deranged, Spanish genius, love-child of Mad Magazine and National Lampoon hopped-up on steroids, testosterone, tons of junk food, pornography, and some ungodly mix of alcohol and illegal drugs. These satires are rude, crude, lewd, insensitive, offensive, amoral, sexist, racist, homophobic, grossly politically incorrect and hilarious (with likely no socially redeeming value). What more could you ask for?

If this kind of material doesn't appeal to you, steer clear; otherwise, bon appetit. As for me, all I can say is, "Please, Sir, I want some more." (I've just noticed that number 5 has been made, and I'm dying to see it.)
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Torrente is in crisis for reboot
carvercape1 August 2011
What worked in 1st part (excellent movie BTW) and held throughout second movie, failed in 3rd and now 4th part.

Reason is simple. Torrente relied on same things that made it good in first two parts but now it is getting nowhere. Script and story are thin as air. Acting is good but keep repeating same jokes all over again and it is boring.

Torrente was in need of refreshment but it's author failed to see that.

There are some funny moments in this movie but that is all there is to it. Not to mention it had so much scenes where things could get better but they were not used in innovative way.
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Gran 3D
RafikiSG16 May 2016
Follows the saga of Santiago Segura.

A film that has a spectacular 3D with a depth so real as AVATAR (not exaggerating)

The Spanish Film Academy should take into account such things and evaluate more technical work, obviously not forgetting the artistic.

On the technical side comedies , unfortunately , they are undervalued by the academy , something that should change , this film is a example.

Torrente 3, and enjoyed effects that go unnoticed later in the awards Goya.

Torrente 5 in the thing is overcome with practically scenarios created digitally.
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