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Zohar Shtrauss: Aaron Fleischman



  • Head of Yeshiva Student in the Butchery : [translated]  Look, Reb Aaron, the boy that works for you doesn't belong here.

    Aaron Fleischman : What do you mean?

    Head of Yeshiva Student in the Butchery : Nothing good can come out of this. There are rumors. He is a curse to righteous men. Butcher, don't bring him to our home. Don't take him to the synagogue, and not to our neighborhood.

  • Aaron Fleischman : [translated]  A young man must work and pray. Rest brings about idleness. And idleness causes madness.

  • Rabbi Vaisben : [translated]  He who dwells in abstinence is a sinner. A man who prevents himself from drinking wine is a sinner. He makes a sacrifice. Why? God doesn't want a man to suffer. He shouldn't cause himself sorrow. Why has God created the world? To make good for us, to ease our souls.

    Aaron Fleischman : Rabbi, this doesn't satisfy me. He who drinks wine doesn't want to deal with the challenge. Worshipping God is an everyday duty. It means loving the difficulties. Being a slave of God means loving the hardship.

  • Aaron Fleischman : [translated]  Restrain yourself. Restrain yourself. We have an opportunity to rise, to overcome, to fulfill our destiny in this world. This challenge wouldn't have come to us if we couldn't face it.

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