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Danny Trejo: Cuchillo



  • [Deleted scene] 

    Cuchillo : Do you think the water is safe to drink?

    Edwin : I will if you will.

    Nikolai : I wouldn't.

    Edwin : All right you guys, I got to umm... I have to... you know... pee.

    Cuchillo : Women pee, men piss.

    Edwin : And what do you do?

    Cuchillo : I unleash.

  • [the group finds a monolith with a pile of skulls and bones at its base] 

    Stans : What the hell is that?

    Isabelle : Who would do this?

    Mombasa : Whoever they are, they take trophies. In my culture the warrior with the greatest trophies commands the most respect.

    Stans : Whatever.

    Nikolai : It's a test. To see how we do under pressure.

    Isabelle : If this were a test, you'd all be military. Total strangers. Live rounds. This is something else.

    Cuchillo : Maybe it's ransom. Back in Tijuana, we kidnap you, put you in an oil drum. The ransom's not paid, we light you on fire.

    Stans : I hear these stories about these experiments they run on cons. They stick drugs in your food and they sit back and watch what happens.

    Edwin : Well, it's not drugs. If it was a psychotropic compound, we'd be feeling residual side effects. Loss of motor skills, blurry vision. And if it was a behavioral experiment... I mean, there... There'd be a point.

    Mombasa : What if we are dead?

    Stans : I was going to be executed in two days.

    Nikolai : And I was in combat.

    Mombasa : So was I.

    Cuchillo : This is hell.

    Royce : Last time I looked, you didn't need a parachute to get there. But it doesn't matter what happened, or why. We're here. Only question is, how do we get out?

  • [Deleted scene] 

    Cuchillo : I thought bitches weren't allowed to be snipers.

    Isabelle : Is that why they didn't take you?

    Cuchillo : Ha-Ha-Ha... bitch.

  • Royce : What's the last thing you remember, Nikolai?

    Nikolai : War. Yeah. I was with the Chechnya. And then there was a light. And then I... Then I woke up and I was...

    Cuchillo : Falling. Yeah, same thing. I was in Baja. And then there was a light. And then chingao.

    Nikolai : Where are we?

    Royce : Maybe she knows.

    [Royce directs his gaze, the other two turn to see Isabelle standing there aiming her rifle at them] 

  • [first lines] 

    Royce : [as Cuchillo holds him at gunpoint]  Don't. Calm down.

    Cuchillo : Hey, fuck you.

    Royce : Calm down.

    Cuchillo : Fuck you!

  • [Deleted Scene] 

    Stans : Hey y'all motherfuckers! Y'all know I'm famous right? Number three on the FBI's Most Wanted list!

    Edwin : What's your name?

    Stans : Stans, Walter Stans.

    Edwin : Oh shit! Yeah, I've heard of you.

    Stans : Yeah, most people have. You want my autograph?

    Cuchillo : Hey, I kill people for big money, a reason. You slaughtered thirty-six people for nothin'.

    Stans : It's thirty-eight.

    Edwin : Why?

    Stans : Well, my lawyer said I was crazy. But you wanna know the real reason doc? Why the fuck not? God damn I love this humidity.

    [to Royce] 

    Stans : Hey Tonto! How much further?

  • [Deleted Scene] 

    Isabelle : Let's go. We need to work as a team.

    Cuchillo : Bitch! Does this look like a team-work orientated group of individuals to you?

    Isabelle : Somebody did this to us. You want to kill each other? Do it after we get out of the fucking jungle!

    Stans : I don't take orders from snatch.

    Isabelle : Fine, go the other way. Get eaten by something. Enjoy!

    [the rest of the group follows Isabelle. Stans hesitates] 

    Stans : [muttering to himself]  This is so fucking weird. Ah, fuck. Fuck this!

    [Stans runs to catch up with the others] 

  • Royce : Single shooter.

    Cuchillo : How do you know?

    [Royce goes running through the jungle to find Nicholai reloading the mini gun] 

    Royce : Please stop doing that! You are shooting at the wrong people.

    Nikolai : How do I know?

    Royce : Because otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation.

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