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  • Nine elite warriors, all unknown to each other, are parachuted while unconscious into an unfamiliar jungle. Banding together for survival, they soon learn that they are on another planet and that they are being hunted by a group of predatory aliens who hunt humans for sport. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. Predators is a direct sequel to Predator (1987) (1987) and its sequel Predator 2 (1990) (1990), and is intended to ignore the events of AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) (2004) and AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007) (2007). However, there is no apparent connection to any of the other movies apart from being about group of people being hunted creatures belonging to the same taxa and armed with the same tools as the ones from the earlier pictures. It's a standalone movie with events taking place in an unspecified later time (no earlier than 2000) and belonging to the same fictional universe as the events of classic Predator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The title is a play-on-words, so we know that the human characters are supposed to be among the most dangerous humans on earth as well as the Predators that hunt them.

    1. Royce (Adrien Brody), a stone-cold American mercenary soldier that reluctantly becomes the de-facto leader of the group. He is armed with fully automatic AA-12 shotgun, an unknown type of 1911 sidearm, and a Bowie knife.

    2. Edwin (Topher Grace), a doctor who seems out of place among the group of professional killers. In a deleted scene, he admits to having been a surgeon addicted to drugs. During an operation, he experienced a drug-induced psychosis, causing him to violently stab his patient to death; he thinks this may have been the reason for his selection. Because the scene was deleted, it may not necessarily be canon. He carries a small medical kit on his person, which includes a scalpel.

    3.Walter Stans (Walton Goggins), a famous mass-murderer who was days away from being executed at San Quentin. He was third on the FBI's most wanted list, suspected of killing 38 people, and is armed with a shiv, much to his own chagrin.

    4. Cuchillo (Danny Trejo), a Los Zeta drug cartel enforcer from Baja, armed with two H&K MP5K submachineguns. He is also seen firing another 1911.

    5. Isabelle (Alice Braga), a CIA Sniper equipped with a Blaser R93 LRS2 precision rifle mounted with an Elcan DigitalHunter scope and an HK45 sidearm with compensator as her sidearm. She learned her skills in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). In the film; it is only mentioned that Isabelle is from the IDF, however Robert Rodriguez said in a featurette on Isabelle that she is a CIA sniper. It also explains how she knew of the Predator's existence if she was in the CIA.

    6. Mombasa (Mahershala Ali), a Revolutionary United Front (RUF) death squad officer from Sierra Leone carrying an AKMS rifle and what appears to be a 1911 variant for a sidearm.

    7.Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov), a legendary war hero of the Spetznas Alpha Group (Russian Special Forces) armed with a GE M134 hand-held minigun and a Tokarev TT-33 sidearm.

    8.Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien), a silent Yakuza hitman from the Inagawa-Kai family, armed with a customized Beretta 92FS Inox pistol and later comes across a generic katana (a samurai sword).

    9. Rocky (Aaron Richardson): There was a 9th member of the original Group that lands next to Royce and Cuchillo at the very beginning of the film; unfortunately for him, his chute didn't open. Therefore, little is known about him but it has been suggested that he was likely a member of the United States army due to the pixel-gray Army Combat Uniform fatigues he was wearing.

    10. Ronald Noland (Laurence Fishburne), an American Air-Cavalry soldier who has been on the planet for some time. He says "10 seasons" but being an alien planet, we never find out how long 10 seasons is. It was long enough for him to become rather isolated and strange enough to create an imaginary friend. He scavenges the planet for whatever tools he can find. He has numerous weapons that he's scavenged in his hideout but he is shown to have captured the Predator's cloaking technology and he carries some sort of alien rifle. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the previous Predator films, the Predators would go to Earth and hunt for their initiation. However, in the expanded universe of stories, it has been said that there are many different clans of Predators who likely have different ways of hunting. It is possible that the Predators in this film are seasoned hunters who have passed their initiation and simply hunt for entertainment, which would explain a game preserve. It could also be a hunting ground that is only used by the big Super Predators and not by the "Classic" Predators. Another explanation would be that this game preserve serves as training ground for semi-advanced hunters, who are experienced enough for a dangerous hunt on a familiar terrain with a controlled number of prey, but not yet ready to venture to an alien planet all alone. Other possibilities are that they ran too much of a risk (1) of being discovered or captured or (2) of having their technology exploited if they continued to hunt on Earth, so they rethought their strategy by taking the humans off Earth to hunt. It is hinted in the film (and confirmed by Robert Rodriguez in a live chat with fans on that the reason the Predators are hunting like this is to help themselves "evolve". The Predators seek the most dangerous creatures from around the universe and place them on this planet for the purpose of hunting. It is through this hunting method the Predators discover any weaknesses they have whenever they are bested by their game and then learn to adapt for these weaknesses in future hunts. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are four Predator characters in the movie: (1) Mr. Black/Berserker (the lead predator with the jawbone attached to his mask), (2) Falconer (the one with the unique mask that has the small aerial reconnaissance drone), (3) Tracker (the one with the tusks on his mask who also controls the predator hounds), and (4) the classic Predator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are two types of Predators, the difference being the same as between a dog (Classics) and a wolf (Super Predators). The Predators in the previous films were all Classic, while Berserker, Tracker and Falconer are Supers battling with the Classic clan. Supers all have larger heads than Classics, as well as different eyes and a more protruding mouth. Make-up artist Greg Nicotero confirms in an interview here that the three main predators are all Super Predators. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, that Predator is dead. Classic, in this film is the same in design, weapons and Mask-wise only. Even still the face is slightly different as to show it is not exactly the same. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ignoring the AvP films, some fans consider the new Super Predators weaker than the Classic Predators in the first two films. However, that may just be because there are three of them attacking a small group of humans and the humans wind up successful in the end, whereas the previous films had one Predator that would take out entire groups of people. Let's re-cap...

    Predator: This Predator met his ultimate fate by way of suicide. He was toying with Dutch and brutally beating on him instead of killing him. Near the end of the fight, the Predator notices a trap that Dutch had set for it. So the Predator proceeds to get careless and doesn't take notice to the large tree trunk that was set as the counter-weight to the original trap, which lands on it, forcing the Predator to activate a bomb on its wrist.

    Predator 2: This Predator is shot a dozen times, has his arm sliced off, then during the final duel with Harrigan, he believes he has mortally wounded Harrigan and once again, the Predator gets careless and savours the moment before striking the final blow, which presents an opportunity for Harrigan to kill the Predator with its own throwing-disc.

    Predators: "Tracker" is killed after sticking Nikolai in the gut and raising him off the ground with its wrist-blade. Nikolai then lifts up his shirt to reveal he has a claymore strapped to his body and detonates it, killing both of them. The Tracker didn't know Nikolai had a bomb strapped to him and wouldn't be able to survive such a large explosion. "Falconer" decides to toy with Hanzo and grants him a blade fight. They both take a few swipes at each other, Falconer then throws Hanzo around like a rag-doll and even starts to taunt him. But in one final charge, Hanzo (somewhat) out-maneuvers and disembowels Falconer with his sword before succumbing to his own mortal wound. "Classic" gets in a fight with Berserker which ends in a short amount of time with Berserker beheading Classic, probably to show how much more formidable the Super Predators are compared to the Classic. Also, Classic may have been tied up for some time so he may have been severely weakened and malnourished and he still put up a decent fight. Lastly Berserker is stabbed repeatedly by Stans which seems to have little effect on him, then he gets in a brutal fight with the Classic Predator, then he is blown backwards by a grenade booby-trap. Finally, in a guerrilla fighting style, Royce takes running swings at Berserker with an axe while Berserker's vision is blocked. Eventually Berserker recovers and gets the upper-hand on Royce, proceeding to brutally beat him. Before striking the final blow which would kill Royce, Isabelle shoots Beserker center-mass with her sniper rifle, causing an exit wound which brings Berserker to his knees. Whether Berserker didn't know where Isabelle was before that or thought her of no consequence because she was paralyzed is up to the viewer. But Royce is able to finish the Predator off with his axe thanks to Isabelle's well-placed shot.

    Bottom line: The ultimate downfall of the Predators seems to be arrogance or carelessness in all the films. The Super Predators are probably even more self-confident, seeing as how they hunt the Classics. All of their deaths in this film are the result of toying with their prey instead of just killing them or not taking into consideration that humans are more agile and can set elaborate traps as well. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A web search on Archaefructus lianongensis shows that Archaefructus is an extinct genus of flowering aquatic plants with three known species, Archaefructus eoflora, A. lianongensis, and A. silensis, that have been dated to the early Cretaceous period (125 million years ago) in Liaoning Province, China. While unlikely, it's possible that Edwin had studied paleobotany at some point. It's also possible that this plant still exists in the film's fictional Earth. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In-Universe Explanation: In a live chat with fans on, Robert Rodriguez explained that all the animal and plant life on the planet is not native, but was rather put there by the Predators in order to create a game reserve for them to hunt in. As such, it can be assumed that in order to do so the Predators harvested many forms of animal and plant life from many worlds around the universe, including Earth, and then planted them there over the course of hundreds, possibly millions, of years. Edwin recognizing a plant in the jungle (Archaefructus liaoningensis) supports this theory. The film is also said to feature animals and plants that are not from Earth. Also, this helps explain why sometimes the scenery switches from Jungle, to forest. No one has ever seen another life-supporting planet so who's to say what one would look like. An alien planet would most likely need a similar climate, topography and various other features similar to Earth to sustain life; likewise concerning the encompassing solar system too. So it's very possible that an alien planet would look much like ours.

    Behind-the-Scenes Explanation: The film was shot on location in Hawaii and Texas (the real reason the scenery changes from Jungle to Forest), as the filmmakers did not have the budget for an Avatar-style CGI jungle, nor may have they wanted to for aesthetic reasons even if they did. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Considering that he left the shoes behind, Hanzo wasn't worried about ruining them, so possible explanations are that he removed his shoes (1) in order to move more silently (as a Yakuza hitman, stealth and silence are his trademark) or (2) in order to obtain better traction (he was wearing dress shoes with smooth flat soles, took one step in mud and his foot slipped slightly, so he knew they would be a liability). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Hanzo is a Yakuza hitman. He stays silent throughout most of the movie, because he admits he "talks too much", and shows his hand with only three fingers. Yakuza members follow a strict code of honor, which includes cutting off parts or whole fingers as a sign of apology or penance—the practice is called yubitsume. (The Japanese fictional movies Autoreiji (2010) (2010) and Autoreiji: Biyondo (2012) (2012) may provide further insight into the Yakuza culture.) Obviously, Hanzo's mouth has gotten him into trouble several times in the past, perhaps breaking the code of his group or bringing shame on its members, forcing him to atone for this sin by cutting his fingers. Also, he may have been disrespectful to his superiors and so they cut off his fingers as punishment for his arrogance. It's shown in the "extras" on the Blu-ray disc release in the form of an anime with some other characters. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's easy to miss, but as Royce is falling from the sky, he realizes he has a chute on and is scrambling to find the ripcord to deploy the canopy and he cannot find it. As he plummets to certain death, an emblem on his chest lights up and the canopy deploys automatically. Even if they hadn't woken up in free-fall, or were too panicked to realize they had a parachute on, the parachute would have deployed, assuming it wasn't faulty like the one that was attached to the guy who falls next to Royce and Cuchillo. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Royce's military training would have taught him how to tell time by the positioning of the sun. The Earth's sun moves a lot in just an hour, so if he didn't notice any significant change within that time, it would cause him considerable concern. There are two possibilities: (1) days on that planet simply last longer, and Royce meant that the sun's movement is barely noticeable, not that it stays in one spot permanently, (2) one of the many planetoids we see shortly thereafter moves in front of the sun at some point and causes an eclipse. Such an eclipse would clearly be much darker and last much longer than an eclipse of the sun by Earth's moon, given the alien planetoids' vastly larger appearance in the sky. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Isabelle is an Israeli Defence Force sniper who is also working for the CIA. She had access to top secret CIA files that allowed her to read a dossier from a 1987 mission in Guatemala where a rescue team and a CIA liaison came into contact with an "other world life form" that killed everyone except the team leader and his POW. The creature he described fit the description of the creatures they were fighting on the planet. This of course is referencing the events of the original Predator movie, the events of which are only known to those in the CIA and the top levels of the United States government, hidden from public knowledge. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter. You will meet them doing various things with resolve, but their interest rarely holds because after the other thing ordinary life is as flat as the taste of wine when the taste buds have been burned off your tongue. It appears in "On the Blue Water", a short story by American author Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961] in the April 1936 issue of Esquire Magazine. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, Royce's weapon of choice is the AA-12 combat shotgun. It is a unique shotgun because the design makes it lightweight and has almost no recoil, and unlike most shotguns, it is capable of full automatic fire. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the real world, maybe. However, the English language is the third most common first-language spoken in the world after Mandarin and Spanish, and if you include those who speak English as a second language it is likely the most common language on Earth, so it's not as far-fetched as it may seem. But this is a movie, and in the movie's universe it could be explained that the Predators anticipated this when abducting the group members. They wanted the group to work together and the only way that would be possible is if they could all communicate with each other, so they chose people that all understood English. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Simply put, yes, they can. In every Predator film; the Predators all have their masks removed for extended periods of time and seem to have no difficulty breathing, not to mention being able to howl, growl and roar. The City Hunter from Predator 2 was without its mask for almost the entire third act of the film, but it was also shown to have a small device it put over its mouth and took three or four deep breaths. After this, the device is never used again. It was likely because the City Hunter was severely wounded and was either having difficulty breathing or the mask held a sort of stimulant to keep him going until he was able to treat his wounds. Another point to add to this is when Harrigan is on board the Predator's ship at the end of Predator 2. He is able to breathe perfectly fine and the Elder Predator didn't have his mask on. Therefore they were both breathing oxygen. It seems to be a common misconception that the Predator's mask is used for breathing, yet no other part of their equipment shows to be air tanks (though this doesn't rule out the possibility that the mask uses some sort of air-filtration unit, seeing as how it appears to be airtight). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The creature came from the cages they find earlier, covered in insects, and is another being that these Predators are also hunting. It is an homage to the original Predator design from the first film (originally played by Jean-Claude Van Damme), before they dropped it, and Stan Winston Studios came in to redesign it as the dreadlocked-sporting hunter we all know today. More information on the original design can be seen in the making-of featurettes on the 2-disc DVD Special Edition of Predator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Noland says that he's been there for seven, maybe ten, seasons. However, there's no telling what constitutes a "season," i.e., is it a meterological season or is Noland simply referring to a new hunting season? Does a "season" have defined parameters or does a new season begin when the previous round of Predators has either killed or been killed by their prey? Viewers have suggested a few ways that a "season" can be defined. (1) Two weeks, based on the decomposing soldier, which Edwin estimates as being dead for that long. (2) 72 days—In the prequel comic, Noland has been there two years, meaning 24 months per 10 seasons, which equals 2.4 months or 72 days per season. (3) Thirty years based on Noland's claim that he was an Air Cavalry solder and hums "Ride of the Valkyries", the tune that the Air Cav soldiers played in their helicopters when attacking a village in Apocalypse Now (1979) (1979) (one of Laurence Fishburne's first films). 2010 minus 1979 = 31 years = 3 years times 10 seasons per year, so it's possible each season is at least three Earth years. (4) Four years based on subtle hints that he may have been abducted during the Vietnam War, i.e., he is wearing Vietnam-era pants, and many of the weapons he has, such as the claymore and the hand grenades, were Vietnam era. (It's also possible that he just scavenged those weapons and materials.) Thus, given the lack of any real, definable parameters, Noland could have been on the planet anywhere from fourteen weeks to forty years. In the motion comic available in Blu-ray disc, Noland (voiced by Laurence Fishburne himself) states that he had been on the planet for decades. Keep in mind if he was there for a short while, he could have been insane before being abducted. A thing to consider, though, is that all of the abducted earthlings could have been abducted in a wide variety of years or decades, only to wake up in with no memory of events before that time and after their abductions, as if picking right up where they left off. This would serve to further obfuscate how long Noland had been on the planet, but only if he was placed in any sort of stasis in the time between being abducted and being dropped into the strange surroundings. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Either (1) once Noland found it, he cleaned, sharpened, and maintained it , or (2) the sword was self-sharpening (i.e., there is a whetstone built into it). Whenever Hanzo sheaths or unsheaths the sword, you can distinctly hear the "shiiiinck" sound one would expect when drawing any blade across a whetstone. This is a common sound effect added into films whenever someone draws a knife, or simply raises it into the view of the camera. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The group was trapped in Noland's hideout, in a room quickly filling up with smoke. They had no way to escape the room as Noland had blocked it off. Royce made the calculated effort to alert the predators to their location in the hopes that they would want to set the group free in order to hunt them in the open as opposed to letting them die trapped in a room. Royce's assumption was correct, because the Tracker predator infiltrates the hideout and breaks open the entrance to the room in which they were trapped and then leaves in order to let them escape. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Many people ask why someone who has killed two, maybe three, Predators wouldn't be considered trophy-worthy by the Predators. The behind-the-scenes would probably reveal that Laurence Fishburne's filming time was limited, so they didn't have the time or budget to give him an elaborate exit. In the realm of the film, it could be said that the Predators felt that Noland constantly luring other humans into his hide-out and then killing them to steal their gear is very dishonorable, so they gave him a gruesome and dishonorable death. Another point to go with this theory is the Predators felt that, because he was killing their game, he was ruining their hunt, so they killed him the way they did out of anger rather than punishment. Super Predators don't operate on the "honor system" that the Classic Predators do. Trophies may not be their biggest priority (as evidenced by the Special Forces soldier they find after escaping the traps, his chest was blown out but he was left there to rot, his skull and spine intact), so Tracker may simply have dispatched Noland as quickly as possible. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "You're one ugly motherfucker", but Russian viewers notice that it translates into English more as "What a face/snout you have", which could be an allusion to the former as there's likely not a literal translation for it. Literally it means "What a face you have", but he uses a derogatory slang term for face which when used, basically means "You have a really ugly face." It sounds much funnier in Russian. Therefore, it may be considered that he says "You're one ugly motherfucker" but that exact phrase probably gets lost in translation to Russian so Nikolai says it as close as possible. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Stans had stolen one of the armored vests that Noland had scavenged. He put it on underneath his jumpsuit, when he is laying on his stomach after he is shot, a close-up of the wound reveals the metal plating. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While Edwin stepping on the bear-trap (or in this case man-trap) was not intentional, he was pretending the wound was worse than it was in order to convince Isabelle to stay behind and help him so he could paralyze her. Later on he is able to walk but still has a bad limp. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Supers and Classics do not get along, besides the hunting. They, like Nolan say, are like dogs and wolves, the Supers probably caught the Classic hunting in their territory or took over his hunting grounds and took him prisoner. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • If you watch the film closely, you'll see that the Classic Predator activates the ship, puts it on auto-pilot for Royce. When Berserker sees the ship taking off, he simply detonates a bomb, destroying the ship. Berserker is never actually seen "controlling" the ship. The likely explanation is that the ship belonged to the Classic Predator's tribe and when the Super Predators captured Classic, they rigged the ship with explosives, either as a booby-trap for potential rescuers of Classic, or in case Classic managed to escape. If the ship had belonged to Berserker, he likely would have just pushed a button to have the ship land again instead of blowing up his only means of getting off the planet. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Edwin uses the toxin he finds on a plant to paralyze Isabelle and then reveals to her that he's in fact a serial killer. He says to her, "Don't worry, it's not fatal. You'll be able to experience everything." There are a few theories on this. Some take this to mean he was planning on raping her before the Predators kill them both. Though other parts of his conversations such as "...back home I was a murderer...a freak...but here amongst the monsters, I'm normal, I like it here, I want to stay" imply that he was simply going to murder her as he thought the Predators brought him there to hunt with them and be an equal to the Predators themselves. As many serial killers suffer from a "god complex", they see themselves being more than human, and people are just "things" and insignificant, such as how normal people might see a cockroach. Also, he says to Berserker at the end, "Help me...I'm one of you!", which supports this theory, though it's not inconceivable that he was going to rape and kill her. He seemed rather put off when Stans makes a comment about raping women earlier in the film, though this could have just been part of his guise to seem normal (or he may have felt somewhat embarrassed/exposed by the mere mention of the notion). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In order...

    Rocky: As his parachute did not deploy properly, the soldier died in a high-impact collision with the ground.

    Cuchillo: After the group is attacked by the Predator-hounds, Cuchillo disappears. They hear him calling for help and find him in a clearing sitting on the ground with his back to them. Royce realizes it's a trap and the group decides to leave him, Isabelle shoots Cuchillo in the back to put him out of his misery. Then his voice is heard saying "Help me!" again, revealing that he was dead all along.

    Mombasa: The group heads into the Predator's campsite. When they find the Classic Predator tied to the monolith, a small projectile hits Mombasa in the abdomen. The small projectile then expands within his body into two spikes that shoot out and impale him from the inside.

    Noland: After offering the group shelter in his hideout, he tries to kill them by smoke asphyxiation. Royce thwarts this by shooting the hull of the ship and alerting the Predators to their hideout. As Noland makes his escape, he is cornered in the hallway by The Tracker Predator and is vaporized by its shoulder cannon.

    Nikolai: As the group make their escape through the hallways of the ship, Edwin gets lost and Nikolai goes back to help him. As they exit into the sewers, Nikolai is shot in the back by the Tracker. As Nikolai tries to crawl away, the Predator sticks him in the gut and raises him off the ground. So Nikolai lifts his shirt to reveal a claymore explosive he had strapped to his body and he detonates it, taking the Tracker Predator with him.

    Stans: Starts dancing around shouting and cheering at Nikolai killing the Predator, he doesn't realize Berserker is standing behind him, and so Berserker shoots him in the back with its shoulder cannon sending him through the air. Assuming Stans is dead, Berserker is about to shoot Royce in the head when Stans, who was playing possum, jumps on Berserker's back and starts stabbing it repeatedly and taunting him. Stans shouts for the others to run, then Berserker throws Stans off and he hits his face on the ground. He looks up from the ground, laughing manically and goading berserk to finish him off. So Berserker rips Stans' spine and skull out while he was still alive.

    Hanzo: As the group runs through an open field, Hanzo decides to make a stand and signals for the others to keep going. He turns and draws his samurai sword and the Falconer Predator appears in front of him. They have a blade fight which ends with Hanzo managing to disembowel the Falconer Predator, but unfortunately Hanzo was also stabbed in the heart so he dies as well. (Please note that there are fan rumours suggesting that Hanzo's "mortal" wound was left slightly ambiguous as he was the only one to not have a definitive death, opening the possibility of bringing him back.)

    Edwin: Reveals that he is in fact a serial killer, he attempts to kill both Royce and Isabelle in order to stay on the planet. Royce takes Edwin's scalpel from him and sticks it into Edwin's chin. As Edwin begs for his life, Royce assures him that he won't kill him. As the Berserker makes his way to the camp, he finds Edwin laying face down but sees he is still alive, so he turns him over setting off a booby-trap that Royce had set up, killing Edwin and wounding↓ the Berserker Predator.

    A total of eight of ten humans, and three of three Super Predators. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Stans is a mass murderer, not a serial killer. There are many differences between the two: one is that mass murderers don't have a specific pattern; second, unlike serial killers, there is rarely a sexual motive to individual mass murderers. Stans could very well have been a hitman for a syndicate or something along those lines; he may not have done it simply for pleasure, but because he was contracted to do so. In an interview on, Walton Goggins (who plays Stans) joked: "I think he just had a bad 3 days. He went off his meds for 3 days..." Stans is also seen showing genuine care and concern for other members of the group, something serial killers are only capable of pretending to do. Serial killers follow a very specific pattern and very rarely, if ever, stray from that pattern. For example John Wayne Gacey murdered young men aged 14 to 22 and buried them under his crawlspace. Dexter Morgan on the Showtime series Dexter (2006) (2006-2013) follows a specific pattern as well. More comparisons can be found in the encyclopedia articles for mass murderer and a serial killer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While in the film Stans says he plans to "rape so many fine bitches" if he makes it back to Earth; this was likely an off-color comment due to his being incarcerated for so many years. Stans was a convicted mass murderer and as far as the creators of the film have suggested, he is not in fact a rapist. Had Stans raped and then murdered people he would be considered a serial killer. There is a deleted scene on the Blu-ray/DVD in which Stans tries to "sweet talk" Isabelle into having sex with him. When she rejects him, he accepts her answer. If he was a rapist, he likely would not have asked in the first place let alone backed off when she refused. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was likely a moot point until the very end. At the time it was revealed, they still had nowhere to hide and they knew the Predators would use dogs to flush them out if they couldn't locate them. Also the Predator has different vision modes in order to track their prey (however the group didn't know this) but the group never had time to stop and cover themselves with mud as they were almost always on the run. At one point the group makes a stand in the jungle while trying to flush out the Predator, however they may have been trying to draw them in, and therefore didn't want to block their heat signatures. Then they probably thought they were safe in the ship with Noland. Then once again it was time to run until the final stand. Royce actually does it the other way around at the end, setting fire to the surroundings, so that if his own heat signature gets exposed, it completely merges with the background, rendering him invisible to the Berserker Predator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is mentioned by Noland that the Predators study the prey when hunting them on the game reserve and that those who are chosen are all predators, i.e. the human predators in our world. This includes serial killers (often also sexual predators), mass murderers, dangerous criminals, military combat personnel, mercenaries and underworld hit-men, regardless of ethnic group and from any part the world. They put him in there to mix up the group dynamic. Edwin is a manipulative and deceitful serial killer; this would allow the predators to hunt a more diverse type of prey. This is evident in Noland's hideout when he convinces Nikolai to come back and save him at the cost of his own life and also when he shows Royce the pictures of Nikolai's kids claiming they are his. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • With the fire masking his heat signature, Royce rushes the remaining Predator from all sides, disorienting him, so the Predator switches from tracking Royce's heat signal to tracking his heartbeat. He attacks Royce, knocking him to the ground, slugging him, and viciously tossing him around. Meanwhile, Isabelle drags herself toward a gun, the neurotoxin finally beginning to wear off. Just as the Predator is about to decapitate Royce with his wrist sword, Isabelle shoots him. He fires back at Isabella, injuring her in the shoulder, but leaving enough time for Royce to get back up and decapitate the Predator. Royce staggers over to Isabelle and collapses next to her. In the final scene, they get up on their feet and begin walking when they notice a dozen parachutes descending over the jungle. Holding Isabelle close to him, Royce says, "Now let's find a way off this freakin' planet." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the original film, Dutch said to Anna "Leave [the gun]. He didn't kill you because you weren't armed. No sport." Dutch was only theorizing. In fact, the Predator will kill an unarmed person if they are a threat or worthy of combat. Dutch was completely unarmed at the end of the first film and the Predator was still going to kill him (though he had been armed previously). Although the Predator granted Dutch a "fair" fight, it was 1-on-1. It also killed Billy who was armed only with a Bowie knife. All the characters in this film were armed, even if it was as minor as a scalpel. They were given the tools they used to kill on Earth. Also, the Predators aren't ever seen actually trying to kill Edwin, only approaching him, until he's been laid as bait and that could have been out of curiosity to see if he was indeed still alive. However, Robert Rodriguez has stated that the Super Predators do not operate under the "honor system" that the Classic Predators do. The Supers will likely toy with you and then kill you, whereas the Classics will stalk and wait for the best opportunity to strike. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The over-all design of the "Classic Predator" is a direct homage to the original Predator.

    Royce says, "What are you waiting for? Come on! Kill me! I'm here!"

    Royce covers himself in mud to help hide his heat signature.

    During a confrontation Isabelle says, "You set us up!"

    The Predator camp has several skinned creatures hanging upside down.

    One of the improvised traps is set off by a large log tied to a rope, just like Dutch's trap for the Predator was supposed to be activated by a log (only Dutch's log went down, whereas this log goes up).

    One of the characters is shot by a small projectile like Blaine was in the original.

    The US Army soldier who is found dead has a hole in his chest, probably from an energy blast from behind; this is also the way Blaine died in the original.

    Nikolai carries an M134 minigun like Blaine used in the original.

    The large Bowie knife that Royce uses to decapitate a Predator Hound is identical to Billy's knife.

    Nikolai says a variation of "You're one ugly motherfucker" in Russian.

    Royce kills an insect with his knife like Mac did to the scorpion.

    The group falls off a cliff into a waterfall.

    Hanzo stops dead in his tracks to face a Predator one-on-one like Billy did.

    Noland whispers "Over Here" and "Turn around" repeatedly.

    Mombasa looks into the trees and feels something is watching him like Billy did.

    The creature that chases Edwin through the jungle is based on the original Predator design before it was abandoned and redesigned into the "Classic". This is probably the most subtle homage.

    Stans' spine and skull are ripped out the same way as Billy's in the original.

    The use of "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard during the end credits.

    The Classic Predator inspects Royce as the original predator did to Dutch before their final duel.

    The films score features Alan Silvestri's musical motifs from the first Predator film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The trailer featured a few lines and scenes that didn't make it into the final cut, which is normal for a film that hasn't completed editing by the time the trailer is released. The scene with Royce and the laser target was in the film but it was only with one laser target and not several as in the trailer. Robert Rodriguez admitted this shot was done for marketing purposes: he needed a shot that would "crystallize the idea" of the humans being stalked by the predators and so filmed a scene specifically for the trailer. "You don't want people to always know," he told MTV News. A lot of my movies have trailer shots that I shoot just for the trailer, so that people haven't seen the movie already but they get the feeling of what it's supposed to represent. Also, 20th Century Fox has been known to employ such marketing techniques as adding things into trailers or heavily editing R-rated movies to PG-13 to maximize box office revenue, then release the uncut version on video. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the film's script, there are two alternate endings, one of which features an appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Dutch from the first Predator movie. He did not accept this cameo. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Not long after Predators' release, Robert Rodriguez had stated that Fox has green-lit a sequel. In summer 2014, it was announced that Shane Black, who had a supporting role in the very first Predator movie as "Hawkins", has been assigned to write and direct a new sequel which carries the working title The Predator (2018). Robert Rodriguez and Adrien Brody are not involved in the project, but supposedly they initially were. Shane Black has come out to say his film is indeed a sequel, but will not tie in directly with Predators. Making this film series more of a loosely tied together anthology series. Each film having a different location and different characters. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It's left open to viewers to decide. Two possibilities to consider are as follows. (1) He wasn't, and he lied to seem useful. His knowledge of certain drugs and their effects and body decomposition rates are gained from his being a murderer. The scalpel is just his murder weapon of choice. (2) He is a doctor but is also a serial killer (like Hannibal Lecter, or the film From Hell's version of Jack the Ripper). This one seems more likely as he often speaks in medical terminology and carried a small medical kit on his person. There is also a deleted scene in which he admits he was a doctor and was addicted to prescription meds that resulted in him hallucinating a woman attacking him while he was operating on her. So he stabbed her nine times. While this was obviously a fabricated story and was deleted from the film, it's very possible he was actually a doctor. Edit (Coming Soon)

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