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Another Diamond in the Rough
psypeterson7 December 2010
We are living in a new golden age of television. This is the age of the one hour drama. Sure, we've had them for decades now, but never have we had so many good ones available at one time. Chuck, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, 24, House, Supernatural, No Ordinary Family, etc, etc, etc.

Now we have Lost Girl.

I won't say this show will be enjoyed by everyone, but any sane person will at least acknowledge it is worthwhile.

Decent acting shows through a veil of light camp as characters develop personally and with each other. This development is rushed at times, but the point seems to be allow for the audience to quickly absorb as much info as they can on a world with a decidedly massive mythos. Understandably, some may find this up-tempo plotting to be counter- immersive, but there is no accounting for personal preference.

Some may be turned away by the sexual energy which charges this show. That being said, the sexuality inherent in the atmosphere is never gratuitous and always essential to the product as a whole.

Finally, it must be said that the possibilities for future plot lines are nearly endless, considering the vast amount of folklore this show can draw inspiration from. Not to mention the possibilities of political intrigue between the two major factions in the show.

I've tried to be as vague as possible in describing the show, as that is what the summary is for. All I seek to do is shine a little light on a prime product that, with all the other great shows on TV, some folks might miss or simply pass up. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to give this a try, even if it's just to see if you like it.
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Just watched 3rd Episode.
lewislahaise26 September 2010
I really enjoyed it! Judging by some of the other reviews most of the posters do not get it. It's not True Blood or Buffy. It's more like the much lamented Dresden Files. With better looking actors!

I think the directors and writers are revealing just enough. Who wants another 'Lost'? I sure don't! I read one review where the poster said the two female actors should switch!? WRONG! Anna Silk exudes sexuality, she is totally believable as a succubus. We do not know enough about her characters past to judge the acting IMO. Physically Anna Silk is the right choice.

So please give it a chance! It's on Sunday! What else is there to watch?
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I really like this show
orange_bicycle10 January 2012
I'm excited because this show is about to premiere in the US on SyFy so now I will have peers who have seen it as well. I've watched through into Season 2.

It's not Sopranos, Mad Men, The Good Wife or Six Feet Under, but it is a smart show in its own way. In fact, I prefer a show like this because it isn't a heavy drama. It's funny, campy, sexy (loads of sex be warned), shot beautifully, and has great women characters. Who knew Canadian shows could be so hot and sexy? I love a lot of Canadian shows, but I've never seen anything this steamy.

I hope people enjoy it. Push past the first episode, which might be a little so so, then get into it.
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reddragon2119818 November 2010
I just read Rob Partridge (Ireland) review here and am i ever so glad i donot go by what critics or people say about TV shows or movies and i just judge it myself. Everyone are entitled to their own opinions but this guy sure has no clue. Because the show kicks a&& and i am not the only one who thinks so. I happen to love the way the actors play their roles every single one of them. Every time i watch an episode i go nuts waiting for the next. I love every single part of the show and so do a whole lot of my friends and we donot get showcase so we have to settle to view it online. I heard it might get to be shown on USA TV so i sure hope so! Anyways i give it a big 10+ and hope that it goes on for a long time and as soon as it hits DVD its mine!!!!
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Interesting premise. I'm curious enough to see more.
greatdwarf12 September 2010
My first thought on the show is that the premise seems very much like that of Nightwatch. More akin to the book than the movie, but with a completely different type of mystical beings.

The acting, unsurprisingly, seems a trifle wooden, but it was just the first episode, so the actors are all still feeling out their characters. I'm certain, considering the actors that I'm familiar with, that they'll flesh out well in very little time, though.

Technically, I like that they kept the effects quite minimal, in an effort to give us more character development and more story, rather than try to wow us with a load of digital nonsense.

I have high hopes for the show, and will keep watching to see if it lives up to those hopes.
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great show!
lorna45213 September 2011
OK so this is the first time that I've thought a show was good enough to write a review. its different its deep its SEXY. Anna silk does a great job at portraying Bo with her subtle seriousness and worried soul. hilarious sidekick that adds so much humour to every situation. the people writing this show are genius. its got a natural feel to the show and all the cast do a great job adding depth. not like shows i have noticed recently such as sanctuary and warehouse13 where the characters are not believable and are rushed with no character development and offering nothing new to us sci-fi fans other than cheap regurgitated Buffy and x-file episodes.

so all in all we have been blessed with a second season, so please everyone get watching as you wont be disappointed. its kick ass good, sexy good, its story line good, with great believable characters. what more could you want in a show?
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Smart, sexy actioner
When I first heard the premise for SyFy's new show, Lost Girl, I greeted it with a big yawn. Luckily for me, my roommate recorded the pilot. She knows my taste in movies/TV and she insisted that I watch it. I didn't right away, but I did set the DVR to record the series. Last week, I finally started watching the first 7 episodes. I was blown away! First, I can't take my eyes off of Anna Silk. She is stunning. Then the sexuality that's central to the story - outstanding and artfully done. I like the concept. It reminds me of the Easy Rawlins mystery series. Like Rawlins, Bo can move between worlds in a way that others can't and so she is the perfect private investigator for those cases that require a unique approach. I hope this series gets picked up for more seasons. It's great fun!
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I love this show, and so does anyone I know who has seen it!
sexikiki8 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I really do not understand what is with these bad reviews. Lost Girl is so entertaining! Isn't that what TV is about? Entertainment?? I PVR it every week and I can't wait till a new episode comes on. I'm dying to see what happens when Bo finds out her mother isn't a complete mystery to everyone like she is to her. And you just KNOW her and Dyson are going to end up together, just as soon as he owns up to his feelings. And the potential Bo has to completely ruin the way the Fae are owned by light or dark?? How can anyone not be entertained by this?!

Why does it have to be compared to True Blood? It isn't at all the same type of show. Lost Girl is something all on it's own.. if you haven't given it a chance, then you should!!
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Catching fire in Episode 8
gothique-858-9977498 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this series from the beginning and wanting very badly to like it, I was just about to give up...when along came episode 8.

There were glimmers of hope in earlier episodes. Its sense of humour shone through, especially in dialogue between Bo and Kenzie. And episode with a giant spider that makes people paranoid demonstrated that the series was becoming aware of its own camp and using it to humorous effect.

But, despite attributes like director John Fawcett (of Ginger Snaps), there was never a sense that the show was finding its feet. What was gained on a previous episode would vanish in the next. It didn't have the humour or edge of shows like Buffy or True Blood. But episode 8 starts strong - sexy and violent - and builds and maintains tension. The edge that was missing since episode one was suddenly there. The actors seem to have suddenly developed a deeper understanding for the characters they play. I had begun to think that Anna Silk did not have the chops to make the character of Bo come alive and seem real, but in episode 8, you can finally sense the fire within. She's intense. She means business. The bartender Trick has been emerging in recent episodes as one of the more interesting characters and he nails it in episode 8.

Other reviewers here moan about how far Lost Girl has to come in order to compete with shows like Supernatural.

I want to remind those folks that Supernatural didn't switch into high gear until the third season. If this episode is any indication, then this series may be finding its voice halfway through the first season. Too late for some, but I hope that those who have already given up - have another look. If Lost Girl can maintain the high it reached in this episode, the rest of the season promises to be genuinely exciting.
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Definitely lost, and then some
skay_baltimore1 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Lost Girl started out with an interesting premise: superimpose the macro level struggle between various groups of light "faes" and dark "faes" and their human "inferiors", against the micro struggle of one unaligned, newly aware Succubus. The tensions that were presented while the characters' back stories were revealed (along with the racy bi-sexual themes explored week after week) definitely drew in this viewer. And for a while, the weekly introduction of various mythical creatures, along with some twisty character development, provided ample amounts of interest, intrigue, and titillation. However, as often happens with shows that try to be a little too cutting edge, the edge slowly dulled, and the stories lost their punch, and even worse – their relevance.

Part of the reason for this is that while most of the main characters evolved and revealed more and more of themselves as time went on, one of the main characters, Kenzi, remained stuck in some sort of annoying, adolescent time warp. Her never ending stream of childish, over-acted/ADHD behavior began to wear on my nerves like Chinese water torture. For example, in one episode in the third season she's sitting at a bar, blowing bubbles into her beer through a straw -- something you'd expect to see from a 10 year old with a soda at Denny's. And that's just one of way too many examples. She is constantly barging in on others without the slightest regard for the consequences, and without the slightest insight into her actions and their impact on others. And in each and every episode she can't simply address the other characters by their real names, she has to call them by stupid little pet names, like "Bo-Bo" (for Bo) and "Trickster" (for Trick), etc. She simply never grew or evolved at any point during the show's first 3 years, and I found myself hoping that the powers that be -- be they light or dark or Neapolitan -- would simply write her out of the series. (It's hard to tell if it's the fault of the actress, the writers, or the director(s). But I suspect it's a combination of all three.)

Another reason Lost Girl got so lost is that not unlike other series that have followed similar courses, it veered off into sophomoric humor that dulled the original cutting edge premise into dust. The strength of the shows' anti-hero characters got diluted by unnecessary silliness masquerading as hip humor. (Vex, the impotent masochistic eye liner maven Mesmer comes painfully to mind.)

Finally, when a show attempts to embark upon the slippery slope of amoral morality, it better have some serious substance to back it up. That's where Lost Girl really drops the ball. It devolves into little more than a soft core porn escape into situational ethics, with some pop psychology/psychobabble tossed in for good measure, all set against a back drop of an off the wall lesbian/bi-sexual Succubus situational comedy. Toss in the fact that Anna Silk, while very beautiful for a 40 year old, is, nonetheless, 40 years old, and as others have pointed out, she's a rather hard looking 40 year old at that. (And I don't think the raccoon-looking eye makeup helped much in that regard.) So added up, it's really just a recipe for disaster in anybody's book, and as a result, Lost Girl lost its way and dissolved into a sloppy gooey mess as surely as some of the humans in the Faes Wide Shut episode.
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Buffy meets Torchwood
iamwatchinwho19 March 2012
I've seen lots of sci-fi and fantasy, they are my favorite genres. Few of them do I enjoy enough to get the DVD and watch several times but this is one of those few. Like most sci-fi it requires a stretch of the imagination and like many of these types of shows the budgets don't allow for all out big screen special effects. Personally I don't mind the special effects when you have a team of characters that have interesting, complicated interactions. Each character has a personal relationship one with the other with its' twists, turns, betrayals, redemption plus the group has a dynamic together that feels genuine.

Another thing or two that I like about the writing and direction is that there is not a lot of time spent on the strength of one gender over another. Although there is a heroine she is supported by the ensemble in a way that gives everyone a place of importance in the goals of the team. Also, I can always root for a hero/heroine who sees the pride of privilege and wants to help the underdog without expectations. It's a side we are all capable of and I like to see it portrayed as a reminder of what we can do for each other when we look outside ourselves. There's not always a clear line of what is good and what is evil so it challenges us to decide where the line is where we say no.

So, there are things that might take you a little leap of faith or investing in more than a couple of episodes to tie into the characters. Yeah, like many of our favorite shows you have to invest in a few maybe several episodes before you feel a connection but it's a small investment and you may like the returns.
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Lost Girl Marathon Canadian Thanksgiving 2010
samiam-3011 October 2010
My stepdaughter and I are both interested in the "mystical/supernatural" genre. I am a total spectator but my stepdaughter is an animator and looks at productions through different eyes through her university studies.

We had both heard of the series: Lost Girl, but what I find "kills" a lot of series even those returning is to actually find it when you are looking for something to watch. I go to TV guide and print out the September schedule but it only contains the mainstream affiliates.

Last Sunday, while scrolling through the channels after watching "The Glades", I found Lost Girl and we watched the fourth episode and when the 10.10.10 marathon was mentioned, we both agreed we would watch it.

The fourth episode hooked us in and we watched it again after watching the first three episodes to answer the questions one has in mid-stream.

My understanding is that there are 13 episodes completed, I would love to see enough support to have another season begin production with more episodes.

Lost Girl has a lot of drawbacks to it's success in addition to people having access to Showcase and being willing to stay up and watch it: there is a female lead and female side-kick, it is a Canadian production which has minimalist roots from the BBC and the general trap that "mystic lore" runs into with keeping the storyline from contradicting itself.

If one wants to understand Canadian production, you need to compare the Nikita TV Series (1997-2001) starring Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis to the American 2010 production. Lost Girl uses some of the same ambiguity in the surroundings.

Flashpoint is an example of a Canadian series that by CBS buying the rights to air the show in January 2008 required the losing of any mention and Landmarks of Toronto or Canada.

My hope is that the series can succeeds without losing any of what has been established to date. I hope that the mystery of Bo's parents does not break the trust she has with Dyson but I can see that as a set-up in the previous episodes as Bo does not trust the Fae and would rather live in the Human world that she grew up in.
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This show is confused
snakebitgoat31 March 2013
As a fan of mythology, I adore any show involving the supernatural in modern times. However, Lost Girl is very confused on what it wants to be. Is it a show that just wants to get HBO's attention with its gratuitous sex scenes and stages of undress for the heroines? Is it a genuine grim and gritty update to Charmed or Buffy? Is it a half-baked comedy that features sex jokes as the mainstay of humor? The answer is, it tries to be all of the above and fails at all of them. The first season is OK, with a few nitpicks about the names of the mythological creatures. The second season gets worse with a few more visible issues though and dumb character life-decisions and development. IE, more HBO-wannabe sex scenes for the sake of sex scenes, characters that have outlived their purposes and flat character development. Bo stops being just a competent heroine and becomes an unstoppable Mary Sue that suffers no negative repercussions for her actions and can even take down the leader of the Dark Fae with no effort who I think would be a tad more resistant her orgasm powers.

Then comes the third season and it is bizarre and something I could no longer watch. The addition to Tamsin is a wasted in this role Rachel Skarsten of Birds of Prey fame. Who has improved in acting and beauty over the years and doesn't deserve the entitled bitch character of this show. The show itself is like the exaggerated grim and grittiness of the 90s with the casual sex of the 70s and the outright insanity of the Silver Age of Comics in the 60s. It is no longer the passable show about urban fantasy beings but basically Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose The TV show mixed with Beautiful Creatures.

Overall go ahead and watch it, but don't expect it to be good or memorable. Also if you want good sex scenes get HBO because this show sure as hell wants to be on it so badly.
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it's fairly bland and not worth the effort of watching
jonnithomas3 February 2014
The hype and the rave reviews seem to be from adolescents and sad people that want regular views of legs and cleavage and don't worry about how weak the storyline is or how shallow the acting is in reality.

it's another case of the reviews on here don't show what age the average reviewer is and this is simply the sort of program that will attract 13 year olds and also have some lesbian following too.

the characterisation is very poor and I cannot think of any of the actors that are worth making a point of seeing in anything else. unfortunately it seems that it's not intentionally comic book as a lot of the series that are based on actual comic book story lines are vastly superior.

this will appeal to the same people that like girl and boy bands.
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Bad Story, Jumpy, and to much soft-porn!
mw_madman11 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
We began watching this and did give it a chance! The story from the beginning just jumped into things to fast, But thats can be accepted..

But the problem is that this is just another copy of "true blood" which is really just a "vampire" soft porn movie!

Its Annoying and out of character how "Bo" Sleeps with every one! and one day is a lesbian and one day straight!

If thats not enough what about Season 2 when Dayson Completely forgets "Bo"! And even after he gets his "Love" back he still forgets here..

Personally i only watched it cause of Kenzy, Dayson and Hale..

Charicter "Bo" Really sucks.

Walking with samurai swords and knifes in the middle of the day in the street in the "real world" Hmm!!!

Some times its enough for "Bo" to suck the Chin out, and other times (Of Caurse) she have to have sex with every living thing to get the chin and heal! Come one couldn't the writer come with something better?!

As some others have said, the story sucks! Jumpy.. To much to take in.. and Bad "love/sex" which ruins every thing.. They should have stuck with Bo and Dayson! And personally i think Dayson is much better to be the "Hero". "Bo" is just to much in every way. And i will finish with saying Plz whats with all this Lesbian porn? The Writers own fantasy or what?
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What's wrong with today's audience?
emeraldorc10 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this series 2 full episodes, I really struggled through the second. My wife described it as 'juvenile', I could not agree more.

I am not familiar with Anna Silk (Bo), I was certainly disappointed with the acting, the sexy temptress routine didn't work and some of the scenes were genuinely cheesy. There were some familiar faces but overall even for the level of actors, acting was mediocre. Fight scenes were telegraphed, it really made me appreciate fight scenes from Cinemax series like Strike back and Hunted, that make combat look seamless. Dialogue was uncomfortable between the actors, it was like listening to 10 year old's read their lines at the school nativity play. The story was unimaginative; sexy bar tender with no origin tries to rescue Russian-American girl pick pocket from Peado, with no home and amazing intellect and quite the closet, weird friendship develops, some silly arena style initiation of the lead actress, something about Fae (A rip-off from True Blood)and that's it. So you know that's all that's happening from now on, good Fae versus bad Fae.

Totally unwatchable, unless you are a 13 yr old loving knee high boots and still in the MILF generation or Curious Teenage girl still deciding whether girls are better than boys. Don't touch this.

There are some great series on here, this isn't one of them.
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really awful
thedevinekate22 January 2013
wow, i unfortunately had this show suggested by netflix. the writing is juvenile. the characters are completely unrealistic. the lesbian undertones are probably the only thing keeping watchers coming back for more. i like a silly show, warehouse 13 for example, but this is just pitiful. i'm actually insulted that netflix thinks so little of me and my taste in TV. the bipartisan fae world is a ridiculous basis for a sub-reality. there is actually a scene where sexual encounters are repeatedly referred to by a finger entering an 'o' made by the other hand. remember grade school? i was so shocked it has a 7.7 rating here that i've had to write my first review. if you want to be entertained, this is not a show to satisfy that craving.
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Lost Girl is "LOST"
veryfitblondeguy7 March 2013
I tried the first two episodes with my wife, she refused to watch anymore. She said that the show had no value - the acting is strained, there was little to no plot, and the writing was simply painful.

I then would record for bedtime to put me to sleep, I could no longer take that..so I just didn't record it anymore.

This show appears to be geared toward the 12 year old, pre-pubescent boy..who might use this shows Lesbian tendencies for "material" to help him sleep. Other then that, if you have seen a naked woman, this show has no value or storyline whatsoever. How can Syfy Possibly Air this crap and cancel Stargate, Alphas, and Eureka????????????????

Oh wait, I know why those are canceled - those cost money to make...they actually have to pay writers to think, real actors to show up vs. all the reality drivel they spew out now a days. On top of that, the Nielsen Ratings system is bunk...few boxes placed with households that I swear between two people add up to a Luke warm IQ.
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A little too much too fast
okrebs14 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I had (and still have) high hopes for this series. But unfortunately they rushed the plot. All those questions and uncertainties and WTFs could (and should) have been played out over at least 5 to 6 episodes.

All was fine. What with that girl? Draining this creep somehow? And those detectives? FBI? What do they know? And who's that tea-man? From there on the answers rained in before you could come up with the questions. BAM! Those Detectives are not normal. BAM! There are factions and those are their leaders. BAM! Succubus. BAM! Test her, make her choose sides. BAM! Underfey are not nice. BAM! Let her live for now.

It was like watching a whole first season in fast forward. That is not right. OK, I think I know your fears. You didn't want to create another "Lost" or such where you answer one question per episode and find another gazillion new ones so you basically know nothing even when you watched the whole show five times. Right. That's good. I didn't like "Lost". But where is the suspense? You blurted out a lot of information nobody asked for yet. Maybe let her find out she is a succubus and that there is something/someone out there that knows. Episode one. Bring in those police guys for episode two, maybe hint that they know a lot about supernatural stuff and have connections. You bring them together in episode three, ending with the meeting with the faction leaders. Learning what these factions are, how they work, separating friends and foes, is episode four. The Test and the aftermath is episode five.

You can always fill in the non essential plot parts with character studies. Giving them a little depths, some twists, a problem, a family, a hobby. Now, that's how it is done.

If Wheadon had done the Buffy-Pilot in the same way, she would have known everything about Darla, Angel and the Scoobies within 20min, probably killed the Master in episode three. What senseless waste of a good plot line! When you have sooo much information you do not spend everything on the first episode. Be happy and save it for a rainy day. Reveal something but not too much. Leave the audience wanting. The more you put on the table the more they want from you. Slow down. Breath. And let the characters catch their breath.

There is a lot potential in this series if you focus on the characters, the plot and put a lot of work in the background story. Or just put a big "Spoiler Alert!" right before the Pilot^^ OK
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this was awful and should have been cancelled after the first season
househa28 July 2014
After seeing Kris Holden-Rief's performance in The Returned,mediocre though the movie was, I thought I would give Lost Girl another chance. Obviously this was a huge mistake.

There is no natural flow with the story line, the humor feels totally forced, and if they are going to use older characters then let them act like their age instead of immature teenagers. There is a total lack of chemistry and it sounds as if everyone is choking out their lines. Sometimes humor can fall short, but if it isn't even possible to make this show sexy, then there are some major problems.

Maybe the show would be okay if it had a whole new cast, set of writers, and directors. Maybe then I wouldn't have to endure 40-45 minute cringes that don't end until an episode finally ends.

Also, Kristin Stewart could do a better job than Ksieno Solo. Heck, I bet even Rebecca Black would be better than her. If everyone in this show could stop trying so hard and just develop some talent, that would be great.
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The Bram Stoker Palimpsest
scottwallvashon16 January 2012
First of all, a succubus is a female demon, not a female monster that "sucks" the life out of lovers. This show is just the actualization of a false onomatopoeia. If they had wanted to make yet another show about vampires (which is all this show is) they should have called it "Yet another Show about Vampires".

How is this different or better than the versions we already have, "Sanctuary", and "Being Human"? Sigh fie is doing for science fiction what "Friends" and "How I met your mother" did for sitcoms: standardizing them into a pale presumptuous set of stereotypes. I once had an English professor who thought science fiction was all about "monsters". As a result of these shows on the sigh fie channel, there will be a new batch of English professors who think science fiction is all about groups of monsters in domestic settings—more specifically, syndicates of vampires and vampire variants attempting to live in harmony with humans.

The sigh fie channel is becoming the gruel of the science fiction genre. It is the pale flavorless soup that keeps (something) alive to experience endless monotony and tedium—repetition of the same old rituals and prayers—copying and recopying manuscripts, even at the expense of better and more creative works. The sigh fie channel is becoming the Bram Stoker palimpsest.
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It's worst than a low budgeted horror movie
Justmaissan29 December 2014
At first I thought this could be a promising show because of the lead actor and her supporting actress acting along with the detective (cop), I was feeling that there is a lot of missing things and unexplained situations , people just teleport from one place to another without even knowing or being given a guide so you expect any actress to go where they are supposed to save the other character just by their telekinetic ability or something . I was hoping to continue watching this but I just couldn't because it was so badly written and force thing for you to believe , kind of make me feel like the writer is a rookie and he is just gathering some magick books and basing his stories about, if this story was given to a good writer it could have been really more promising but alas ... Ey wasted my favorite mystical character of all time .. The grim reaper and turned it into a sexual lusting woman.. I couldn't go more than 3 episodes. Episode four was so terrible and badly compiled that I had to close it in higher middle.. Sad sad sad
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I LOVE This Show!
Mirandanichole7 January 2016
This is one of the best shows I have ever seen! I'm totally hooked, the characters are lovable, even the "bad" ones, and the story line sucks you in and won't let go. I hope they make MANY more seasons because I will be super sad when it's over. The show is well written, it's hard for me to actually choose a favorite character, starting with the second season it will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. All the actors seem to work so well together and the settings are pretty cool as well. It doesn't have the old cheesy special effects of say Charmed either, everything looks real and is believable. The writers on the show are doing a very good job,and I really really hope they keep renewing the seasons because I think if enough people happen to watch it, it will be one of the big shows like Charmed was.
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A series about a "easy" girl with some superpowers
radu-74-6524627 March 2012
I must admit this is the first time i do a review so I will make it short. I don't understand the target audience for this series ... should it be some sci-fi bunch or some women that confuse feminism with self-centered views of the world and easiness, confusing independence but never relying just on them (you get the picture). I don't mind the original plot based on white and dark but the main character is just wrong and is extremely shallow. I understand that this type of persons really exist in real life but why would you make a serial about it. Weirder it is the fact that better serials are canceled and this is still ongoing. Anyhow i will end my review with the summary "A series about a "easy" girl with some superpowers". Le end.
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Another disappointment
blanknamedstuff19 March 2012
If you're looking for softcore porn under the guise of legit entertainment look no further. While this may appeal to some viewers, not all fans of the Fantasy genre will appreciate the slap in the face.

First let's walk through the writing process. Start by squeezing in sex scenes until it loses all credibility then remove one. Now weave a water-thin plot around the sex, add a few movie clichés, and toss in a bit of fairy tale lore for good measure. Viola -- Lost Girl.

Seriously. Even the last season of "Heroes" had more direction.

The story plays out like a 5th grader's book report on a classic novel. You know there should be a lot of substance, but what you get is a highlight reel. With boobies! The characters don't have enough time to develop and end up with ridiculous monologues.

The sad thing is that Lost Girl has a lot of potential. The characters are actually interesting, the plot (as little as there is) deals with realistic emotional baggage, the actors are believable, and the Fae lore is a unique take on existing legends. It's too bad it will never live up to its potential so long as it's competing with shows like Tru Blood for the "Most Gratuitous Sex in an Almost Legitimate Series" award.
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