(TV Series)


John Astin: Gomez Addams


  • [THe FTV satellite is heading for Happydale Heights] 

    Morticia Addams : Gomez, we can roast marshmallows like we did on Mount Vesuvius!

    Gomez Addams : Cara mia! The bag is in the pantry...

  • [Gomez and Morticia are brushing their teeth before bedtime] 

    Gomez Addams : As my mouth foams with toothpaste, so foams my heart with love!

  • Uncle Fester : Wanna relive our safari days and shrink my head?

    Gomez Addams : Always, brother! But I promised my pet I'd read her the next two chapters of Uncle Spore's "Fungi of the World."

    Morticia Addams : Ah, the way Gomez reads each page it's as if Uncle Spore was with us in the room.

    Gomez Addams : Well, he was, until Lurch hosed down the underside of the bed...

  • Wednesday Addams : Dear Uncle, what mischief have you devised this morning?

    Uncle Fester : Behold, my own satellite TV station!

    Gomez Addams : YES!

  • Gomez Addams : Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, vertebrates and invertebrates, F.T.V is on the air!

  • Gomez Addams : [narrating amidst tropical scenery]  Tired of your regular vacations? Tired of the same old peaceful rift year after year? Then kiss the mundane goodbye! Call Uncle Goner's Travel Agency today for that vacation with a twist!

    [a van is seen chugging along] 

    Gomez Addams : Marvel at the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon!

    [the van drives off a cliff] 

    Gomez Addams : Behold the titanic wonder of Niagara Falls!

    [the van goes over the falls] 

    Gomez Addams : Relive the elegance of the Orient Express!

    [the van goes into a tunnel and comes out impaled on a train engine] 

    Gomez Addams : Or, if, you dare, discover the behind-the-scenes reality that made Gary Indiana famous!

    [the van is pulled into the train] 

    Gomez Addams : Uncle Goner's Travel Agency! Call now!

    Mr. Normanmeyer : [watching the advertisement]  Oh, that's rich!

  • Mr. Normanmeyer : [points out the window]  Say, isn't that a six-car pile-up?

    Pugsley Addams : Cool!

    [the Addamses rush over to the window to check it out] 

    Mr. Normanmeyer : [deactivating the satellite]  Come on, baby, come on down...

    [the Addams return from the window depressed] 

    Wednesday Addams : Darn the luck!

    Uncle Fester : Oh, buck it!

    Gomez Addams : Just another Johnson barbecue...

    Mr. Normanmeyer : Well, I guess my eyes aren't what they used to be...

  • [Thanks to Normanmeyer, the city is in a mass panic] 

    Uncle Fester : WOW!

    Gomez Addams : About ten seconds on the job, and the man's already making his mark!

  • Uncle Fester : [receiving money]  Thanks! It all goes into my Norm fund, you know!

    Morticia Addams : Only four more months, and you'll have enough to build that nice Mr. Normanmeyer a new home!

    Gomez Addams : Wait until he sees the underwater bowling alley!

  • [brushing their teeth in the bathroom] 

    Morticia Addams : Darling, please don't rinse.

    Gomez Addams : Why not, Tish?

    Morticia Addams : It's like you have hoof-and-mouth all over again.

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