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Dirty, funny, sexy, violent and unabashedly romantic: Deadpool has arrived!
gogoschka-112 February 2016
I really, really liked Deadpool. And you know what? I didn't expect to. Seriously, I was never a fan of the character (in the sense that I hardly knew anything about him) and the humor as well as the violence seemed forced and overdone in the trailers. Still, I remained interested in the film, I just never expected it to actually be good - until the reviews arrived. After most critics unexpectedly showered this newest superhero movie with praise, I went in cautiously optimistic (but still fully prepared to hate the film).

The first thing I noticed was how inventive the storytelling is. The film throws you into the action from the first moment (literally: the very first moment) and then it goes back and forth in brilliant and unexpected ways to slowly unspool the story of this insane - but oddly charming - antihero. Flashbacks and fast-forwards can be annoying as hell, but when done right, they can help render even a somewhat simple story fresh and exciting. And that's exactly how Deadpool felt to me right from the start: like a fresh (if somewhat dirty) jolt of energy.

The action itself is beautifully designed, employing playful visuals and using pretty much every camera technique available; it never feels repetitive and the pacing is close to perfection. But, and that was probably the key to me liking the film so much, there's a beating heart underneath all the action and carnage, and that has a lot to do with how brilliantly Ryan Reynolds portrays the character and the great chemistry he has with co-star Morena Baccarin. What came as a complete surprise to me was how unabashedly romantic Deadpool is. The love story in this film is probably the most sincere I've ever seen in a superhero movie and it gives the film the strong emotional core which so many of these movies lack.

The humor, which I initially feared would just be non-stop juvenile wisecracks and soon become distracting, also works surprisingly well. Not every line or every joke lands - but that's the beauty of this character: they don't really need to. Deadpool can't help himself; as long as he's able to breathe he'll crack wise and make fun of himself and those around him. It's a clinical condition; he's not a stand-up comedian whose jokes need to land: he's a madman (albeit a very entertaining one) and the comedy in his case is born out of tragedy.

Despite all my praise, it's not a perfect film. The villain in this revenge tale could be more memorable and the story itself is a bit too derivative to really do its highly unconventional protagonist (he insists he's not a hero) justice: but it's a damn good first entry in a franchise that will hopefully explore the character and his world to a much larger extent in the sequel(s). And it's actually a very important film for another reason. If Deadpool is a financial success - which at this point is already clear it will be - this could play a vital role in how studios henceforth view the financial prospects of R-rated superhero films, and we'll hopefully see more of them in the future.

Many people might feel different - and I respect their opinion - but I've grown tired of the entirely bloodless CGI overkill in all those 200 million productions where even the most terrible villains talk like Mormon schoolgirls. I mean: there's a gigantic audience out there that is over the age of 18, loves to read comic books and can absolutely handle real-world language, real-world sex and real-world violence in superhero movies. This genre is so diverse; it's ridiculous to believe just because comic books have pictures in them all film adaptations - regardless of the material - must automatically be made for kids in order to be successful.

As it is, I think Deadpool - a dirty, funny, sexy and violent film which is decidedly NOT for kids - just proved my point perfectly. 8 stars out of 10.

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a much needed breath of fresh air in a stale genre
peterafro26 September 2016
At first glance, Deadpool seems like a typical superhero movie due to it being made by Marvel. But once those hilarious intro credits show up, you know you are in for one of the most creative films in recent years.

The first thing that is unique about this film is the characters. In typical superhero films the characters are stiff and super serious, in Deadpool the characters are filled with personality and can range from the serious Francis to the silly Deadpool giving this a parody like feel, in a good way.

Also what is different is that this is a story of revenge rather then saving the city/world/universe that is seen in every single superhero film. Also the tone of film is more comic then dark thanks to the fantastic humor of all kinds from slapstick to dirty to just plain silly, this film just does not stop the laughs (I laughed 20- 30 times in my SECOND watch).

As for being an origin story, I can say that the backstory placements were well done, equally as funny, and explains only what is important in understanding the story. Final rating 10/10 this is a great nominee for movie of the year and one of the greatest comedies ever made
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This is what it looks like when filmmakers take risks
moviewizguy15 February 2016
Deadpool is a triumph of artistic vision over studio interference. Little credit should be given to 20th Century Fox, as they had zero faith in the success of a Deadpool movie. To put things into perspective, Ryan Reynolds fought for this film back in 2004 when Blade: Trinity was released. Reynolds and co. went to shoot test footage that was then leaked online by Reynolds because Fox had no intentions to release it to the public. Finally, after years and years of BEGGING to the studio and the overwhelming positive responses of the test footage from the public, Fox didn't even tell Reynolds and co. that the film was greenlit. They had to find out online like the rest of us plebeians. If that sounds bad, Fox even cut their budget by $7 million AT THE LAST MINUTE, which caused the writers to scratch some action sequences that I'm sure would've been great to see.

Deadpool now has the biggest opening weekend in the month of February (surpassing Fifty Shades of Grey), the biggest opening weekend for 20th Century Fox (surpassing all the X-Men films), and the biggest opening weekend for an R rated film EVER (surpassing The Matrix: Reloaded). With all that being said, Deadpool is a hilariously entertaining film that works mainly because of Reynolds himself. His comedic skills pay off gloriously as the titular character, who gives so many quips in one instance that some jokes will be missed. Of course, credit should be given to the writers too (AKA: The Real Heroes Here), and it's impressive that this is Tim Miller's directorial debut. The action sequences and pacing are so good that you'd think this came from a veteran director.

From the ingenious opening credits to the subversive ending, Deadpool constantly upends clichés and tropes you're used to seeing in superhero flicks in the past few years. What's great here is the filmmakers had something weird and perverse and just went with it. Jokes about pedophilia, pegging, and sex run rampant, but it's never really dark, despite the mature subject matter. On top of that, it's also very refreshing to see a pansexual superhero in such a big studio film. It's unheard of these days. Fox and other studios, learn from this success. It's not the fact that a hard R-rated film can do well, it's that Deadpool also happens to be very good, most likely because you, Fox, actually gave the filmmakers the creative freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted.
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"Bad Deadpool - Good Deadpool Film!"
asifahsankhan14 December 2016
If anyone else could be cast to play Deadpool, he certainly doesn't exist in this universe. After Ryan Reynolds's dramatic failure in the Green Lantern film, he has returned to the comic book world. Reynolds is absolutely phenomenal as the foul mouthed, and witty anti hero. I mean he is just superb! He completely owns the role, and gives a fantastic performance. If Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man, then Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. He is also such a liveable character, and by the end of the film, I genuinely cared about Deadpool. I never thought I'd say that. All of the performances are great. No one holds a candle to Reynolds, but I will say not one person was miscast here.

Deadpool is a unique film, and a huge gamble. Both Marvel and the studios bringing us this film took a major risk. This is a beloved character, and his world is very different than other Marvel films. Right off the bat, this film is consciously self-aware. It knows its a comic book film with comic book characters, and it actually exploits it. Many times, Deadpool turns to the audience and tells us what we're all thinking. It was so different, and it worked so very well. The narrative itself is also different. It's very non-linear. The events of the film don't play out in a normal straight narrative.

One of the trademarks, nay, the trademark of Deadpool is his sense of humour. This film is by far one of the most hysterical films I have seen in some time. The writing is so perfect, so sharp, and so full of witty banter, and thankfully, it all works. Not one joke, that I remember, fell flat. The film had me laughing constantly; from the opening credits, all the way to the after credits scene.

As for the action, it's also very satisfying. Many action films today are butchered by terrible camera work. For whatever reason, many modern action films are using shaky cam. Instead of clear, steady shots, the DP will go hand held, and shake the camera violently. The worst example in recent memory of this is, Taken 3. Thankfully, there are films like this, and others, that know exactly how to do a good action scene. Director Tim Miller and cinematographer Ken Seng do a brilliant job creating slick, good looking action. Not only is the action brutal, and extremely bloody, it's just co clear and well handled. The fights are really great here. I couldn't help but be reminded of Tarantino's, Kill Bill films while watching Deadpool. They are incredibly similar in their style of fight scenes.

Sitting in the cinema, the inner critic in me struggled internally. I kept thinking afterwards about the film. What were the flaws? I don't often see a film without pointing out the negatives. Even films I really like, or even love, have flaws. I'm certain that if one sits and picks this apart, you will eventually find some flaws. Perhaps the overall story is paper thin. Perhaps the villain wasn't very compelling as character. Then again, Ajax was honestly serviceable. Ed Skrein gave a great performance, and by the end, you really hate the bastard. He's a generic, or a dick, British villain and the film makes fun of that!

"Deadpool" and Guardians of the Galaxy were both huge risks that ultimately paid off, big time. As a film, it's nearly perfect. The film does exactly what it needed to do, and more. It introduces Deadpool, sets up his character, and gets you to like him if you didn't already. The non linear narrative was refreshing to see in a superhero film. Everything about this film was different and unique. It's self awareness and breaking of the fourth wall work well; really well. The direction is great, Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, and the script is fantastic!
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Funny, entertaining and refreshing
dreenphlanger18 October 2016
I am aware that to many people (especially those unfamiliar with Deadpool comic or Marvel comics at all) this movie would seem too gory, unnecessary brutal and excessively violent. But this movie is a comedy, where its main protagonist, Deadpool, should be perceived as a comedian, and Ryan Reynolds did an excellent job representing this character.

The story of Deadpool isn't complex or profound - and it wasn't meant to be. This movie is all about fun and entertainment, abundant with action, jokes, blood and foul language. Therefore, it is not suitable for children. I grew tired of people thinking that movies based on comics are intended for children only.

Related to that, I believe that many Marvel movies could have been far more successful if they didn't refrain from gory scenes. I am sorry, but if you want to make a serious combat-based movie and you make it without blood, than that movie will be all but serious.

That is why I see Deadpool as a refreshment. Nowadays many writers and directors are too worried about political correctness in their movies. That really stifles creativity and that is why today we have so many movies with great ideas but poor realization.

Thus, to me, Deadpool was a very pleasant surprise, I had fun watching it, and I intend to watch it again some time soon.
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Best Movie I Have Seen In A Long Time
jelimafish17 February 2016
Firstly I would like to state that it is completely hilarious reading reviews with One Star because the movie had "Foul Language" and "Sex Scenes" or that someone had no idea that the movie was inappropriate for their 9 year old kid. Dead Pool is rated R and with 3 minutes of research you could have determined if this movie was for you or not With that being said I will not delve into the plot but the acting and writing were fantastic. Ryan Reynolds nailed this role. If you are easily offended by violence, language, or nudity this is not the movie for you but if you have a sense of humor and want to be entertained for 2 straight hours you will love this movie.
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Simply Excellent.
GoodHandsomeLad13 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Deadpool is a 2016 film that the eighth film in the X-Men franchise where The Merc with the Mouth seeks revenge in a humorous way.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary who spends his time in New York City protecting teenage girls from would-be stalkers. He meets escort Vanessa Carlysle at a local bar and they become romantically attached for nearly a year. He proposes to her one night, then he suddenly collapses and is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Though she remains by his side, he fears losing her.

One night at the bar that he met Vanessa, he is approached by a recruiter from a secret program. He is offered an experimental cure for his cancer, but he rebuffs the man and leaves. Desperate to live, he reconsiders and leaves Vanessa in the middle of the night to undergo the procedure. He is injected with a special serum by Francis Freeman and tortured for days by Angel Dust in order to trigger a mutation. After weeks of no success, Wade is strapped into an airtight chamber after insulting Francis. The drop in oxygen triggers a healing factor that removes his cancer, but severely disfigures his face and skin in the process. He escapes from the chamber by blowing it up and attempts to kill Francis, only stopping when he claims he can cure Wade's disfigurement. He is then impaled by rebar and left for dead in the destruction of the lab.

Although he tracks her down, he cannot come to terms with his complexion, and he keeps himself away from Vanessa. Wade moves into the home of an elderly blind woman named Al, and with the advice of his best friend Weasel, he becomes a masked vigilante named "Deadpool", and begins hunting down Francis and dismantling his organization.

Following a string of leads from various syndicates, Deadpool attacks a convoy of cars on an expressway before getting his hands on Francis, demanding for a cure to his disfigurement. The confrontation is suddenly interrupted by the X-Men Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who want him to join the team. Their intervention enables Francis to run off, and when Colossus handcuffs himself to Deadpool on their way back to the X-Mansion, Deadpool cuts off his own hand and escapes back to his home.

The next night, Weasel convinces Deadpool to go back to Vanessa, but when they arrive at the strip club she works at, Deadpool discovers that she has been kidnapped, and Francis and Angel Dust tell him to meet up with them on a decommissioned aircraft carrier at a scrapyard.

Deadpool convinces Colossus and Negasonic to help him, and the trio take a cab to the scrapyard, where Colossus and Negasonic have a grueling battle with Angel Dust while Deadpool slashes through an army of goons on his way toward Francis. Deadpool and Francis then engage in a bloody hand-to-hand combat before Negasonic uses her power to destroy the aircraft carrier. In the end, Deadpool gains the upper hand in the fight and Francis admits that there is no cure for Wade's disfigurement. Although Colossus urges Deadpool to spare Francis and be a true hero, he shoots Francis in the head, finally killing him and avenging himself. Deadpool removes his mask and shows Vanessa his new face. Though she is angry that he left her, she accepts him and they reconcile by kissing.

In a post-credits scene, Deadpool urges the audience to leave and go home, then announces that there will be a sequel involving Cable.
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Defend the 10 again
onestephenis7 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've said it in other reviews that no movie is perfect. There aren't any movies that actually deserve a perfect score. But what if you were a dead pool fan and you heard that an actor that was a huge fan too, and had already played the character once with horrible results wished for redemption? What if you wanted a comic book movie that would rise above the whole PG-13 cesspool far too many movies are thrown into these days? What character would be completely drowned in such a pool? Wolverine somehow treads that water even with a metal skeleton, though he did finally get unleashed with an R rated send off film (possibly partly thanks to this movie). But Deadpool could never have been done right in a PG-13 movie. The Merc with the Mouth had to have his lips sowed shut the first go round and after that... well... most fans would say he was never truly Deadpool. Including the man who played him.

Ryan Reynolds deserves significant praise for his persistent pursuit of playing a real Deadpool. And boy does he. The R rating took the comic book genre to a sparkly place I wish it would have gone to years ago. Oh yeah is this movie satisfying for that alone and Reynolds nails it. Possibly thanks to the fact that he actually cared.

But how good is it as a movie aside from all that? Well, I gave it a ten. It might be more of a nine out of ten movie if it wasn't so special. It was the first R rated movie of its kind and it proved to the people, and the studios, that it could be extremely successful even with that rating. Thank you Deadpool. You deserve an extra star for that alone.
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Well, blow me!
munns3024 May 2016
Let me say at the very beginning of this review, I loathe super hero movies. I can not stress that point enough. For me, watching anyone of the countless driveling movies which have been pumped out by studios in the name of entertainment over the past decade is, for me, akin to having teeth pulled. Painful to say the least. My friends however are addicted to every single bombastic franchise, and through sufferance, I've endured countless hours of mind numbing boredom watching yet more Lycra-clad numpties saving the earth from ridiculous threat (there are of course exceptions to the above; 'The Dark Knight', the original 'X-Men)

I was once again convinced that spending an evening with chums watching Deadpool would be an excellent waste of my time. I envisaged 15 minutes of feigned interest, followed by an hour 45 of updating my email and some cheeky online shopping. Well that new Morphy Richards kettle and toaster are still waiting for me to purchase as low and behold, shock of all shocks, this film is bloody marvellous!! Bloody, hold your knickers cause they are about to get blown off, marvellous!

The dialogue is witty, sincere, and delivered by every single actor with a naturalism which seems more like improvised off the cuff genius, than drab scripted nonsense.

The pacing of the movie is excellent. It held my interest through its entirety.

The actions scenes directed with the skill of a more seasoned director.

I was so pleased that for once, I was being forced to watch a movie that treated me like an adult, with adult humour and themes, made for adults. Not for grown children masquerading as adults.

This film is a perfect storm! Just everything is right! I look forward, to my great surprise to any squeals!
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Hell yeah!
Ramascreen7 February 2016
In a world.. where superhero movies are often unnecessarily dark and gritty, #Deadpool comes along and shows you how it's done! It's the perfect combo of action, comedy, and R-rating that really don't give two sh*ts about your sensitivity. Do you remember that warm blueberry pie that your grandma made for you when you were younger or the time you saw that girl you've been crushing on during chemistry class in high school? Well, you can throw those memories out the window now and make way for DEADPOOL.

Ryan Reynolds plays a skilled special forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, Morena Baccarin plays his hot-ass girlfriend, Vanessa. This woman is the embodiment of sexy. They are a match made in Marvel Comics' heaven. But their dream is crushed upon discovering that Wilson has cancer all over, a situation that forces him to sign up to a rogue experiment that subjects him to accelerated healing powers. The lab is run by Francis/Ajax (Ed Skrein) who himself is a bit of a mutant. The brutal experiments turn Wade Wilson into an ugly dude but an indestructible one. He's now bent on revenge, especially after Ajax kidnaps Vanessa. Meanwhile Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the X-Men, try their best to convince Deadpool to join their team and become one of the good guys. But let's face it, that ain't DEADPOOL's style! The first people we have to thank of course would be the original comic book writers/creators Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld who brilliantly gave us this very unique superhero unlike any other. The next people in line to thank are screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who remind us why we loved "Zombieland" back in 2009, they inject the same brand of humor into DEADPOOL and keep the character faithful to the comic books, yes, by that I mean none of that crap version of Wade Wilson in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" anymore! Applause goes to Tim Miller as well, what a helluva feature directorial debut, clearly when you give a superhero project to a geek who loves the material and knows it inside out, if you just let him run with it, it's like giving G.I. Joe toys to a kid who can name them all by heart, great things can happen.

For those of you who are not familiar with DEADPOOL, just a heads up, this movie, just like the comics, is extremely over the top graphic in terms of sex, violence and humor, and that's exactly how we like it. Wade Wilson is a chatterbox, he talks a lot, to some this can get annoying, while to the rest, it's music to our ears, mainly because of the sh*t he says. And he breaks fourth wall, meaning he'll talk to you the audience. But what's even more epic than that is the fact that he is AWARE of the universe that he's in and the universe that you're in, and those two collide in the most epic way possible, so Ryan Reynolds' character, Wade Wilson, makes fun of Ryan Reynolds the actor and also mocks Ryan Reynolds' previous poor decisions like Green Lantern and People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive This movie is a dream come true for those of you hardcore fans, it even has what I think is one of the greatest most hilarious opening credit scenes in the history of cinema. For a while, I heard that the studio wanted the film to include more mutants, but I'm glad the filmmakers kept things to just a few characters for this first installment a.k.a origin story, so it's simple enough for the new fans to follow. I love how the humor is so brash and unapologetic, it's like insult comedy or one of them roast shows, everybody is fair game. The fights are rock 'em sock 'em and the VFX is impressive! And I can't be happier for Ryan Reynolds, I'm sure he had been wanting to redeem himself since "Green Lantern" and whatever the hell that was in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," so with this DEADPOOL movie, he finally got it right, you can tell he desperately wanted to be part of this superhero genre, and so now he's really part of the gang. He was born for this role. He was destined to play this. In many ways, Deadpool is kinda like Van Wilder on crack. And actress Morena Baccarin as Vanessa… well, let's just say that after watching this movie, every guy on earth will wonder, 'Why can't my girlfriend be more like that!' If you're looking for a date movie, DEADPOOL is it. if you're looking for an action-packed movie, DEADPOOL is definitely most certainly it.
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Boring and Pointless
bsingh_p22 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One word describes this movie - pointless.

Wow, this film was incredibly boring. People are hyping this movie over nothing. The story is so simple and boring. It didn't even feel like I was watching a thought-provoking movie, more like a short and simple TV series with an unfunny, forced and pointless main character on his pointless adventure to fight forgettable and pointless villains.

The X-men were pointless as well. They didn't add anything to the story. They only assisted Deadpool with fighting the villains when their original goal was to have deadpool work for them. They happily accepted Deadpool as a murderer and wished a murderer to join them.

The only okay point in this movie was the action. However, the action still could have been better as it felt very rushed at times, and at other times very short and at times it lacked in good choreography. It didn't feel intense at all, more like you know the villains are going to fail very easily.

I also hated the use of childish words being used quite a bit to explain the purpose of the weapon x program e.g. "superheroes", "superslaves" etc. What are these villains even doing? There was nothing deep and meaningful behind the program and these villains. The story was lacking in too many ways. The world felt very empty and hollow.

Looks like people are very cheap and easy nowadays that they would enjoy anything just because it is r-rated. That is the truth, that is the only reason this movie has such a high rating because of the use of "F" words and other vulgar words, it has sex and nude scenes and it is gory and violent. None of this is new. Again, the Story and Characters are terrible.
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Worst Marvel movie ever made
whatdamonks24 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you enjoy sitting in on conversations that are typical of young and foolish teenage boys this is the movie for you. Every other line contains the F word and for some reason the director thought penis jokes are the funniest around.

The story is about as hollow as the humor. It's a cheap and bland story about revenge and invincibility painted with a veneer of "love" that is as misguided as the character's personality.The movie is littered with sarcasm and cynicism that just becomes depressing after a while.

Ryan Reynolds acts like a 13 year old boy throughout the movie, cursing and making penis jokes and then talking to the audience thinking he is very funny.

This is the most overrated movie I've seen. Most of these reviews on IMDb had to have been paid for. Hollywood had to have paid for this hype or people these days have really low standards. This is a low brow film like no other.

Save 2 hours of your life and do not watch this movie.
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Unpopular Opinion: This film isn't that good.
dieglozada13 February 2016
The long awaited Deadpool is finally and with its much talked about "hard R" rating. Starring Ryan Reynolds as a quick taking, fourth- wall breaking, insult throwing, masked superhero, we hear about how Deadpool became Deadpool told in flashback sequences, while simultaneously following a present day plot as well.

The question for the average movie goer is "Is this film really as good and as raunchy as everyone says?" No it isn't.

I don't mean to ramble much so I'll start with the good, this film does have some humorous moments and most of the supporting characters are very entertaining to watch. And yes this film also does have some good action sequences

Sadly, that is where the good ends. This films tries very hard to be edgy and raunchy, as well as claiming to not be your average Marvel film because of those following reasons. But let me assure you; This film is most definitely very similar to all of the other Marvel films. By saying "fuck" a few times, showing breasts at a strip club and throwing childish insults such as "dicktits" is not smart filmmaking or screen writing. It is easy adolescent humor. This film has a simple plot that is easy to follow and is spoonfed to you. I have seen good comedies and I have seen good superhero films and this excels in neither.

In this films defense it may not try to be anything other than feel- good-fun-turn-your-brain-off type film, but that within itself is lazy filmmaking. I shouldn't have to turn my brain off to have enjoy a film.
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A new landmark for superhero and comedy films
Will_Harrison10 June 2017
With a brilliant script, visceral action, and a Oscar-worthy performance by lead Ryan Reynolds, 2016's Deadpool takes superhero and comedy films into a new direction and proves that comic book movies still have a lot more to offer.

Proof of the benefits of filmmakers taking risks rather than following the working formula, Deadpool takes the superhero genre and heightens it with its unapologetic offensive humor, bloody and intense violence, as well as a excellent cast and script. Deadpool is an example to not only based ones characters and stories off of the original material, but to embrace the heart and soul of the comic book medium as a whole.
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Just non stop jokes that mainly fall flat (NO Spoilers)
dean290016 February 2016
First off, I do not read comics so I do not know the source material, I am not a fan-boy of Marvel or DC I just want to see entertaining movies, I may be in the minority at least during it's first week of being in theaters but I wanted to write a review to warn others what Deadpool is like.

The movie is honestly a nonstop exercise in profanity with a lot of sex jokes and masturbation jokes especially. I am fine with low brow humor when it is funny. The writers just seem to have Reynolds throw out as many wisecracks as possible and hope that some are funny. I think anyone over 30 will be bored with the jokes. There is nothing that offends me from hearing all these jokes but rather bores me because the lack of humor. It is very much like having to listen to some teen kids try to show off by using non stop profanity only to realize they are just making themselves look dumb.

The plot is nothing more than a simple background (origins) story and it is run of the mill. The movie has a lot of violence but nothing creative. The movie is very similar to Super and the Kick Ass movies. However, those movies were superior to Deadpool on every level IMO. The movie also reminds me of the Vacation remake. The 2015 remake of vacation was pretty much one raunchy joke after another but they are not funny.

This movie may just be better for younger audiences but I still feel the 30 and up demographics are not going to find this to be a very good movies unless they are a fan of the source material.

I give it a 2 out of 10. It gets an 2 instead of 1 only because Morena Baccarin was a side character. She did the best she could with the limited material.

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Worst Marvel Movie Ever
varnium20 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Out of all Marvel movies made, Deadpool was the worst. The main character talks too much it became very annoying after 5 minutes. The jokes were not funny. The scene transition between flashbacks and present conditions were not well done.

They tried to put in 2 X-Men character in the worst possible way. It really shows that the studio had no budget for many characters, but instead they invested a lot in the slow-motion special effect, which was cool.

In terms of story-line, there's no story. There's no character building as well. For about 2 hours, all you can do is endure the horrible blabber mouth of the main character. Not funny and irritate the ear.

I wonder how many people did the studio pay to write in good reviews in this website...

Worst Marvel Movie Ever.
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Film should have a maximum age limit of 10
anenada23 February 2016
The film is made out of Ryan Reynolds, throwing lame jokes to the camera. In between there are bullets and knifes. No surprises. No ideas. The story is simple and silly and boring. Man sleeps with woman long in different scenes (Teens hello! Better watch porn, there are more details!) Man go's to basement to become special. (Teens like to be special) Man becomes special and kills all bad guys around him. THE END

The jokes are not only lame, they are old. For example the joke with the red shirt and brown trousers I heard from my grandpa.

Don't waste your time with this film. Marvell tries to squeeze out last cents out of the theme. Bad films will follow.
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2016 begins with the most pathetic movie ever !
mufcsince15 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Barney the Dinosaur is more entertaining than this movie. yeah sure, when he cracks one or two jokes, its funny, but my gosh he would go on and on !

Regarding the sexual scenes of the movie, if one wants to watch porn, they'd watch porn. I don't know which woman enjoys a man that talks from beginning to end ? Even during sex he is cracking lame jokes. Cant get any more ridiculous than that !

As for the storyline , couldn't they add a little more detail. Its like they thought making him blabber throughout the movie will allow them to cut some finer details out.

One of the worst movies ever made in the last century !
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How a superhero movie is supposed to be
wilger-973-33412216 February 2016
Ryan Reynolds is the embodiment of the Deadpool character. He did an absolutely awesome job and made the movie as epic as it is. In my opinion his sense of humour perfectly matches that of the original character. Before watching the movie, I was a bit afraid the story of Wade would slowdown the roller-coaster ride, bit it is nicely scattered throughout the movie. Not so much to lose track of the original storyline and not too little to be oblivious of where the superhero comes from. I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if more of the Marvel universe was pulled into the story, but I'm not completely sure of it :). The fourth wall being broken here and there is very refreshing and very Deadpool.
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A flawed non-Deadpool movie with Deadpool jokes
bikasv13 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If I've to keep it short - the movie is really, really bad.

There are plenty of jokes, plenty, even when yo don't want one. These jokes are true to Deadpool, but that's it. They are the jokes Deadpool would crack, but most of the time they missed the mark and were not even remotely funny.

There's absolutely no story in the movie, none at all. On top of that if you've watched all the trailers, watching movie is worthless. The entire story is - Ajax converted Wade into Deadpool, Deadpool searched him to fix his face and once it's cleared that Ajax is not going to do that, Deadpool killed him. Yeah, entire 10 minutes stretched into a almost 2 hour movie. On top of that, for some reason Ajax kidnaps Pool's girlfriend and sets target on his back.

It makes no sense.

Apart from jokes, Deadpool also has inner voice, but not in this movie. He's most of the time blabbering to himself because of that, making it much more unfunny.

There cannot be much said about the movie as it's just extended trailer done badly.
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Waste of Time and Money
treesais-671-82449115 February 2016
This movie is a huge disappointment, and a waste of money and time. The jokes are stupid and I realize that Deadpool is not what it was cracked up to be. Too bad as I usually love the Marvel movies. It seems forced, and the jokes actually become tedious and not really with any sophistication at any level, more adolescent bathroom style humor. The story and plot is also dull and tedious which goes along with the dull and tedious jokes. At times I thought to walk out, but kept hoping that there would be a redeeming aspect as many of the reviews were positive, I kept hoping. This movie is more about money-making hype, with its non existent story/plot and childish humor with no depth. A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
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Summer fun in February!
dejected_jedi17 February 2016
Hooo boy! The year has barely started and already we have shots fired. In the battle to earn your comic book movie love (And dollars) Marvel has come charging out of the gate. After a dearth of comic book films last year Deadpool comes out swinging giving us a reason to love the summer again and it ain't even March. The film begins with an ambitious opening scene, the credits of which, perfectly set the tone of the movie from the get-go: funny, irreverent and self-aware. Marvel appears to have adopted a doctrine of making their films be entertaining (Imagine that!) above any other concerns and Deadpool seems to be a culmination of that philosophy. It is a testament to the skill and commitment of Marvel and the makers that they can get so much mileage out of one second tier character, and half the budget, than other companies can with four first rate ones, fantastic or otherwise. (Way to redeem yourself 20th Century Fox!) Not bad for a character that was a created as a joke. (For the non-initiated, Deadpool started life as a blatant clone of Deathstroke, a character from DC Comics, Marvel's main competitor.)

In all this the film is aided in great part by a crackling script that never lets up. Whereas too many action movies treat the scenes between set pieces as filler packed with exposition and the occasional comic relief, Deadpool deftly weaves between wise- cracking slapstick, violent acrobatics and scenes of serious peril with effortless ease. The result of all of this is a movie that is engaging throughout whether featuring profane, brilliant banter or graphical, bloody shootouts. For the film wears that R rating proudly with enough sex and violent to make Paul Verhoeven get all misty-eyed. It is not surprise there is already a sequel in the works.

Another revelation here is Reynolds himself who in Deadpool seems to have found his Iron Man, a character so indelibly linked to the actor that plays him that you cannot imagine anyone else playing him. And his work here acts as vindication of that whole Wolverine debacle which we won't mention ever again. But the secret ingredient in the Deadpool stew is geek heroine Morena Baccarin, who, besides being cute as a button brings the acting chops honed in fan favorites like Gotham and Firefly or even as the darnest adorable reptilian alien ever in the short-lived "V" reboot. Baccarin has the perfect easy-going confidence to match Reynold's sardonic bravado and their superb and convincing on-screen chemistry provides the impetus for Deadpool's heroic arc.

For despite all the foul language, gore and masturbation jokes, this is a story that is surprisingly tender. It turns out it wasn't just a marketing gimmick and, Deadpool, really is a love story. To be sure, one with more severed body parts than your average love yarn but a love story nonetheless. Starting a new franchise is always risky and studios hate taking risks. Whatever your stance on comic books is, the fact remains this movie should not have been this good. The writers and director have shown what can be achieved with bold writing and an unapologetic attitude, and, more importantly, that comic book movies need not be made for kids to be enjoyable or, indeed, successful. Here's to hoping that trend will continue. Hopefully Hollywood will take notice.

Parent's Brief

Rated: R Running Time: 108 minutes On Sex and Violence: Plenty of both. There is graphic violence of the gratuitous kind. People get shot in all kinds of places and I mean their bodies not exotic locations. Limbs get bloodily cut off. A lot of foul language which I don't mind but I'm not here to judge. Deadpool and his love interest get into some vigorous love making and elsewhere there is some brief frontal nudity. Boobies. Boobies are shown. So yeah. Don't take the kids.
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In the company of nonsense
BiiivAL4 June 2018
A sharp-tongued mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) loves the girl of easy virtue Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and is going to marry her. Idylls come to an end when doctors diagnose Wade's incurable stage of cancer. In the hope of remaining alive, he agrees to participate in an experimental program, whose creators promise not only to cure Wilson, but also to endow him with superpowers. Wade becomes immortal, but his face is disfigured, and in this form he is not going to return to his beloved - wearing a mask and taking the name Deadpool, the new mutant must find the one who turned it into a monster and make it return its former beauty.

Even if until recently you have not heard anything about Deadpool, the creators of the project about the talkative "non-perperable" have done everything to correct this oversight. The promo campaign of the project was unprecedented, then positioning it as a romantic comedy for Valentine's Day, then advertising billboards with emoji. Over the past months, it has been decidedly impossible to get away from Deadpool, and it worked perfectly, given that Wilson is one of the few comic book heroes who constantly interacts with the audience and knows that they are being watched by the parties.

This chip is 100% used in the debutant Tim Miller's film, which the Oscar nominee in the category of animated shorts hopes to punch his way to Hollywood. The new Deadpool, unlike the silent assassin who appeared in Wolverine, is exactly what his fans wanted to see. He does not stop, he jokes with a joke and severely annihilates his enemies, while being able to regularly remind him that he is very pleased with the company of spectators.

Destruction of the notorious fourth wall is the highlight of "Deadpool", which seems to make it closer to the public. Like, this guy is talking to you, he's in the board. He listens to the same music as you, watches the same films and jokes the same way. In terms of humor, the film, of course, tries to please everyone and everything: Stebut film adaptation of the X-Men, Hugh Jackman and Liam Neeson, but at the same time, very often Hochma is not of the most intellectual kind, which would have done the honor of writing a sorting comedy. And between the gags of different categories it is not possible to establish even a shaky balance - the scales bow inexorably to the side where they laugh at everything below the belt. Is it less than that? Let's make a discount on the specifics of the main character - after all, he does not have everything in order. And, as practice shows, all the same it is much easier to attract a mass audience with a vulgar joke beyond the foul, rather than trying to humor subtly and intellectually.

If you can argue about the comic component - it eventually turns out all the same to an amateur - then visually "Deadpool" problems do not arise. The introductory action-scene is so ingenious that it raises the bar very high - it's hard to reach it later, but it's rather a script problem that does not offer the protagonist really serious trials. And with ordinary problems in the face of armed scoundrels (and even the main "boss"), Deadpool copes easily and more than spectacularly - the benefit of the studio has agreed to an adult rating, which allows, without hesitation, to dismember bodies and splash blood in all directions.

Do not expect from the "Deadpool" swirling drama - this story is simple and trivial. And in it there is really little heroic, but a lot of romance, because the main engine of the plot is the desire of a man to look good and like his woman. Primitivism with a touch of nostalgia, which plays great in contrast to the profound modern films about superheroes, where questions of a far more global character are being solved. Deadpool is different, and it can not be bad or good - it's just that way.
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Chimichanga time!
hailhydra8614 February 2016
Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is the eighth installment in the X-Men film series. It follows Wade Wilson who, after being subjected to an experiment that leaves him with new abilities, hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

From the studio that inexplicably sewed his *beep* mouth shut the first time, comes... Deadpool. It may not have been the superhero that Hollywood wanted, but he's certainly the one they deserve. After years of speculation as to whether or not everyones favourite anti-superhero would actually get made into a standalone picture, Tim Miller's Deadpool has arrived. Do not let the February release date fool you, this is very much the film that both fans of the character and Ryan Reynolds have been waiting for. Full of comedic snark and constant fourth wall breaks (and Inception style fourth wall breaks within those), it delivers every bit upon its promise, a truly entertaining ride from start to finish. Minutes into opening credits, you are gracefully dropped into the self-aware world of the film, with notable credits such as "directed by an overpaid tool," and "produced by *beep*hats." If that does not sell you on what kind of comedy Deadpool brings to the table, then you can always catch a screening of Zoolander 2 next door. When it comes down to it, Deadpool is one part vendetta film, one part romantic tale a la "Beauty and the Beast" style. This is the role that Ryan Reynolds were born to play. It's been a passion project for the actor for many years, and it shows. He is to the Deadpool franchise (the sequel were already planned ahead of its release) what Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man. You cannot imagine anyone else possibly playing the role. Erased from memory is the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version that Reynolds played in 2009. What a relief. The tie-in to the world of X-Men is somewhat limited aside from the inclusion of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I will not saying more. At the end of the day, Deadpool's re-watch factor is sky high, possibly the most important success of them all. I'm touching myself tonight.
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A simple summary (without the spoilers); what you need to know
tavindensley-34-12502424 February 2016
We live in a time where super hero movies are all the rage. Who doesn't love a good super hero throw down, cool origin stories, and awesome villains? While decent hero flicks are easy enough to find, occasionally a masterpiece, like "The Dark Knight", will come along and in the process wow the critics and audiences alike.

And then we get Deadpool. Where to start with this one? To give it some comparison, it makes "Batman and Robin" look like an Academy Award-winner by comparison. How is that? Quite simply put, the movie is terrible in every sense of the word.

Deadpool is untrue to its source material and to the very character himself. The character is known for his violence and humor throughout his comic book, TV show, and video game appearances. The filmmakers, in their apparent efforts to make the character more "edgy" and appeal more to adults, have stripped him of this, instead replacing the comedy and fun with crude dialogue, sex, sex, more sex, and more foul words than possibly all of Eminem and Lil Wayne's albums combined, and all of this without any of the substance that have made Wade Wilson's adventures and misadventures alike over the years so memorable, exciting, and laugh-out-loud funny.

No wit, and no soul. It insults the intelligence of its audience, and then expects them to pay. We've come a long way in terms of the quality of super hero films; to call this a step back could potentially be the biggest understatement of the year.

For those who have been waiting for a good Deadpool film, this unfortunately is not it. Perhaps the best on-screen appearance to- date can be found in the animated short "Hulk v.s. Wolverine", but for the time being we're still going to have to wait for our favorite "Merc with the Mouth" to get the big-screen sensation that he deserves.
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