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  • Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a small town where the inhabitants' minds are being altered making them act as they please. Meanwhile, Artie is confused by the energy flows going on in the warehouse and he seeks help from Leena who may know more about what is going on.


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  • Time flies in Paris. In a museum there's a display of the guillotine that beheaded Marie Antoinette. A thief hanging from the ceiling is trying to steal it out from between all the laser censors. It's Pete.

    He drops his tools. He's supposed to switching out the blade. Myka distracts the police and blasts them with her nifty Tesla gun, then resorts to hand to hand combat when it fails. Pete switches the blade, narrowly avoiding losing his head in the process. Myka's irritated he didn't follow the plan.

    Back at the warehouse, Artie does some super Googling and comes upon Unionville, Colorado. We zoom there. A nun walks down the street. She wobbles. And old woman carries an urn and wobbles, too. A violin prodigy stops mid-song.

    The nun climbs a ladder. The old woman tosses the urn full of ashes at the side of a hospital. The kid busts his violin against the wall.

    A kid in the violinist's group films his instrument-bashing with her cell phone and Artie watches. He observes the security footage as the sweet old woman writes out "F-U"...get the idea. The nun jumps. But she lives. God on her side and all that.

    Back at the warehouse, Myka harps on Pete for not charging the Tesla before they left. Artie tries to interrupt their argument over the loudspeaker. He warns them to watch their negative energy - the warehouse will do bad things. They continue blaming each other as various boxes in the warehouse start shaking and emanating weird light.

    Artie suggests they close their eyes. Then he drops a load full of purple slime on them. They stop arguing and giggle.

    (After credits)

    Back at the bed and breakfast, Pete argues that out in the field someone should be in charge. Artie tells Pete that of course he is, but to let Myka think she's in charge because she's sensitive.

    Artie briefs them on Unionville, Colorado. He tells them the people knew what they were doing, but couldn't stop. He wants Pete and Myka to interview the victims. This involves asking questions they find embarrassing, like if they smelled fudge before the incident.

    Artie lends them his car for the trip. Pete heads out. Myka tells Artie someone should be in charge. Artie gives her the same "let him think he's in charge" that he gave Pete.

    Leena asks for a hacker update. None. Artie's choosing to ignore it.

    In Unionville, Myka wants to formulate a plan. But the same old lady kicking out a newspaper box distracts them.

    They follow her into to a coffee shop where she accosts a doctor talking on his blue tooth (so he kinda deserved it). She bashes head into the glass case.

    The paramedics check her out. She's fine.

    Outside, Mack the sheriff tells Pete the old woman is Meg, a teacher. Pete says he's there on his honeymoon. Mack has to leave when he gets a call that the violinist Tommy Wilson was trying to set the music room on fire.

    At the church with the priest, Myka talks to the nun. The nun says she can fly.

    Pete stops the cop again and IDs himself. Mack isn't happy Pete lied to him. He tells him Tommy's in a coma.

    Myka talks to the nun's priest, who tells her she came to them with a bad history of being abused. They walk back into the room and find the nun on top of the steeple, saying she can fly. Then she leaps.

    Pete reports to Artie that Sister Grace survived -- again. A snowbank broke her fall.

    Artie researches a possible link. The warehouse distracts him with an indoor lightning show. He checks the power grid. A section is out. He fixes a fuse.

    He sits back down, but the light show begins again.

    At the bar, Pete gets a tip from the bartender. Myka shows up and reports there are no links between the three. Myka asked Ross the hot paramedic to join her. He shows up, mentioning his wife and new twins at home. He says Meg threw a lamp at the priest later that day. Then something weird happens to the paramedic and he starts staring raptly at Myka's chest.

    Pete follows up on the "tip" from the bartender - an AA meeting.

    The paramedic honks Myka's chest. She thinks she knows what's going on - he lost his balance right before, just like the others.

    In the AA meeting, the guy leading it wobbles slightly then walks away. Moments later in the bar, as Myka is handcuffing the paramedic to the wall for his own good, the AA leader walks in and grabs a shot. Pete rushes in and knocks it out of his hand. A guy named Ellis follows Pete in. He's the guy's therapist. The guy's OK for a moment, then wobbles again and grabs the bottle. The paramedic cops another feel. He's Ellis' patient, too.

    Then the AA guy falls to the floor, unconscious.

    Pete and Myka consult with Artie. He thinks the behavior is due to contact with the same artifact, something that might cause an electrical or chemical imbalance in the brain.

    Meanwhile, in the warehouse, Artie tries to make sense of the warehouse's designs. The lighting shorts out.

    Pete goes through Ellis the therapist's office. He finds a pocket watch the therapist just acquired from a famous mentalist.

    Myka talks to the priest, who says Sister Grace never met with the therapist, even though he suggested it. Then Myka goes off on a mental tangent about hating men ever since Sam died. She snaps out of it a few moments later.

    Mack the cop confronts Pete, menacing him, saying he'll do whatever it takes to protect his country.

    Myka joins him. Pete thinks he solved it with the watch. As he's bragging, Myka wobbles slightly. Then she punches Pete in the nose, then Mack when he tries to stop her. Pete thinks she has whatever it is.

    Pete bails Myka out of jail. She's worried she's going to be really dangerous. Artie checks in as the warehouse continues to flash lightning behind him.

    He thinks the hacker is trying to find the location of the warehouse by probing the electrical grid.

    Pete and Myka argue again. She feels it coming on, then takes a swing at him. He admits he tried to provoke her. He asks what she was thinking. She was thinking he was an infantile chimp. They figure it's about subconscious desires. Meg wants revenge for her husband's death at the hospital, Sister Grace wants to escape, Tommy hates the violin and Ross the paramedic's wife is still breast feeding.

    But where have all these people been in common?

    On the street outside they see all the victims filing into the church - where Myka was but Pete wasn't.

    Inside, the priest says he's met with all of them recently in his office. They all sat in the same chair. He inherited it a week ago from an old relative, James Braid, the father of hypnotherapy.

    Then there's some explanation about magnetism and the springs in the chair affecting people's brain waves, with the priest's voice acting as a tuning fork.

    They hear a ruckus in the church, it's sheriff Mack with a gun. He shoots the priest in the shoulder, saying he has to protect the town. Yes, the gun-wielding law enforcement officers sat in the chair.

    Mack takes off his jacket to reveal a bomb vest. Pete and Myka spend some time bickering over who's going to deal with the chair and who's going to stop bomb cop, getting Myka riled up again enough to bop Pete in the nose.

    Myka tries to talk Mack down.

    Pete douses the chair in the purple slime goo. But Mack is still doing the full cuckoo act. Myka tries to get through to him.

    Pete runs out, announcing he doused the chair, thinking it's over. But Mack shoots at him. Plan B.

    Pete breaks the glass over an ax. Myka raises her hands and approaches Mack, saying she's the only one he wants. But he turns on his bomb, with a 60 second timer. He tells her they never should have sent a woman, which sets off her angry man issues. She tackles him.

    In the priest's office, Pete hacks the chair to bits just in time. Myka and Mack are clear headed again, but the bomb is still ticking. Pete rips the vest off Mack and runs outside. The explosion knocks out all the church windows, but everyone's OK.

    Back at the warehouse, Pete and Myka try to gently break some bad news to Artie. Pete needed somewhere enclosed to throw the bomb. They give him his cassette player. His car is toast. Artie's bereft.

    Psych! They're just getting back at him for telling them they're both in charge. They high five and take off.

    Artie's glad they were able to work on something without argument.

    The lights in the warehouse go bonkers. Artie checks the power grid. It goes out completely. Then the lights spell out "knock knock" over and over. This can't be good. "Oh my God," Artie says, "he's in."

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