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MPAA Rated R for violence, sexual content and nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown lying facedown naked on a bed with her head at the foot of the bed resting on the shoulder of a man sitting on the floor. Her naked back and bottom are shown.
  • A woman wearing sheer bra and panties enters a room where a clothed man is seated on a bed; she walks out of the frame and is shown in a mirror removing her bra and panties. She then walks back into the frame fully naked - her breasts and pubic hair are fully visible as she moves close to the man and caresses his head (it is implied that they have sex).
  • A man and a woman kiss in bed (her bare breast and abdomen are seen and his bare chest is seen): he kisses her breasts, moves down her abdomen and it is implied that he performs oral sex on her - she moans and writhes as the camera concentrates on her face and breasts. He then turns her over on her stomach, and thrusts; she moans, grabs her hair, they both moan and climax. Afterwards, they kiss and then lie together talking in bed (her bare breasts and abdomen and his bare chest are visible). The man's bare back and buttocks are visible when he gets out of bed and puts on his pants. This scene lasts around 3-4 minutes.
  • A woman removes her dress and wades into a stream wearing only sheer panties while a man watches from the bank (her bare back and breasts are visible). As she walks out of the stream she is facing the camera and her breasts and pubic region (hair through her panties) are clearly visible. She walks up to a man and they hug and kiss. A minute later the woman is seen reclining on a blanket wearing only sheer panties - her bare breasts, back, pubic region (hair) and legs are visible throughout the scene.
  • Other milder items throughout the movie:
  • A woman wearing only pasties up top (clothed below) is briefly for a few seconds.
  • Several of the nudity scenes involve a prostitute.
  • Photos of a nude woman in a provocative pose (bare breasts, abdomen and thighs are shown) and another photo of several nude people walking away from the camera (bare backs, buttocks and legs are shown) are seen hanging on a garage wall.
  • We see a man bare-chested to the waist in a few scenes: he sometimes is exercising and other times he has a towel wrapped around his waist after bathing.
  • A woman wears a clingy dress that reveals erect nipples through the fabric.
  • A woman wears a form-fitting dress that is opaque when she walks into the sun and we see the outline of her legs and body.
  • A woman wears low-cut tops that reveal cleavage in a few scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • Spread throughout the movie are several scenes of gunfire and killing with primarily small arms. there are 7 or 8 deaths in the movie. Most deaths show little bloodshed and gore.
  • There is a chase scene involving the main character and another man. numerous gunshots are fired, an innocent bystander is shot, and there is a small car crash. in the end, one man is killed by having his neck broken. No blood is seen during this sequence.


  • Blasphemy, two uses of the 'f' word, and other cursing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some casual drinking and smoking.
  • A priest drinks brandy with a man.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The overall movie is fairly slowly paced, with long shots and a fair amount of walking and driving scenes. But the opening scene, and chase scene in the middle, and the last 15 minutes of the film are fairly intense, with gunfights and chases.
  • The sex scene may be uncomfortable for some.
  • The tone of the film is very interesting and original, but may not interest some people. During most of the film, it is quiet and George Clooney's character is always looking over his shoulder for danger. This creates a tension which builds up tremendously until the point where the smallest sound or action will make an audience member jump.
  • Rated R for: Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Adult Language, Violence, Adult Content.(HBO advisory)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Several gunshot deaths, not gory but harsh and premeditated. In the opening few minutes, George Clooney's character shoots a would-be attacker but then also shoots his innocent girlfriend in the back of the head after directing her to run to the cabin and call the police. He then finds another attacker and shoots him.
  • A woman is about to fire a rifle but it explodes in her face. We later see a close up of her burned and bloody face seconds afterward. She is alive for a few moments and the scene can be quite gruesome for some viewers.
  • George Clooney's character is shot at the end in a shootout with his boss. He kills his boss with a shot to the head, but his boss unfortunately shoots him, too. We do not see his wound, but see his bloody hand and other smears of blood.

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