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  • Bill visits the vampire Queen of Louisiana to see what he can learn about Maryann and how they might be able to defeat her. The Queen isn't too preoccupied with Bill's requirements but does eventually tell him what has to be done. Back in Bon Temps, those who are not under Maryann's control plan their next moves. Sam Merlotte decides they need help and visits Eric who reluctantly agrees to see what he can do. Sookie and Lafayette have to try and rescue Tara yet again after she escapes and returns to Sookie's house in an attempt to save Eggs. Hoyt storms out of Bill's house after he and Jessica have a big fight over his mother. His mother reveals a few truths about his father.

  • Bill drops in on the Queen of Louisiana while she is feeding on a woman. He asks her for information on how to kill a maenad but she tells him that is not possible. Meanwhile, Hoyt protects his mother from Jessica, though Maxine later will have cruel revelations for Hoyt about his father's supposed murder by a burglar.. Tara wants to rescue Eggs, but Lafayette handcuffs her to a table. However, Lettie Mae forces him at gunpoint to release her daughter. Later Sookie overpowers the old woman and together with Lafayete, they go after Tara. Sam confides to Jason and Andy that he is a shape shifter. Jason and Andy decide to break out weapons from the sheriff's office before going after Maryann. Sam feeds Arlene's children and then takes them with him to Fangtasia to ask Eric for help in killing the maenad. Maryann tells Tara that she had summoned her through Jeannette that night in the woods, and then casts her spell on her again. The locals inform Maryann that the horny god had come and taken Sam, so she punishes them. Lafayette distracts Arlene and Terry with drugs while Sookie breaks into her house to look for Tara. While inside, she sees bizarre people doing crazy things. Maryann catches Lafayette who kills Karl before himself being possessed by the maenad. Bill asks the Queen for permission to return to Bon Temps but she insists he feed on a human first. Finally, she tells him how he might kill Maryann.


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  • We open with Bill watching Queen Sophie-Ann (Evan Rachel Wood) dining on a human. She asks him to join and he looks disgusted.

    Hoyt is furious at Jessica for attacking his mother. He tells her he should have heeded Bill's warning about avoiding her and leaves. Jessica is distraught.

    Sophie-Ann is not thrilled Bill turned down her snack offer. He asks about killing a maenad. She tells him Maryann is immortal and then insists he stay the day and leave the following evening.

    Tara wants desperately to try and save Eggs. Sookie and Lafayette end up handcuffing Tara to a table to keep her from trying to leave. Lafayette stands guard outside with a hunting rifle.

    Jason is amazed by Sam's shape-shifting abilities. Sam tells Jason and Andy they should stay away from Maryann, that she is too much to handle. Sam hears a noise outside and finds Arlene's children, Coby and Lisa, hiding in the woods. They are dirty and hungry. Against Sam's advice, Jason and Andy leave for the Sherriff's office to arm themselves.

    Sookie finds out that Bill won't be back until the following day. Inside, Tara tries to convince Lettie Mae to set her free in the name of true love. Lettie Mae decides to pray on it. Outside Sookie tells Lafayette that the inside of Tara's mind felt like "there were no limits."

    Sam feeds Coby and Lisa, who ask about what is wrong with their mother. They think a vampire would know what to do and ask him if he knows any besides Bill.

    Sookie and Lafayette compare notes on their sex dreams about Eric. Lettie Mae comes onto the porch crying, saying she can't take it inside with Tara anymore. Lafayette agrees to switch places with her, but the second he hands over the rifle she turns it on them and forces them to let Tara go. A terrified Lafayette visualizes Eric holding the gun. Tara leaves for Sookie's place to retrieve Eggs.

    Jason and Andy arrive at the Sherrif's office. Jason distracts a Maryannified woman while Andy goes for the weapons. In the back Andy finds Bud dancing around in his boxer shorts.

    Sookie manages to overpower Lettie Mae and take the rifle. Lafayette and Sookie leave to go after Tara.

    Sam takes the kids to the vampire bar, Fangtasia.

    Lafayette still seems shaken from the Lettie Mae gun-wielding experience. Sookie pumps him out, emphasizing that he will have to shoot Maryann in the head.

    Tara finds Eggs in the kitchen. Maryann walks into the room and tells Tara it was she who summoned her during the Miss Jeannette ceremony in the woods. Maryann puts Tara back into the black-eyed trance with a firm slap. The mob comes in and tells Maryann the god already came and smote Sam. Maryann is furious at their incompetence at having been duped.

    Maxine is making a strange casserole for the god. She tells Hoyt his father was a pansy and possible closeted homosexual who took his own life. Maxine lied about his death to get life insurance.

    Sookie and Lafayette prepare to enter her house and take on Maryann. Sookie seems bothered that so many people have been doing evil things. A still-entranced Arlene and Terry show up and Lafayette distracts them with drugs while Sookie heads inside.

    Sam asks Eric for help with Maryann, promising a future favor. Eric tells him he may know someone who could help. Eric is fascinated by Arlene's children: "They're like humans, but miniature." Eric flies into the air.

    Inside her house Sookie walks through a maze of Maryann's hedonistic zombies. She is grabbed by Mike, who is lying on the floor. To keep him from screaming she lies next to him.

    Bill tells Sophie-Ann that he only feeds on Sookie. She forces him to feed from a man so he can be at his best for Yahtzee.

    Maryann comes upon Lafayette. He tries to shoot her, but she deflects the bullet with her hand into Carl's head. She laments that poor Carl didn't evolve much in this life, then turns to Lafayette and asks him if he can cook.

    During Yahtzee, Sophie-Ann says Maryann believes if she finds the perfect vessel to sacrifice, Dionysus will come. It is at that point Maryann can be dispatched. The vessels are usually supernatural, but not vampire. Eric arrives and Sophie-Ann allows Bill to leave. On his way out Bill threatens Eric that he will tell Sophie-Ann about his forcing humans to sell vampire blood if he doesn't leave Sookie alone.

    As they prepare for battle, Jason asks Andy why he's never liked him. Andy thinks Jason's always had it easy. Jason explains that nothing in his life really came easy. The two get weepy as Jason thinks God wants them to bury the hatchet. They leave the truck and prepare for battle.

    Bill comes upon Sam, who is guarding the back door. They stare at one another.

    Sookie, feigning agreeing to submit to his lust, knocks Mike unconscious with a skillet and heads upstairs. She finds Tara and Eggs making a nest in a bed with a huge egg in the middle.

    Sookie turns around and discovers that Lafayette is now under Maryann's black-eyed spell.

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