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  • Bianca overhears plans for a party and enlists Cameron to help her the address to up her social status. Kat finds out she and Patrick like the same band and he invites her to a concert. Both Stratford sisters sneak out of the house but neither of their nights turned as planned. Bianca and Cameron can't find the party and Kat has a romantic moment with Patrick ruined when Bianca needs rescuing.


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  • Biancas determination to get to a party with some of the coolest kids in school leads her to turn for to Cameron who, of course, is perfectly willing to do whatever she needs. But it also could get her in trouble with her dad, who has forbidden her from attending the party. Bianca uses Cameron to find the location of the party, by hiding in a dirty towel hamper in the boys locker room. Only to get to the location and realize that it was a decoy house and not the actual location. Meanwhile, when Patrick discovers that he and Kat have similar musical tastes, he invites her to an upcoming Filthy Souls concert, which is the same night of Biancas big party. In order to see the band, she needs to get a fake ID. Kat lies to her father and tells him she will be attenting a film festival, then sneeks away to see the concert and Patrick. There the two are watching the concert as a slow song comes on and Patrick lures Kat into an almost kiss which is interrupted by Kat's cellphone only to hear Bianca asking for a ride home.

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