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MPAA Rated R for sequences of disturbing violence and terror

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman asks a man if he is ready to "christen" the new house.
  • A woman asks a man what he said to her on their wedding day the man states "Can we do it again?"

Violence & Gore

  • A possessed girl gets thrown across the room.
  • A dead dog is seen.
  • A woman fall down a couple of stairs.
  • A woman spits out blood, wreaks havoc in the basement and tries to shoot several people with a rifle but is stopped.
  • A woman bites a police officer. A lot of blood is briefly shown.
  • A woman wakes up to find a ghost looking down on her, she opens her mouth to scream and the ghost spits a little bit of something what looks like blood into her mouth.
  • A pigeon flies into a house and falls to the ground (its wings appear to be broken).
  • A large flock of birds smash into the side of a house, through the house's windows, and into a number of vehicles parked outside the house, before falling to the ground dead. No injury detail/ blood is seen.


  • In the beginning scene when the 2 women enter the apartment, 1 of them whispers "g--" and then 1 of them says "g--."
  • A lady runs into a banister and says "Ow, Sh*t
  • "g--" (x2 - does not appear in closed captions), "oh g--" (x3), "oh my g--" (appears in CC when actually "oh my gosh" was said), "oh my g--" (x7), "s---" (x3 - 1 does not appear in CC), "f---" (does not appear in CC), "g--d--- it" (x4), "the d---dest thing," "sort of p---es them off," "d--- it" (x2), "thank g--," "what the h---," "d--- you," "by the power of g-- I condemn you back to h---"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several very sudden and effective jumps scares.
  • 14-15+
  • The doll may be intense for some viewers.
  • This movie is not overly violent but extremely scary.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.


  • In the scene just before discovering a hidden section of the house, after the man reaches up to turn on the light, 1 of the girls says "oh, my gosh" which actually appears as "oh, my g--" in the closed captions.
  • In the scene where a man leads a sleepwalking girl out of the room, after the man says "she's okay, good night," the girl standing to the right says "s---."
  • A woman investigates where the strange noise is coming from in the house, a door seems to open all by itself and the woman walks through it. She says "who's ever down there, I'm gonna lock you in now." The door seems to close all by itself. The woman bumps into the door and fall down the stairs. The woman says "f---" before saying "ahh, ahh" then hitting the piano and saying "ahh."
  • A man sees a woman dressed as a maid, falls down and yells "Ed." People runs towards the man. A girl down the hall can be seen walking towards the stairs going up. The camera flashes and the shutter clicks. A man and a woman can be seen walking quickly toward the stairs. The word "s---" can be heard just before a man says "it's just Cindy, she's sleepwalking."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • No one dies in this movie (except a dog)
  • A woman, possessed by a demon, tries to kill people. This may be intense for some viewers though no one is killed.

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