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  • The Russian Federation President arrives to sign the accord, Jack wants justice, and Logan stays in pursuit. Meanwhile, Dalia has a realization, President Taylor rattles her sabers, and Chloe tests her mettle.

  • Emotions run high as the harrowing day climaxes with resolute President Taylor closing in on a world-changing peace treaty and a vengeful Jack Bauer taking matters into his own hands for one last and unforgettable job.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Open with Arlo telling Cole about Jack killing Novakovich and his guards. Despite the obvious danger, Cole is convinced the cover-up must be unveiled.

    Cole pulls up outside Ricker's apartment. Ricker's security alerts go off as soon as Cole enters his building. Facial recognitions software tells Ricker Cole is with CTU and he begins wiping his hard drive. Cole shoots out the lock and comes into the room. Cole and Ricker point weapons at each other and Cole tells him he needs to help save Jack. Cole lowers his weapons and begins to leave. Ricker stops him at the door.

    Chloe arrives at the United Nations security command post and sees on her phone that reporter Reed has been arrested. An agent Burke greets her and asks about Cole being released after conspiring with Jack. Cole calls and tells Chloe about Jack planting the bug on Logan and learning about President Suvarov. Cole thinks Jack should have an audio file with evidence of the conspiracy. With Reed arrested it is only proof left. Cole is concerned that Jack could be going after Suvarov. Chloe decides to change his motorcade route but wants to wait on anything more dramatic.

    Pillar tells Logan there is no new info on Jack. Logan tells Pillar he plans to tell President Taylor "everything."

    Taylor gets a call from Logan. He tells her about Suvarov and Novakovich. Logan still thinks Jack has no idea how high the Russian conspiracy goes. Jack of course is listening to all of this. Logan thinks everything is taken care of, but Taylor is concerned with having Dalia meet with her husband's murderer.

    A car arrives for Logan. Pillar gets into his SUV and calls Eden. He gets an update that Jack is severely wounded. As he hangs up Jack pops up from the backseat, puts a gun to his head and orders him to start driving towards the UN. Jack tells him he is aware of Suvarov's involvement and Pillar's face falls.

    After a protocol meeting for the signing, Dalia gives Taylor a pen Hassan had planned to give her. It is in an ornate box with an inscription about peace. Taylor is obviously bothered by the kind gesture given what she knows about Suvarov.

    Dalia leaves Taylor and walks over to her daughter. Kayla tells her about the 'phone call from Reed and her allegations about the Russians. Dalia agrees to give Reed a call, unaware that she is in custody.

    Cole arrives at the UN. Chloe tells him of her plan to upload Jack's evidence and send it automatically to hundreds of thousands of government employees using CTU's servers. Chloe tells Burke that Cole is in now in charge.

    Jack has Pillar drive past security and into an underground parking lot. Once inside Jack forces him to suture Jack's knife wound. Jack has Pillar get on his knees. Pillar begs for his life and Jack seems to show mercy, knocking him out with two blows to the head, binding him and placing him in the SUV's rear compartment.

    Unable to track down Reed, Dalia decides to speak directly with Taylor about the allegation. Dalia arrives at Taylor's office. After a few minutes Taylor opens up about her knowledge of the Russian's involvement in Hassan's murder. Dalia said she will not sign the treaty after being lied to. The only reason her husband was involved in the peace process in the first place was because he trusted Taylor. But when Dalia attempts to leave Taylor tells her that if she does not sign the treaty, Taylor will release the information about a Kamistan group nearly attacking the US with nuclear weapons. If that happens it will give Taylor authority to attack the IRK.

    Jack walks along a deserted hallway and down a few stairs. He places two tiny cameras in the hallway and enters a storage closet. He glances out the window and begins unpacking some weapons.

    Jarmot tells Dalia that there may be nothing they can do. They can't risk the possibility that Taylor and the US would attack the country. They get a call that Suvarov has arrived and she needs to help greet him.

    Chloe tells Cole that a facial recognition program has spotted Jack's reflection on the 22nd floor of a building across the street from the UN. From the window he will have a clear shot at the podium. Chloe tells Cole to give her 20 minutes. If he doesn't hear from her in that time he is to go through with their plan to protect Suvarov.

    Jack sets up a video camera and records a message, seemingly to his daughter.

    Taylor and Dalia greet Suvarov as he exits his motorcade. Very few words are exchanged.

    Chloe enters Jack's building.

    The UN Secretary General addresses the media and introduces the heads of state.

    Cole orders CTU agents stationed outside Jack's building.

    With gun drawn, Chloe makes her way to Jack's room. He quickly disarms her and chokes her into unconsciousness.

    Logan gets a call from Jack on Pillar's cell phone. Jack tells him he has a rifle pointed straight at his head. Jack will kill him if he doesn't do what he says. Jack plays the recording of Logan talking to Suvarov. Jack tells Logan to have Suvarov come to his suite immediately following the press conference.

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