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The Windup and the Pitch
Hitchcoc12 July 2019
This is a great episode. As Jack goes on his campaign of revenge, the President continues her cover-up. She is so caught up in her legacy that she has sold out. The Russians are coming and they were responsible for the death of Hassan. In this episode Dalia Hassan confronts the President when she finds out about what has happened to the journalist Reed. Then the President makes a threat. A cloud now hangs over everything.
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The Penultimate Episode Of Day 8:No One Gets Killed
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Cole Ortiz, on the orders of CTU Director Chloe O'Brian, locates Jim Ricker and persuades him to comply in the ongoing search for Jack Bauer. Logan informs President Taylor that Suvarov was complicit in Hassan's assassination, shaking Taylor's resolve further. Jack kidnaps Pillar and uses him to sneak inside the UN; after getting some field sutures from him, he attempts to execute Pillar, but has a change of heart and simply leaves him unconscious and locked in the trunk of his own car. Allison Taylor goes to Dalia Hassan and confesses the entire story; Dalia refuses to sign the peace agreement in light of the possible Russian involvement in her husband's death, but a thunderous Taylor blackmails into remaining her by threatening to use Samir's failed bomb attack as a pretense for a declaration of war. Jack sets up a sniper position in a building across from the UN in anticipation of Suvarov's arrival and then records a video message to Kim, telling his side of the story. Here Chloe finds him and begs him to stand down, but he incapacitates her with a sleeper hold. Jack then places the cross-hairs on Charles Logan and forces him to lure Suvarov to his office.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Cole Ortiz tells Chloe O'Brian about the bug Jack put on Logan, and how Jack seems to want President Suvarov dead because Jack learned Suvarov gave the order for Renee's death. Chloe urges Cole to find the evidence, but Cole thinks it's more important to save Suvarov.

2.Dalia Hassan tells President Allison Taylor she will refuse to make peace with the U.S. or with Russia. Taylor says Dalia will sign the treaty, threatening her with military action.

3.Jason Pillar, on the manhunt for Bauer, gets captured by Bauer after getting off the phone with CTU New York. After taking Pillar to a garage, Bauer gets him to plead for his life, then knocks him out. Chloe and Cole, meanwhile, catch Jack on a security camera.

4.Jack Bauer catches Chloe as she walks in to the utility room where Jack is. She claims to care about Jack and to want to save his life, but he puts her out with a sleeper hold.

5.Jack calls Charles Logan and tells him to talk to Suvarov, and tell him his life's in danger.

Many events happen in the penultimate episode of Day 8 in the final season of 24.Cole, Arlo, and Chloe make a final attempt to expose the cover-up at the UN. Kayla Hassan relays to her mother the information Meredith Reed gave her concerning the people really behind her husband's death and then she proceeds to confront President Taylor about this allegations and is given disturbing news.

Then with regards to Jack,he tries to kill someone else after passing by the security.But what is surprising is that no one gets killed finally in an episode of Day 8.Have the level of violence decreased or have the writers put a stop into it?Violence definitely has to stop at some point in the most violent season of the show.

Although the show comes to an end,there is less thrill and excitement as the viewer finally has to say that the show must now end especially when only rehashed elements and plot lines have just been reused in the majority of the season.That is one complaint that I and many other viewers have to say about.
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