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Sex & Nudity

  • A bikini-clad woman is getting out of a swimming pool, while being admired lustfully by a man.
  • A leaflet featuring a buxom woman in a bikini-top advertises a "wet t-shirt" contest.
  • A woman states that she isn't wearing panties.
  • Part of a woman's dress is falling down and for a split-second she accidentally flashes one of her breasts at another woman, before fixing her dress.
  • A woman is called a "nymphomaniac." A few times she states that she would like to have sex ("shag"). In one scene, played for laughs, she attempts to seduce a man into having intercourse with her. She removes her bath wrap to reveal lingerie and starts kissing him. She is very insistent in having sex. She is seen in her bra and panties. She gets on top of the man and squeezes her covered breasts together, briefly revealing a nipple. However, he does not return her advances, and the scene ends abruptly (comically).
  • Another women is shown unclothing on a monitor. Her panties are shown. It is suggested she would have sex with a man. Another scene, the woman is resting her head on a sleeping man's chest.
  • A scene with long and passionate kissing.

Violence & Gore

  • Various mildly violent situations, in a mostly slapstick style, are played for laughs. The main character slams into a car windshield, the side of a boat, etc. On a few occasions, he is hurt and threatened by another man. Later, he is stabbed with a fork. No blood shown.
  • A woman is knocked unconscious.
  • A man is shocked with a taser.
  • There is a fist fight scene.


  • Three instances of the F-word appear in the English language subtitles.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink cocktails and wine.
  • One character makes references to getting "wasted."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few times a man is hurt and/or threatened by a large thuggish man.
  • A woman's car window is smashed and she is pulled out of the car.

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