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  • It's Melissa's birthday, but her husband, Ty, is working undercover and isn't supposed to see her. Ty breaks with protocol and sneaks out of his hotel room to spend the night with her the evening before he's supposed to bring down a gun trafficker. Unfortunately, he is followed, leading the gun dealers to question whether he's on the level.

  • Lieutenant Carter Shaw planted Ty Curtis as undercover client of illegal arms dealer Jimmy Boyd, who is most nervous an account of payment pressure from his mob superior. Just as Dean Bendis feared, Ty couldn't resist returning home to spend the night with his wife on her birthday. He was followed by Boyd's ruthless deputy Johhny Moosa, and is tie up with an advanced deadline to pay $200,000 cash. Informed by code, Carter demands the money from the captain, who laughs away any procedure deviation for a 'no-existent' unit, so he and Dean set up a drugs deal. When novice Jaimie Allen ruins that, Dean resorts to his shady 'emergency stash'.


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  • "Dark Blue" - "Guns, Strippers and Wives" - July 22, 2009

    Ty, blindfolded, is brought into a storage container that is armed to the teeth. (He's going by the name Ray). He checks out the many, many guns. The guy selling them, Moussa, calls them a "suicide bombers' dream." He threatens to shoot one of his own guys- named Jinx-y- to test things out. Ty stops him. The guy shoots a car instead as his demonstration.

    At a strip club Ray and Moussa check out strippers and talk about chicks. Jamie and Dean keep an eye out across the runway.

    Dean explains to Jamie that when Carter says not to tell anyone what they're doing he means anyone.

    Carter enters and has a drink at the bar.

    A stripper approaches Ray for a dance. He turns it down. Moussa comes back and hassles the stripper unnecessarily about flirting. It's his girlfriend.

    A big dude enters and Carter calls Dean to let him know that this dude knew Ty under another name for another job and could blow his cover and asks him to take care of it. Dean starts a fight starts a fight to get him out.

    The real gun dealer, Jimmy Boyd, arrives. He and Ray discuss business. Jimmy gets a call and has to take off.

    Carter calls Ty from across the bar and tells him he only has three more days and he can be back home.

    Ty ogles the strippers and looks sad. So he calls his wife. She wonders why he's calling since it's not over. It makes her nervous and she hangs up.

    Boyd returns. He and Ray argue the price from 120k down to 100. Jimmy wonders where the money is coming from. Ray says it's cool. Jimmy says "if you're straight with me, I'm straight with you, if not you're dead." He shows him a picture of a now dead Jinxy. He offers him a dance from one of the girls and Ray passes saying he's headed back to his motel.

    Instead, he sneaks home, potentially blowing his cover, and gets in bed with his wife, who's birthday it is. The next morning he tells her to stop worrying and tries to have more sex. She doesn't want to have sex while he's under saying it feels like being with a stranger. He says that could be sexy. He gives her a pretty necklace for her birthday.

    Ty heads to the bar to meet someone. Moussa wants to know why Ray is lying to them. They watched him sneak out of the hotel and went home and have his address. Ty claims he felt like tapping some ass. Moussa mentions that the woman is married. Ty says married bitches are appreciative. Moussa says they don't usually give their keys to their boy toys though. Ty says why not and says Moussa is tripping.

    Carter goes to the captain to get the 100k by Friday.

    On his way out he gets a worried call from Jamie who hasn't had her scheduled contact with Ty. As they're talking she sees him go by in an SUV from her stake-out spot.

    Back at the HQ loft she says she couldn't follow them. They go over the details and wonder what went wrong. Dean points out that it's Melissa's birthday. They worry that he snuck home. Carter says it's not his first rodeo though and doesn't want to believe it.

    Moussa and Jimmy tie Ty up and question him. He maintains that the woman he saw is a married freak he bones once and awhile. They go to run her address and license and summon their "little friend." Boyd gets a call from someone pressuring him for money that makes him mad. A small Asian man returns with a polygraph. Ty doesn't answer. They hold a gun to his head. He says he's not a thief, married, or a cop.

    Carter visits Melissa with flowers. He looks around her house. She claims she hasn't seen him in two weeks.

    Boyd returns to Ty and says he didn't fail the polygraph but didn't pass it either. The test give thinks it's 50-50. He decides to give him the benefit of doubt but there's a new deadline for the money: 10 o'clock tonight. Boyd says if Ty is who he says he is he should be able to do it.

    Boyd dials up Carter - "Ray"'s moneyman "Michael." Ty gives him the lowdown via code, tells him he needs the money by tonight. Carter says he'll make it happen. After he hangs up he explains to Jamie that "all good" is code for "all bad."

    Carter goes back to the captain with the new money deadline. The captain says no way because it's not procedure. Carter says he'll find the money himself.

    He sends the team to go out and get some blow to sell. Jamie wonders if it wouldn't be easier to rob a bank. Carter says if it was, they would.

    Dean goes to buy some. Jamie busts in as cop. Dean tackles her. She's mad but they get the drugs and their cover isn't blown.

    They meet a potential buyer. The guy wants five kilos and is willing to pay 20 grand a kilo. He promises to be back in an hour with the cash.

    Back at the place that Ty is tied up Moussa is pouring his heart out. He wonders if it doesn't bother Ty to be screwing a married chick. He's really upset about it. Turns out he's freaked and insecure about his stripper girlfriend cheating on him. As he talks he lays his gun down. Ray inches a hand toward the gun just as Boyd returns.

    Boyd has him call Carter. Carter says they're on. Boyd tells Ty he's rooting for him since he needs money more than a dead body right now.

    The potential drug buyer returns with a suitcase. Except it's not full of cash, it's full of a gun he pulls on Carter. Dean shoots him. Carter points out that they need money not a corpse. Seems like everybody's got the same problems.

    Carter calls the captain to explain what went wrong. Jamie apologizes. Carter tells her he doesn't have time for her to feel bad. Dean has heard about a drug house with a bunch of money. They plan to go rob it. Jamie is amazed.

    Boyd gets another call and gets angry at whoever is harassing him about the money. It's some Armenian he doesn't like. He starts freaking out throws his phone down as he rants about his situation - analleged gun dealer named Ray chained to chair, an Armenian sociopath shaking him down, a pregnant stripper named Asia who's mexican harassing him. (It's actually pretty funny thanks to Gregg Henry's desperate line readings).

    Cater, Jamie, and Dean bust into the drug house and grab cash and drugs.

    Boyd leans over Ty and tells him to come clean.

    The drug house cash adds up to 70 grand. Dean says he's going to "run an errand." He goes to his house and opens the floorboard hiding place with the strongbox in it and grabs wads of cash out of it.

    Boyd gives Ray one last chance to tell the truth: snitch, thief, cop? He says he'll kill his wife/girlfriend. Ray says he's telling the truth. Boyd tells Moussa to go to the married chick's house and if he doesn't hear from Boyd by 10 to kill her and make it hurt.

    Moussa goes to house.

    Dean returns and pulls Carter aside and gives him 30 grand. Carter asks where it came from. Dean says it doesn't matter. They say they don't have time to argue and then they argue a little.

    Carter calls Ray. They set up a meeting place. Boyd says he's going to hold Ty until he's got it.

    They meet at the storage bin. They show Boyd the money. Boyd likes the money. They show Carter the guns. Carter pretends to like the guns. Carter calls Ray to make sure he's okay. He says he is but to make sure Boyd calls Moussa. Before Carter can the cops show up and bust everybody.

    The dude holding Ty in an SUV lets him go but Ty is worried about Melissa. He punches out the guy after he's uncuffed and takes off.

    At ten on the dot Moussa enters the house with a knife. He hears a gun cock. He turns and it's Ty. He drops the knife and asks not to be shot. They take Moussa away.

    Carter tells Ty he screwed up and that disappointing his wife on her birthday is the cost of doing business and if he can't handle it or doesn't want to then it's time to go.

    Ty goes into house and surprises Melissa. She wonders what he's doing there. He tenderly hugs her. She wonders if this means he's done. He says nothing.

    Carter goes to Dean's and asks where he got the money. Dean says he keeps drugs, guns, and money -things he needs- nearby. Carter says that's why not where. Dean says who cares since it's a means to an end. Carter wants to be reassured that that's what it is. Dean says it is.

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