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  • Carter and his team investigate the kidnapping of Gloria Malnik, an employee of CEO Thomas Sheppherd who was kidnapped in error, before it leads to her death but they are hindered at every turn by the FBI. Elsewhere, Dean becomes jealous of Jaimie's back-on relationship with Scott.

  • The FBI fails to put an end to a series of high-profile ransom kidnappings, but Carter's team got a lead by making fake-sentenced Ty the right suspect gang leader's cell-mate. Only Dean still has Carter's ear, as he's obsessed, after a failure long ago, with saving Gloria Malnik, a too lowly employee of CEO Thomas Sheppherd, whom they kidnapped in error. After Ty fails to get properly accepted as gang member and setting up Jamie as target goes sour, Carter decides last minute to impersonate a banker as ideal mark himself and play the suspicious gangsters against each-other.


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  • "Dark Blue" - "August" - August 12, 2009

    The FBI is investigating a kidnapping of a young saleswoman named Gloria.

    Carter watches a ransom/torture video with the Feds. Carter says it's the third abduction in five months and the feds are 0-3. The main agent gets mad and says Carter was asked in because of his familiarity with the L.A. crime scene. Carter has his own leads and he doesn't want to share. He leaves and tells his captain he's not as effective when he has to share. He does tell the captain that Ty is getting close to their lead, a street gang. The captain thinks it's weird a street gang is getting into kidnapping.

    We cut to Ty, who is about to be "released" from prison. He's chatting with another con who gets stopped by two even bigger cons. Ty wonders what's up.The big cons say it doesn't concern him. A fight ensues. Guards break it up by beating everyone involved to a pulp.

    Taking this beatdown endears Ty to a gang member named Earl, who is connected to the kidnapping ring on the outside. Ty goes to hook up with them. One seems amenable to Ty joining the gang but the leader is less enthusiastic and once Ty mentions the word kidnapping they freak out, pull guns on him and force him to leave.

    Unable to simply waltz in, Ty and Carter concoct a scenario in which Ty is connected to a guy who drives for really wealthy people. With Dean posing as the chauffeur and Jamie posing as a rich lady in the backseat Ty takes the two thugs to ogle them at a gas station.

    Carter is watching over the scene from another car. He's been on edge this whole time, worried about what they'll do to Gloria and seemingly unreasonably angry at the Feds and the head of the corporation that won't pay Gloria's ransom since she's a low-level employee, basically signing her death warrant. When two guys notice him peering through binoculars they start to hassle him. He pulls out a gun and says he's a cop and makes them get on the ground until Ty and the thugs leave. (Later, the captain yells at him since the guys got his plate number and complained about him).

    In the car the two thugs like the looks of the potential kidnapping job and the look of Jamie specifically and talk about, essentially, raping Jamie when they do it. They want to hit it now but Ty manages to persuade them to wait since there are video cameras at the gas station.

    When Carter gets wind of their plans for Jamie and Ty emphatically points out that it's Carter's team doing all the heavy lifting- the prison stints, the volunteering for kidnapping-not Carter himself, Carter figures out an alternative. He has Ty tell them that only the husband of the rich husband/wife they're targeting (Jamie is posing as a wife) has kidnapping insurance on him.

    (Jamie is mad at the change of plans and wonders what's up with Carter. She's also having friction with Dean who doesn't seem to be backing her up on stuff and she thinks it's because she got back together with her boyfriend.)

    That does the trick as Ty and the thugs pose as stranded motorists as Dean drives by wiht Carter in the limo. They knock out Dean and grab Carter. But, for some reason, they lock Ty out of the getaway van and leave him on the side of the road.

    They take Carter to some industrial warehouse location. Gloria is there. She and Carter talk, she cries about missing her family.

    Ty has the thugs call Jamie, posing as the wife. They ask for 2 million in ransom. She says okay but then asks to speak to Carter. Carter tells her not to pay a red cent until he says so. He says he's not paying until they release Gloria. They do and she is dropped off at a different location. Since she was blindfolded she doesn't really know where she was held and isn't much help in giving details to help find Carter.

    Captain Maynard goes on TV to say Gloria was released and Ty calls up the thugs to point out that on the news the CEO says he paid for Gloria so he wants to give him props. The one thug is confused since the CEO didn't pay, Carter said he would pay for them both. Ty says he wants to talk to the main thug and find out what's going on, especially his cut of the money. He wants to know where the "merchandise" is and where the money is, since it belongs to both of them too. He says he's coming to get him.

    He picks him up and they drive to the warehouse where Carter is being kept. Dean and Jamie follow. The main thug comes out to confront them and makes Ty drop his gun. He wants to know why Ty is there. The sub-thug says he's protecting himself. The main thug shoots the sub-thug. Jamie and Dean run in and shoot another sub-thug. The main thug grabs Ty as a human shield and they back up. Far enough to back into Carter, who knocks them down so they can overtake them. He intensely holds the gun in the thug's face. Ty wonders if Carter is okay. They walk out and Ty asks about calling the Feds to let them know they got it done. Carter says Ty can call if he wants.

    Carter goes to visit Capt. Maynard and thanks him for the press conference. Maynard says he figured out why Carter has been so on edge. He pulls out what looks like a nice bottle of something and says, "it's your birthday." Carter takes the scotch back to HQ, puts down his gun and takes a long drink.

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