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Travis Fimmel in First Trailer for Crime Film 'Finding Steve McQueen'

"That's when it all started to go sideways." Momentum Pictures has debuted an official trailer for a crime comedy titled Finding Steve McQueen, a new film directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Not to be confused with the biopic film about actor Steve McQueen, titled Chasing Bullitt, this film is about some thieves from Ohio and it doesn't really involve the iconic actor. Set in 1972, a gang of close-knit thieves based in Youngstown, Ohio attempt to steal $30 million in illegal contributions and blackmail money from President Richard Nixon's secret fund. All based on a true story, of course. Travis Fimmel (from Warcraft) stars, along with Rachael Taylor, William Fichtner, Forest Whitaker, Lily Rabe, Jake Weary, Rhys Coiro, and Louis Lombardi. This really looks quite boring. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Mark Steven Johnson's Finding Steve McQueen, from YouTube: When an unlikely gang of thieves from Youngstown, Ohio attempt to
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Cornerstone, X Filme, Joel Michaels to Remake Horror ‘The Changeling’

  • Variety
Cornerstone Films and German production company X Filme are teaming up with producer Joel Michaels on a remake of Michaels’ 1980 supernatural horror “The Changeling,” Cornerstone announced Wednesday in Cannes.

The film marks the first joint film production under the partnership between German’s Beta Cinema and Cornerstone, which was announced in February when Beta bought a minority stake in the London and L.A. based international sales company. The two company’s are partnering to produce, finance, distribute and sell distinctive, commercially driven English-language features for contemporary audiences. Beta acquired a strategic stake in X Filme in February last year. Cornerstone was set up in April 2015 by Alison Thompson and Mark Gooder (pictured).

Mark Steven Johnson will write and direct the update of “The Changeling,” which follows a musician who returns to his childhood home following the death of his young daughter where, after a series of terrifying events, he
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'Emperor', 'Third Person' producer Paul Breuls detained in Antwerp

  • ScreenDaily
Corsan boss accused of swindling, forgery, tax breaches and money laundering.

Belgian film financier Paul Breuls, founder of Corsan, has been arrested as investigations continue into allegations of fraud against his company.

The 66-year-old Monaco-based producer is currently being detained by authorities in Antwerp, Belgium, facing criminal prosecution as well as civil action.

Belgain tax shelter specialists Corsan co-financed such films as Lee Tamahori’s The Devil’s Double, Killing Season starring John Travolta and Robert De Niro, and Paul Haggis’s Third Person, which starred Liam Neeson.

The company is also behind Tamahori’s yet to be released adventure epic Emperor, starring Adrien Brody.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Antwerp confirmed to Screen that Breuls has been held in detention in Antwerp since June 21 because he is considered a flight risk.

He stands accused of swindling, forgery, tax breaches and money laundering, whether through Corsan or affiliated companies.

“In general
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Every Action Star That Needs to Be in Expendables 4

Every Action Star That Needs to Be in Expendables 4
Sylvester Stallone is the master at making the most out of simplicity. So good is this action legend at taking a basic idea and making it exist forever, that eventually he tries to give said idea a certain degree of gravitas. How does he do this you say?

Take Rocky Balboa. In the first film, this lovable schlub just wants to have a girlfriend and go the distance in a dream title fight. By the fourth film in this wondrous saga, Rocky is defending America on Russian soil and beating a fighter who (realistically) would have Ko'd the Italian Stallion in 1 round. In fact, Rocky was almost Ko'd in one round, however, the referee let it go on. How's that for Sylvester Stallone making the most of something simple?

He did the same thing with Rambo. In the first film, John Rambo was a simple man who just wanted to
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Win a Lionsgate Action Bundle with Life on the Line starring John Travolta

To celebrate the release of new John Travolta action thriller Life on the Line, we have an awesome Lionsgate action bundle up for grabs featuring Criminal,The Last Stand, Heist, London Has Fallen and Killing Season.

Golden Globe winner John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, Face/Off) headlines this tense and star-studded new action thriller. Travolta is Beau Ginner, a man haunted by the death of his younger brother in a tragic work accident, leaving him to raise his niece, Bailey, alone. Determined to see her go to college and start a new life, tragedy threatens to strike again when a major storm descends on the county. It’s a deadly race against the clock to fix miles of high-wire cable before lightning destroys the power grid and everything in its path.

Nail-biting, action-packed and based on true events, Life on the Line co-stars Kate Bosworth (Heist), Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), Devon Sawa
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Giveaway – Win a Lionsgate Action Bundle with Life on the Line starring John Travolta

To celebrate the release of new John Travolta action thriller Life on the Line, we have an awesome Lionsgate action bundle up for grabs featuring Criminal, The Last Stand, Heist, London Has Fallen and Killing Season.

Golden Globe winner John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, Face/Off) headlines this tense and star-studded new action thriller. Travolta is Beau Ginner, a man haunted by the death of his younger brother in a tragic work accident, leaving him to raise his niece, Bailey, alone. Determined to see her go to college and start a new life, tragedy threatens to strike again when a major storm descends on the county. It’s a deadly race against the clock to fix miles of high-wire cable before lightning destroys the power grid and everything in its path.

Nail-biting, action-packed and based on true events, Life on the Line co-stars Kate Bosworth (Heist), Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct), Devon Sawa
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Afm: Corsan chief denies bankruptcy challenge

  • ScreenDaily
Emperor backer recently lost protection from its creditors.

Monaco-based Paul Breuls, founder and CEO of sales and finance outfit Corsan, has denied that the troubled Belgian company is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

This week, the Emperor, Killing Season and Third Person backer, lost protection from its creditors having previously been safeguarded through local law. On Monday, the commercial court in Antwerp concluded that the arrangement should be terminated immediately, citing the company’s restructuring plans as “neither clear nor credible”.

Speaking to Screen, Breuls has revealed that his lawyers are appealing the court decision and claims that Corsan can avoid bankruptcy. During the appeal process, he expects Corsan to be able to trade as normal and the protection from the company’s creditors to be re-instated.

Corsan asked for protection from its creditors in June. The company’s troubles reportedly stem from investors not having received the promised tax certificates for the money they have
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'Silence' backer Corsan upbeat despite restructure

  • ScreenDaily
Belgian financier of films including Third Person and Killing Season filed for protection from its creditors last month.

Antwerp-based financier, tax shelter specialist and production outfit Corsan has issued a press release expressing optimism about its ability to continue in business, after recently being granted legal protection from its creditors until October 31.

Silence and Third Person backer Corsan asked for protection from its creditors (who include Haacht Brewery) last month and the company is attemping to work out a restructuring plan with them.

The company’s troubles reportedly stem from investors not having received the promised tax certificates for the money they have invested in at least one of Corsan’s films.

Corsan claims in the recently issued press release, quoted in Flanders News, that the delay is due to the tax authorities not issuing the correct certificate in time.

Corsan boss Paul Breuls points out that the company has three international projects in the pipeline and that
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Why Freeform's Guilt Is the Perfect Summer Show: Mystery, Billy Zane and a Resolution (Thank Goodness)

Why Freeform's Guilt Is the Perfect Summer Show: Mystery, Billy Zane and a Resolution (Thank Goodness)
Get ready for one helluva murder mystery. Freeform's new series Guilt debuts tonight, and introduces viewers to a riveting murder case about an American student in London who finds herself being dubbed suspect No. 1 after her Irish roommate is murdered. Is she innocent or did she really do it? It's hard to tell as more scandalous secrets are uncovered and more untrustworthy characters (Detectives, lawyers and royal family members, oh my!) are introduced. E! News sat down with creator Kathryn Price, executive producer Todd Slavkin and star Billy Zane at the 2016 Atx TV Festival in Austin, where they promised that there will be resolution by season's end. So don't worry, no The Killing season one...
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John Travolta: examining his recent straight to DVD movies




We check out the John Travolta films that have been bypassing cinemas over the past few years...

In the days leading up to writing this article, which will cover a recent period in which he’s made a bunch of films that have quickly drifted to DVD or VOD, I had to stop and ask myself a genuine question: how do I actually feel about John Travolta?

The answer that rose from the depths of my coal-black, hell-bound soul was weirdly surprising. Brushing aside his personal life – which is not worth getting into here – I found I had nothing but good feelings surrounding his work as an actor.

I grew up with Carrie, Grease, Look Who’s Talking and perhaps his best film, Brian De Palma’s Blow Out. I also grew up with some of his clunkers, like the Look Who’s Talking sequels and 80s concept comedy The Experts. He’s been acting since before I was born, so he’s always been in the background of my pop culture landscape – working solidly for more than 40 years.

Over those decades, his catalogue has defied explanation. He seems to unapologetically pick whatever he feels moved to be a part of regardless of criticism and, goddamn it, there’s something inherently admirable about that. Unlike, say, Bruce Willis, he doesn’t seem happy with doing just a couple of days work on a shoot in a smaller part; more often he will choose to be the star, or at least have equal-ish screen time – even if the project isn’t boasting a huge budget or a big name director. When Pulp Fiction thrust him back into the mainstream, he was still picking up stuff like Phenomenon and Michael in the following years.

I can confidently say that I’ve never seen the man actively 'phone in' a performance and even when he’s overcooked it, there’s usually a decent reason. I mean, if you find yourself on the set of Face/Off going up against The Cage, you’re gonna need to fight fire with fire. Even in Battlefield Earth, he was at least trying.

But in the last half decade we’ve found ourselves in a deeper Travolta trough than we’ve ever been in before. His films aren’t quite cutting the mustard in the industry like they used to and, after a run of flops that have seen him drift back into television with an impressive turn as Robert Shapiro in The People V. O.J. Simpson, I find myself wondering 'will Travolta ever be big business again?'

So, I took a look at four of the films that Travolta’s worked on in the last few years - each of which has effectively gone straight to DVD (save for a few days in a cinema) - to see if anything’s slipped under our radar that needs a boost…

The Forger (2014)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 7% IMDb Rating – 5.7/10

In The Forger, John Travolta is a man serving a prison sentence who makes a call to get out of it early so he can spend more time with his dying son. In exchange for help with bribing the judge to release him early, John’s expected to help forge a Monet for his erstwhile crime boss, played by Hell On WheelsAnson Mount.

As the film casually flits between the forge/heist story and the bonding relationship between John and his son, it’s a testament to director Philip Martin - who comes from a TV background where he’s learnt his trade by helping to bring Prime Suspect and Wallander crime stories to life – that it isn’t a complete disaster. In someone else’s hands, it very well could have been.

Instead, The Forger has a delicate touch and a lot of the shots are interesting and unexpected without being jarring. It flows very smoothly and there’s an undercurrent of genuine love stemming from Travolta’s performance. After losing his own son, making a film about losing a son might have been cathartic and definitely quite close to the bone. I don’t want to read too much into Travolta’s choices, because that way madness lies, but it does really come across as though he cared about this one.

The Forger’s family scenes - with Travolta’s son Tye Sheridan and father Christopher Plummer - play really well, and while the tone of these scenes doesn’t gel with the heist elements of the plot, there’s good stuff here.

Overall, there’s not quite enough substance to sail the whole thing smoothly down the river, but it’s not bad by any stretch and the reviews have been a little harsh on what is actually a perfectly average film. No, you won’t watch it again, but neither will you probably regret watching it in the first place.

Criminal Activities (2015)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 47% IMDb Rating – 5.8/10

Hoo boy, that title. That’s the worst title. I can’t imagine anyone involved could have wanted it. It’s maybe the most generic title I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad that even when I picked up the DVD, looked at the cover and saw that Michael Pitt (Hannibal, Boardwalk Empire) and Dan Stevens (The Guest, The Guest, The Guest) were Travolta’s co-stars in this, I still felt like I was drowning in the beigeness of it.

The film itself - Jackie Earle Haley's directorial debut - is an unfortunate mess. The plot, such as it is, involves Michael, Dan and the rest of the lads from their childhood gang borrowing money from a mob boss (Travolta) to invest in some sure-fire stocks that immediately collapse, leaving them out of pocket and in John’s. To pay off the debt, he wants them to kidnap a guy, because that guy’s friend kidnapped someone else. It’s convoluted and makes little sense, due to the fact that there’s a big twist coming at the end which will clarify most, if not all of it.

The actors are doing wayyy too much in the film - directed by an actor who clearly wants the actors to have room to act - and therein lies the fundamental problem. Apart from a great turn by Edi Gathegi (Gone Baby Gone, X-Men: First Class, Crank) it’s impossible to point a finger at anyone else in the cast and say 'yep, you, good job' because there’s just too much going on.

The twist is actually decent, but everything leading up to it is a headache. Working on a low budget, most of the scenes are dialogue-heavy, arduous and reliant on excessive coverage – so what you end up with is a film where a load of dudes sit in a room together and shout and swear at each other a lot. I wanted to take that final twist aside, buy it a drink, hug it, and reassure it that it deserved better.

I’m afraid to say there’s not much here to recommend, which is ironic given that it’s had the most positive reviews of the bunch.

I Am Wrath (2016)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 13% IMDb Rating – 5.2/10

I Am Wrath is the worst film of these four by a long chalk.

Here, John stars as a man who decides payback is needed when his wife (Rebecca de Mornay) is killed before his eyes. That’s really all there is, plot-wise. See, it turns out he’s a man with a very particular set of skills and yada yada yada off he goes.

The script - written by Paul 'nope, nothing you’ve heard of' Sloan - is so very, very bad. I am going to tell you how bad it is, so you don’t think I’m just whistlin’ Dixie here:

During his wife’s funeral, John tells the priest that he’s an atheist after the priest gives him a bible in his time of need. Later, Travolta flings this bible across the room angrily. He then stops, pulls a full Joey Tribbiani 'smell-the-fart', slowly approaches the discarded bible, picks it up and reads a line about wrath with the dumbest revelatory expression on his face as the music builds. He sees this as a sign that he should become wrath, despite his earlier insistence that he thinks religion is total garbage.

Later, when asked who he is, Travolta looks determinedly into a mirror and says “I am wrath” – he said the name of the movie you guys! Holy shit. Honestly, I could not believe how hackneyed the whole thing was, not to mention bizarre - the film regularly abandons its serious 'violence begets violence' tone whenever John’s Bff Christopher Meloni turns up, suddenly becoming a jokey buddy comedy.

This was hard to get through. Please avoid it at all costs, for there is nothing here to keep you warm at night.

Killing Season (2013)

Rotten Tomatoes Score – 11% IMDb Rating – 5.4/10

De Niro and Travolta – together at last?

Well, the opening sequence gives us a bit of background on the reason we’re all here. Something bad happened during the Bosnian War that will bring our two main dudes together for some serious vengeance. The sequence is sepia, because past, and ohhhhh god, here comes the present…

It’s at this point that we discover that John is going to attempt an Eastern European accent. It is Not Good. It is not John Malkovich in Rounders, but it is Not Good and we are stuck with it for the duration.

His facial hair during this first scene is also completely ridiculous. I can’t adequately describe how bonkers it is, but try to imagine a werewolf that can only grow stubble carefully shaving a circle into its face. It’s a relief to find that they decided to tone this down for the rest of the film - he looks more like he’s wearing a black chinstrap from then on.

Despite the accent and the questionable chin beard, it’s a lot easier to buy Travolta as a man on a mission of vengeance during Killing Season than it was during I Am Wrath. He’s obviously jazzed to be working with De Niro and he’s knuckled down to bounce off him, keeping it low-key and making an effort not to overdo it.

As a result of this equilibrium, we also get a glimpse of a pre-Meet The Parents De Niro - which is very much welcomed, sweet lord - and the two men head into the second act ready to take each other on, hunt each other down and resolve those Bosnian sins of the past in the most violent way possible.

The script - by proposed Tomb Raider reboot scribe Evan Daugherty - occasionally stumbles, but is solid enough. The direction is fine. It’s fine. It’s probably Mark Steven Johnson’s best film (but when his other major films are Daredevil and Ghost Rider, that’s not exactly a gush) and as the two leads hunt and trap each other, a lot of Predator love oozes out of the frame. Unfortunately, this is not Predator, but you could do worse on an evening than to sit through this instead (if you don’t own Predator).

…Oh my god you guys. We should totally watch Predator right now.

Until next time, and until the next rebirth of Mr Travolta, I bid you adieu.

Next time: the straight to DVD movies of John Cusack

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'I am not a fetishist': John Faulkner surprises Sarah Ferguson at writers' festival – video

During Sunday’s sell-out session at the Sydney writers’ festival, ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson says former Labor senator John Faulkner ‘makes a fetish out of his discretion’ – only to have him pop up in the audience during question time. Ferguson was at the festival discussing the making of her three-part television series The Killing Season with journalist George Megalogenis

Continue reading...
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Essie Davis in the running for Gold Logie as the ABC rack up record nominations

Essie Davis as.Miss Fisher.

ABC TV has received a record thirty-three nominations — the most of any network — for this year.s Logie Awards, to be held May 8.

Essie Davis, star of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, is in the running for big prize, the Gold Logie.

Davis is also nominated for the Best Actress and Most Outstanding Actress awards.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries star Craig McLachlan is up against Please Like Me's Josh Thomas for the Best Actor award.

Other ABC acting nominees include Patrick Brammall (Glitch), Sarah Snook (The Beautiful Lie), Deborah Mailman (Redfern Now: Promise Me), Tim Minchin (The Secret River), Emily Barclay (Glitch) and Rarriwuy Hick (Redfern Now: Promise Me).

In the entertainment and comedy categories, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Utopia, Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell, Please Like Me and Gruen all picked up nominations..

Sarah Ferguson's Hitting Home and The Killing Season will
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Snow White's Sister 'Rose Red' Is Getting a Disney Live-Action Movie

Snow White's Sister 'Rose Red' Is Getting a Disney Live-Action Movie
After a string of successful live-action fairy tale adaptations such as Maleficent and last year's Cinderella, Disney is exploring yet another iconic character, with a revisionist twist. The Hollywood Reporter reveals the studio has picked up a project entitled Rose Red, which follows the story of Snow White's sister. While fairy tale fans may recognize the Rose Red name, the project will present an entirely new story.

Rose Red is a character who did appear in the original Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, but she was featured in a different adventure separate from the story which the iconic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was inspired by. This new project started as an original script by Justin Merz (The Boxcar Children), which was envisioned as a stand alone movie. Screenwriter Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman) came up with a different take described as a "companion piece" that sticks
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ABC's iview takes top spot in free-to-air streaming for 2015

ABC iview has maintained its pole position as the most used free-to-air internet TV site in 2015..

ABC iview hit a new record in November with more than 40 million program plays (which is more than double the program plays from the same time last year) and had over 2 million visitors to its site and apps each month.

Total ABC prime-time share was stable year-on-year at 14.3 per cent, and ABC TV remained the leading daytime network, according to a company statement.

The ABC Kids iview app, launched in March, had over half a million downloads.

ABC Television director, Richard Finlayson, said the national broadcaster went into the year acknowledging that audience viewing habits were shifting..

"We had to reflect this in our programming, delivery platforms and the way in which we reported on audiences, and I.m delighted with the results on all fronts,. he said.

.Our success is testament to the
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Oddball producer goes solo

After merging his company with Wtfn and producing Oddball with Steve Kearney, Richard Keddie has returned to his roots as an independent producer.

Via his banner The Film Company, Keddie is developing a slate of film and TV projects including Stalking Julia, a feature film on Julia Gillard which will star Rachel Griffiths, who will also co-produce.

It was an amicable split from Wtfn after a partnership of two and a half years. .I decided I am happier running my own company,. he tells If.

He.s co-developing some projects with Us-based Sheila Hanahan Taylor, who was one of the producers on Oddball.

He describes his Gillard biopic, which is based partly on Kerry-Anne Walsh's book The Stalking of Julia Gillard, as completely different from the ABC.s The Killing Season.

Sarah Ferguson's three-part documentary, which examined the forces that shaped Labor during the Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard leadership years,
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Robert De Niro: he's ending interviews early - so why not retire early, too?

The veteran actor recently walked out of a Radio Times interview – if only he took the same approach to his recent run of dud films like The Intern

Be honest: how eagerly are you looking forward to The Intern? Imagine the possibilities: the plot of The Devil Wears Prada, but this time with Anne Hathaway in the Meryl Streep role, and – genius casting alert! – Robert De Niro in the junior position lately vacated by the over-promoted… Anne Hathaway! Or is The Intern just a lazy retread of The Internship, as its title alone certainly suggests? The “old guys” in The Internship, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, were just fortysomething flotsam left adrift by the tsunami-damage of the internet upon the world economy. They were still shy of midlife crisis time, still able to muster up a boner and not needing help to get off the toilet. De Niro’s character,
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What's New to Amazon Prime and Instant Video in August 2015?

We're entering the dog days of summer -- the perfect time to binge-watch some new TV shows and movies on Amazon. You can do it outside, if you want, to not feel so guilty. But why feel guilty about streaming all eight seasons of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"? It's pretty, pretty good. You can also buy movies like the amazing "Mad Max: Fury Road," which hits Amazon Instant Video on August 11.

Amazon just issued its list of new titles available for streaming on Prime and available for purchase through Amazon Instant Video. (If you missed the July titles, here they are.) So check out all the August additions below.

New in August - Available for Streaming on Prime


Olympus Season 1 -- 8/1/2015

Curb Your Enthusiasm- Complete Series -- tbd

Wishenpoof - Original -- tbd


The Patriot -- 8/1/2015

The Longest Day -- 8/1/2015

Unforgiven -- 8/1/2015

The Legend of Longwood --
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Rudd and Gillard get Breakfast Clubbed in ABC parody – video

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have been transformed into characters from cult 80s film The Breakfast Club in a parody for the ABC's Insiders show. Video editor Huw Parkinson, who previously dropped Christopher Pyne into Star Wars, as well as Barnaby Joyce into Pirates of the Caribbean, has drawn on the ABC's Killing Season interviews with the former Labor prime ministers for inspiration. Video courtesy ABC Insiders Continue reading...
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10 Aging Actors Who Could Totally Pull Off An Action Comeback


As the name suggests, the so-called “geri-action” movie involves actors of the elder variety generally behaving in a way not befitting of their advanced years. Liam Neeson kick-started the trend by rebranding himself as an action hero with the Taken films and now everybody seems to be at it.

60-year-old Denzel did it with 2 Guns and The Equalizer, 71-year-old Robert De Niro did it with Killing Season and Grudge Match, and virtually everyone’s at it in The Expendables and Red franchises. Hell, even King of the Cockneys Michael Caine was blasting geezers away in Harry Brown aged 77.

The arthritic-fun doesn’t stop there. Some aging former A-listers who’ve fallen a tad out of favour are now trying to break back into Hollywood’s good books via action movies of their own. 61-year-old Pierce Brosnan had a go last year with The November Man, both Sean Penn (54) and
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John Travolta makes film comeback with trailer for ‘The Forger’

The Forger

If you couldn’t get enough of John Travolta at the Oscars (he’ll never live the Adele Dazeem/Idina Menzel moment down), and have missed him in modern cinema (his last movie being 2013’s Killing Season), then get excited about his newest movie, The Forger.

Set to come out in April, the film follows the story of world class art forger Raymond Cutter, as played by Travolta, who makes a deal with some scrupulous characters in order to duck out of his prison time. Unfortunately for him, he’s now stuck stealing an original Monet out of a museum, making a perfect copy of it, and replacing the original painting with his copy in the hopes no one will be able to spot the differences. With a heist of this size, Cutter must rely on his talent, his street smarts, and both his son and father as
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