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  • Dean and Jaimie pose as a married couple to get close to a mastermind robber. Meanwhile, Ty begins to second-guess the danger he faces on the job after he gets close to the sister of their target just as his wife Melissa asks him to think about them having a baby together.


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  • "Dark Blue" - "Ice" - August 19, 2009

    Ty and Carter are staking out a break-in. Ty wants to bust them as they come out but Carter says to wait.

    Jamie and Dean are staking out a different break-in, they're to steal a bunch of dresses from the thief and then go to a specific fence and make him fall in love with Dean. Dean doesn't make the thieves fall in love with him as he stops their truck with a shotgun and whacks the driver in his gut with his gun. He jumps in the truck and drives off, Jamie follows in the car.

    The next day as Dean tries to unload the dresses to the shop owner/fence named Timmons (or Tidman it's hard to tell the way these people mutter, but he's played by Daniel Roebuck, so I'm calling him Roebuck) the driver from the night before - Joe- shows up waving a gun in Dean's face. Roebuck makes him put the gun down and says he will buy the dresses from him instead. Joe agrees but punches Dean in the face for good measure and stalks off.

    At home, Ty is being fitted for a tux by Melissa for the wedding of Melissa's fat cousin. He is not amused. She reminds him the groom is family, the AC needs to be fixed, and the mortgage is due tomorrow. He asks if there's anything else. She says yes, she wants to start a family. Just then, his phone rings, it's Carter. Time to move.

    Later at HQ Jamie is tending to Dean's wound and mocking him. Dean doesn't think it's so funny and they have to figure out a way to make Roebuck love him. Jamie's boyfriend calls, she ignores the call but says things are going great and then promptly starts making out with Dean.

    We cut to Carter coming down the hall towards where they are, rounding the corner and seeing only Dean. (So some time must've passed). Dean wonders how to make Roebuck love him. Carter says to do what he must- wash his car, buy him lunch- but it's essential.

    The undercover assignment this week is a three-pronger.

    Ty is befriending a hot chick named Liz whose brother Tommy, a bar owner, knows a guy, Dan, who's an expert safe cracker.

    Carter wants to crack a safe full of three million dollars worth of diamonds so he can sell them to a notorious dealer named Briggs and finally bring him down. The mayor apparently wants him bad and has given them carte blanche to do what's necessary.

    Dean and Jamie must pretend to be a happily married young couple to gain the trust of Roebuck, who's a family kinda guy and only does business with people he trusts. They must do this so Roebuck will introduce them to old friend Briggs.

    Ty is successful in befriending Liz but draws the line, with a well-timed phone call, at sleeping with her. He later comes clean and says he's married and was just using her to get to her brother.

    He is successful at this and introduces Carter as insurance broker Jack. Carter gets Tommy to introduce him to Kemp, who agrees to do the job. Tommy warns them that Kemp's crew doesn't hesistate to kill people. To illustrate their bad-assedness, as their putting the deal together one of Kemp's crew gets a text from his wife telling him their first child will be a boy. The thug says it's time for him to cash out of the safe-cracking life because he's going to have a family. To Carter and Ty's horror, Kemp says the only way out is to play a round of Russian roulette. Counterintuitively- the guy wants out to take care of his family right?- the dude picks up the gun and pulls the trigger. Click. He then pukes. Kemp says he's free to go.

    Kemp and his crew, including Ty, go to knock off the jewelry store. They are successful and then Ty notices the shop keeper cowering in a back room. One of the other thieves in Kemp's crew instructs Ty to shoot the guy or he will. Conveniently, he waliks away and Ty fires two bullets into the couch.

    When they go to figure out how to cut up the loot and make the sale to Briggs, Carter sits down with the pretty bartender, listens to her dreams about traveling, and still undercover promises to fly her to Rome...the next night.

    Meanwhile Dean and Jamie are getting close to Roebuck, his wife, and Stanford-bound daughter Kara. So close that Dean feels bad that Roebuck will be jammed up simply by introducing them to Briggs. Carter doesn't care, he tells him to set up the meeting.

    Another meeting is called at Tommy's club and it turns out Kemp is double-crossing them. He whips out a gun and tells Tommy to give him the diamonds from the club safe. Tommy is appalled, he thought Kemp was his friend. He thought wrong. Carter busts in and shoots Kemp and tells Tommy he's under arrest.

    They head to the meeting with Roebuck and Briggs. Briggs agrees to fence the diamonds and Carter and Jamie bust in and arrest them. Roebuck stares with disbelief and hurt at Dean as he is cuffed. Dean looks down.

    Later Ty is brooding at home. He gets a text from Liz that says "I hope you burn in hell." Melissa yells that dinner is ready. When he doesn't come she comes into the room and says she had a bad day too. He says he needs to be alone. She wonders if this is how it will be when they have kids, if he'll be all angsty and dark.

    Carter stands outside Tommy's now empty club where the bartender awaits to be whisked to Rome. He calls her and says he won't be making it. She sadly says okay and hangs up.

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