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Season 5

9 Apr. 2015
Pot Luck
Louie goes to a pot luck dinner for the parents in Lily's class, but ends up going to the wrong party. When he finally reaches the right party, he has an unusual encounter with the surrogate mother of the couple hosting the dinner.
16 Apr. 2015
A La Carte
An urgent matter cuts Louie's grocery trip short. Louie gives some frank advice to a struggling amateur during Open Mic Night. Pamela and Louie try to set the parameters of their relationship.
23 Apr. 2015
Cop Story
Louie has an uncomfortable evening with a police officer who was once engaged to his sister.
30 Apr. 2015
Bobby's House
Louie goes to a wake with his brother. Louie gets beat up on the street by a woman. Pamela gives Louie a makeover to mask his injuries so he can perform on stage.
7 May 2015
After taking Jane to the doctor and picking Lilly up from a sitter, Louie begins having horrific recurring nightmares that he can't escape from.
14 May 2015
Louie is upset when he sees Lily texting in the middle of a Broadway play. Louie hosts a birthday slumber party for Jane, but it is interrupted by two unexpected phone calls.
21 May 2015
The Road: Part 1
Louie goes on the road and is stuck in Cincinnati in a bad hotel with talkative driver. He then loses his carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport while helping a lost child.
28 May 2015
The Road: Part 2
Louie's road trip continues in Oklahoma City, where's he's stuck sharing a condo with an crude, obnoxious opening act who tells a bunch of fart jokes.

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