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Not only the lake was placid here...
paul_haakonsen29 August 2010
Truth be told, I didn't even know there was a 2nd and 3rd movie to the "Lake Placid" movie, so I just came over the third movie by coincidence. So I sat down and watched it.

And then the terror began...

Oh. My. God! The CGI effects in this movie were so unbelievably poor. The crocodiles were among the crappiest CGI creatures I have seen in a long, long time. The intentions were good, but the effects were so lousy.

As for the story? Well nothing much to be expected here. You have a pretty basic "let's make a sequel" movie here. Local people and animals being eaten by monstrously big crocodiles, and a gun happy hunter is brought into the fray. And a family with troubles that somehow manages to save the day. It is all here. And it has all been seen before.

The acting, well it was wholeheartedly attempted, and actually most weren't too shabby. Some were questionable to say the least. But, of course, this is not an award winning movie, just another SyFy flick.

I managed to sit through it, but I was so tempted to get up and find something else. Which I should have done. This movie is not really entertaining, it is in the line of being ridiculous. But generally I sit through a movie once I started it. I think you have to be a really, REALLY hardcore fan of the first "Placid Lake" movie to actually fully enjoy this movie.

Well, at least it was an attempt at making a movie with giant crocodiles, it just didn't work out all that well. This is not a good choice to put on if you want to be entertained by a good wholesome movie with giant creatures. There are lots of other (and better) movies out there.
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Go back to the 'old school' critter effects!
Hellmant9 November 2010
'LAKE PLACID 3': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Second sequel to the cult classic 1999 horror / comedy film 'LAKE PLACID'. Having been a fan of the original film it is pretty disappointing to see it take the sequel rout that so many seem doomed to (like 'LOST BOYS', 'TREMORS' and 'STARSHIP TROOPERS' for example, the 'FROM DUSK TILL DAWN' direct to video sequels were actually pretty good compared to others). These sequels (this one and it's 2007 predecessor) were actually released as original made for television Syfy network movies first and then as 'unrated' video releases quickly after. They have a great deal of nudity as well as graphic gore and it appears as though the films were filmed with two versions planned, to capitalize on both markets (Syfy network television and 'unrated' DVD).

This third film stars Colin Ferguson (from TV's 'EUREKA'), Yancy Butler (an old favorite of mine and she still looks hot, and is hilarious as well) and none other than Michael Ironside. Ferguson plays Nathan Bickerman a game warden who relocates his family to Lake Placid and into the house of his late aunt Sadie (played by Cloris Leachman in the second film, who was the sister of Betty White's Delores Bickerman character from the original film). She was killed by a crocodile in the end of the second film but Sheriff Tony Willinger (Ironside) assures the Bickermans that all the killer crocs are gone from the area. Unfortunately Nathan's son Connor (Jordan Grehs) discovers some baby crocs near by and secretly feeds them until they grow into deadly crocs as well and start terrorizing the locals once again. Butler plays a tough and foul mouthed hunting guide hired by a college student (Mark Evans) to find his girlfriend (Kacey Barnfield) who went hiking in the area with another guy.

The film is quite a bit better than the last chapter, especially the acting. Some of the supporting actors are still pretty bad but Butler, Ironside and Ferguson all give better performances than the material has to offer them. The directing and writing is about what you'd expect from this type of film but it does have it's quirky funny moments. The film's main problem (as with the last one and all Syfy network films) is the horrible special effects. The CGI is so bad and painful to watch that it ruins the whole film. This is especially disappointing with this film considering it had potential in other areas. The last chapter was just an all around bad film (although Leachman and John Schneider were entertaining in it). These films really should go back to the 'old school' plastic critter effects, they'd be a lot cooler if they did so. I know they don't have a lot of money to spend but no effects would be better than the CGI were subjected to.

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You get what you pay for (Hint: this was free)
MartianOctocretr523 August 2010
Brazenly ridiculous. It has little to do with the self-satirical original Lake Placid, other than the name. For whatever reason, somebody thought the bargain-basement LP2 warranted a sequel, or a remake, or whatever. So there's yet another generation of these hungry chomping monsters.

Except for Michael Ironside as the quintessential skeptic hick sheriff, and the guy from Eureka poking fun at his Eureka character, the acting is laughably amateurish. The teen actors fare worst; when the girls scream, the shrill noise they emit sounds like an old Talking Tina doll with a broken speech mechanism. The laughable teen soap opera plot doesn't help the paper-thin throw-away characters, either. The knife-wielding nut wasn't bad, considering the outlandish cliché she got stuck with. Don't get me started on that latchkey kid and his weird problems. Throw-away characters have "gator meal" stamped on their heads at all times.

Could the director explain why the gators always grab people's shoes, and drag them for 20 minutes before they decide whether to kill them or not? Do they like to nibble on shoes?

Go in with a "laugh at dumb it is" MST3K attitude, and there'll be a few moments that will not disappoint.
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Surely You Have a Better Way To Waste Two Hours...
gavin694230 August 2010
Some people apparently haven't figured out that Black Lake in Aroostook County, Maine (known to us as Lake Placid) is a place to avoid if you don't like alligators coming on shore and attacking you. This time we have a family, a group of big game hunters, and some wandering college kids. Their paths will cross, some will die, and hopefully nobody watches this film so they never, ever make a "Lake Placid 4".

This film comes to us from director Griff Furst, who is better known, if he's even known at all, for having bit parts in movies (including the upcoming "Green Lantern" film), but not so much his directing. And also writer David Reed, who has never written a feature before... and judging from the complete lack of plot here, may never be asked to do so again.

The film is a "SyFy original" and it's very clear to the viewer, even if you didn't know that in advance. For one thing, it stars Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Carter from "Eureka") and even has him in uniform. I suspect they must have had him on contract to appear in a movie, or something like that... his career is not so terrible he needs this extra exposure. (When aired on the SyFy network, ads for "Eureka" did come on repeatedly, so the cross-promotion is no secret.)

For some reason, this film is ranked higher than "Lake Placid 2" on the Internet Movie Database. I am hoping this is because the film is new and hasn't sunk yet, because there's no way that part two could be any worse than this. This movie had the worst CGI yet, even by SyFy standards. Seriously, folks, give your animators an extra week or an extra thousand dollars or something... if you're going to make your alligators look this fake, you're better off not making the movie at all.

The DVD adds little more to the film than the TV version. There are no special features, only a few added scenes of full frontal nudity, oral sex, and bouncing breasts. I am all for nudity in horror films, but that doesn't automatically make the film good. The press release calls it "steamy, sexy and gory". Gory, maybe, but even the sex parts aren't all that sexy.

There's really nothing redeeming about this film. Horrible effects, no plot, bland characters. The directing is fine, though nothing special (literally anybody could have done it). I can't think of any reason to see this film, no matter how much you may have enjoyed the first one. Maybe if you're a die-hard Colin Ferguson fan? Otherwise, change the channel or go outside and get some exercise.
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Can be Defined in One Word: Awful
claudio_carvalho17 December 2010
In Aroostook County, in Maine, the boy Connor (Jordan Grehs) fells lonely and neglected by his father, the zoologist Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson), who is only interested in elks, and by his greedy mother, the real estate agent Susan (Kirsty Mitchell), who is interested in her sales commissions only. So the boy spends his time feeding crocodiles in the Black Lake with shoplifted meat for months. When the reptiles are huge, they leave the lake and attack hikers and people that are camping nearby the lake to eat.

"Lake Placid 3" is so stupid and lame that can be defined in one word: awful. The beginning is very funny, with the young couple having sex in the bank of the river, but that is all. The story is so ridiculous that it is impossible that an adult has written such silliness. The acting is terrible, highlighting the decadent Yancy Butler and her grimaces. And the CGI is among the poorest I have ever seen. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Pânico no Lago 3" ("Panic in the Lake 3")
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You know
halbarad_loire19 November 2010
You know when a film is bad? When you spend 90+% of the film wishing, hoping and god-damn praying for the kid to die. I do honestly believe at some point I offered my soul to Satan/Hades/Christopher Lee if he would only alter the film and make the kid die.


The acting is brilliant... well, by Colin Ferguson and Michael Ironside - but I didn't expect anything else, i ONLY watched the film for Colin Ferguson because I love Eureka. The rest of the acting, i hate it.

The effects are bad. The music is bad. The cinematography isn't bad. The tits are good.

Let's face facts. If you're watching this film you're watching it either because you love Ferguson or Ironside or you want to see a film so bad it's good. Either way, don't.
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More Crocs! More Explosions! Less point!
JoeB13127 February 2011
Okay, seriously, if you really think that they wouldn't have massive monitoring of this lake after the first two "Killer Croc" attacks in Maine, but somehow, everyone just ignored the problem and THIRD set of killer crocodiles appear in this lake, and start eating people.

This is a fine production by SyFy, which means that you are going to get CGI monsters eating out of work actors...

We get to see some T&A for the video version, not sure how SyFy handled this nor do I care, really.

Okay, the plot is the Nephew of the Cloris Leachman character in the second sequel (who replaced that actually interesting Betty White character in the original) goes to clean out her cabin, and apparently this town that suffered two devastating attacks by Crocs is just find that a sheriff with a fish-finder has declared the lake Croc-Free.

The kid of the Zoologist nephew then proceeds to feed the crocs, who then go on to feed on annoying, uninteresting characters you don't care about.
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What a disgrace!!!
vampyrecowboy21 September 2010
This was atrocious, horrible, stupid, idiotic, retarded and a disgrace to anybody living, dead and yet to be born! Stupidity and idiocy runs rampant from start to finish in this mess of something far worse than the original ever was...and that first movie was not among the finest either! Whatever you think of horror movies to be, this will still possibly be the bottom of the barrel.

Dialogue, characters, CGI - which stands for Computer Generated Information - the stuff that makes the crocs really scary...

...or in other words, the stuff that without - this movie would be even worse than it is...

All of the above is ridiculously stupid and badly developed.

But still - it is all bad...beyond bad.
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Nothing memorable
BakuryuuTyranno29 January 2011
Over saturation of killer crocodile flicks during 2007 became old fast and honestly, I have not even bothered watching "Supercroc" and "Primeval" yet. Possibly never will.

Once again, people on the lakeside or somewhere else are attacked by crocodiles and only the local authority figure can save the population.

The only thing separating this one from the others is the inclusion of the young boy viewing the crocodiles as his pets. Oh and also the film gets divided up between three groups of people.

As you would expect, many people get slaughtered by rampaging amphibious lizards that eat anything living they can catch.
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Croc it does not look like one bad
SivakumarBalachandran24 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Awful...All about this movie is awful...

First to say is this is an animal attack based story,so the basic animal should look like one described in the story...It looks like one in the olden days video games even the jaws first version shark was better looking like one... Oh my god don't even try to watch this awful movie ...waste of time .....acting is poor ...... Comedy , poor computer graphics croc...will make you get out of the movie right after first 10 minutes of the movie.....

Not worthy for your time ..... I would give only 1 on 10 for wasting viewers time ...
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Not the original Lake Placid but watchable.
thegene-221 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First let me say that I would give the first Lake Placid move a 9 for what it is. I give ratings based on what I believe the intent of the movie is and thus it is easier for me to give a 9 on a movie that is fairly good but not intended to be a block buster, and a lot harder to give a 9 on one that is intended to be a block buster but falls short. I also take into consideration if it is made for TV, and a number of other factors. And as we all know, many movies in the past that are made for the original SCI-FI Channel were very low grade. Of late, I feel that many of the ones being made are a lot better. I was really hoping that this one would be one of them and I will say that a lot of the move was – yet too many parts of the movie were not. And it seems to be carried through in all aspects of the movie. It is almost like there were two different groups working on the movie. The first group, a fairly knowledgeable group, and the second group, not so knowledgably.

The acting had parts that were very reminiscent of the first Lake Placid. And yet other parts were at times, a little out of place, a little too much, and little over the top, a little like beginners practicing for a part and so on.

The special effects. I would give some of them a grade of B plus to A minus. Others would get a C minus to a D.

The script was very good in certain parts, and to be kind, I will say not so good in other parts.

The characters were a mix that seemed to be one way one minute and another way the next. It is hard to describe but it seemed like for many of the main characters, they were in one move acting one way and then in a different movie acting another way. Though not as bad as this, I would compare it to a person being a though guy one minute and a meek guy the next.

This could have been one of SCI-FI Channels top of the list movies but it's not. I did watch it all, but often felt I was on a race car moving fast one minute and slow the next. The scenes jumped around to where you did not get a good feeling of flow or natural movement.

The movie had a great start. Some would not like it but it does grab your attention, and what you first think might be going to happen, doesn't and you get a whole new perspective to things.

I feel the biggest problem the movie had was that many of the characters for the most part seem to develop in the story fairly well, but then are jerked out of the story. I am not sure why the director/writer did this as it distracted me a lot.

There are parts that will seem to not make sense and at the end, you start to have a number of questions come up in your mind that will not be answered. You also feel during the film that you do not know why a character did this or that.

I will say that the scenery was excellent. Not sure where the movie was made but I have no complaints about that.

If I gave details around a lot of items noted above, it would take away too much from one watching the film and it is worth watching once. I have watched the original Lake Placid a number of times and will most likely watch it a number more as it is just that kind of movie. However, this one, I will most likely not watch again.

And I don't want to give away the ending but I will say that most will not like the ending as it is somewhat of a jumble and seems to not fit will with any of the good parts of the movie and even less with the not so good parts.

I give the move a 5 because there are a number of good parts, but it could have been so much more.
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As Bad As They Get
Michael_Elliott29 October 2010
Lake Placid 3 (2010)

* (out of 4)

The first two films in the series certainly weren't anything to write home about but at least they were cheap "B" movie fun. This one here managed to break into the mainstream press after it became the highest watched movie on the Sy-Fy channel but I'm really not sure what that says about those viewing. In this third installment we return to the lake where a new game warden (Colin Ferguson) takes over the house where the old ladies were feeding the crocs earlier. It turns out that his son starts feeding the baby crocodiles who grow into very big crocs and start eating people. Soon the family finds themselves trapped and having to fight them off. Again, there's no question that the first two films aren't going to make you forget the work of Martin Scorsese but at least they were entertaining, which, sadly, this third film isn't. Like countless other "nature" flicks from this channel, we're given very bad CGI monsters that look about as real as those things seen in MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS. Some might overlook this issue but I think it's very important that you can believe the monster in a film because if you don't then it's very hard to be scared by anything you're seeing. The movie doesn't have a single scene that makes you feel any tension and that's not good for something like this. The CGI is extremely poorly done as the crocs are so fake looking that you can never take them serious. It seems as if they change sizes and forms from one scene to the next and most of the time they appear very blurry for some reason. Another major problem is the screenplay itself, which offers up nothing new and we're not even given any characters that we can care about. The kid in the film is so stupid that you can't help but want to see him eaten early on and his mother isn't much better. I will admit that I thought Ferguson did a nice job in his role but he's not given much to do either. LAKE PLACID 3 was a hit so I'm sure another film will be on its way. It's a shame so many people watched something so cheap when there are many better movies out there.
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Why a 5?
wade_rollins4 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I give the movie a 5, simply because of acting and the storyline. The acting is very well done. The special effects are what detracts from the overall experience, however, there are small occasions where they are decent, nothing Mr. Spielberg or J.J. Abrams would have though.

All the women in the movie are easy on the eyes. Me, personally, I have always had a thing for Yancy Butler, something about those eyes, they are so captivating.

A spoiler follows: It is left open at the end for a Lake Placid 4, so, hopefully someone will re-vamp it and throw more money to it to get it to rate a 7(or higher) in my book.
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Oh dear, Roxanne what were you thinking
johncfc286 September 2010
I saw a write up about Roxanne Pallet (Girl at the start) being in the film and she is a babe so thought hey give it a go. From the moment she was stupid enough to go back into the water after seeing two crocs take her boyfriend i knew it would be downhill. It has to be one of the worst films this year, certain films shouldn't have sequels, Jaws was passable at number two but no more and Lake Placid should have stayed at just the one. Its difficult due to the all round poor plot, acting and dialogue to pin point certain scenes but if you get this DVD in your stocking or unwrap it as a present then i would consider what you have done to offend the giver.
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Enormously cheesy and entertaining Sci-Fi Channel effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder12 June 2015
When a series of strange disappearances has him concerned, a local wildlife officer finds that they are the cause of a group of monstrous crocodiles his son has found and kept for years, and must save the locals in the area from the savage animals.

For the most part this one was quite an exciting and enjoyable effort. One of the more impressive features here is the fact that this one goes for the most action in the whole series, which manages to get plenty of impressive scenes that come with the standard situations found in these films. The opening attack is quite suspenseful with the growling interrupting the sex before the brutal water attacks, the first encounter with the adult crocs in the forest, a later scene where the crocs approach the house while he's with a babysitter and the numerous amounts of attacks on the water all come off nicely enough, yet there's even more to like here from the longer action scenes. The ambush on the campers in the woods, from it stalking the girls before attacking and leading to the water ambush during their escape as it flips the boat and begins chomping on them for a great sequence, the sheriff having a tense encounter underwater with one and the first highlight battle in the escape attempt from the house which has the action from the race to get the car started while the crocs attack leading to all sorts of fun trying to get them out, a final house assault with the trapped residents holding off the creatures and finally using some ingenuity to escape all come off as extended, thrilling action scenes. Still, the finale in the supermarket is the best with a lot of successful barricading, lots of action as they chase the group throughout the aisles and force plenty of enjoyable times going after the group which is where this all score as the action rather nicely for a spectacular finale which has a lot to like. As well, there's plenty of great kills and a unique plot that evokes a lot of the original's storyline which really helps overcome the few flaws here. One of the only ones in here is the few questionable parts of the story that don't make much sense. That they're considered bad parents by the majority of the townspeople seems a little excessive considering their reputation and really makes no sense to be included, and the storyline about having gone for several years without even telling their parents about the creatures right outside their house makes no sense for the kids come off incredibly bad over that fact. The other flaw here is the rather lame CGI, as this run afoul of all the usual flaws with that as they range from shoddy, pixilated execution to barely fitting in with the rest of the action and changing sizes constantly. Otherwise, this was a highly enjoyable offering with a lot to like about it.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity and Language.
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Nightmare Visions of Savagery
jlthornb5125 April 2015
Colin Fergusson gives a superb performance in director G.E. Furst's exciting entry in the Lake Placid saga. Yancy Butler and dependable Michael Ironside provide strong support with Butler giving the proceedings some much needed comedy relief. However, the light hearted moments are overshadowed by the dark, gritty horror of the giant alligator attacks that threaten to destroy all life. The shocks are unrelenting and the suspense builds to a shattering climax that is almost more than can be endured. The script is intelligent and fast paced and the images of the crocodiles in all their horrific ferocity are nothing less than haunting. This is a film that will cause many second thoughts before anyone swims in a lake again. Hi octane thrills from start to finish and Fergusson has never been better.
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Poor story, poor acting and very bad special effects
membermq6 April 2013
I enjoyed Lake Placid 1. The first sequel was quite bad and I would have expected the third attempt of this series to be much better with all the special effect arsenal at disposal.

What a disappointment. The story is terrible, the acting is under par and the special effects are the worse I have ever seen. The reptiles are so unreal. You can see through because the special effect is so bad. The story line makes no sense. The actors are just beginners and I would have never chosen them at all. In fact, if I had been the producer, I would have cut all cost after watching the first 5 minutes of this appalling piece of acting.

What a waste of time this movie is. If there was possible to put a 0 star, this would have been my choice.
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Cheer for the crocodiles!
waitress819 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is so bad that the longer it goes the more you want the crocodiles to eat everyone. The best part of the character development is you want them all to die before it ends. The Yancy, great white hunter, babe had some good lines. Maybe they should have let her live and make her the focus of Lake Placid 4. Given a few more good lines and you may want her to win. Too much walking around and bouncing off of trees. If it was filmed in the real Aroostook County the actors could have run through a potato field, had a few lumberjacks drop trees or use real chain saws to cut up a few beasts or best of all run one through a saw mill. The writer may want to spend more time on the parts of the movie cut from the SciFi channel version in his next effort or at least let actors have some intelligent lines.
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The subtlety the pathos
TepesTheImpaler24 January 2019
The sincerity and the skill

At least that is how I remember the corporate logo at the end of the credits.

The previous endless drivel would make an amateur YouTube video look like an Oscar winner.

Would a class action law suit be successful to compensate for the bit of life I lost?
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Okee What did I watch
mjmvanandel19 October 2018
Wish I could rate it 0. Wtf. Horrible, just horrible. Bad achting, bad Graphics, bad everything.
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More of the same, but at least Ironside's in it
Leofwine_draca5 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
LAKE PLACID 3 is the third in the long-running series of disappointing creature features about B-movie actors getting munched on by crocodiles. The ones in this film vary in size and distribution, but they always end up biting down on badly-acting cast members in various cheesy interludes. I actually found this a little more enjoyable than others in the series, purely because it features the great Michael Ironside doing his thing as the town sheriff. Other notable cast members include HARD TARGET's Yancy Butler (who now has the worst voice in the world) and, for British TV viewers, Roxanne Pallett, of EMMERDALE fame. This was her breakout Hollywood role, but it merely involves her stripping naked for the opening sequence and quickly dying. Speaking of nudity, the unrated version features a rather large amount of it, more so than the bloodshed, so it's obvious the market being aimed at. Otherwise expect the usual trite dialogue and bad CGI.
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nogodnomasters16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Try not to think to hard about the impossibilities of cold blooded prehistoric crocodiles not having to bask long hours in the sun. Don't think about the young boy who has fed these same crocs for TWO years without anyone noticing any crocodiles anywhere. Nor think about the giant crocs knowledge of household layouts or their ability to quickly move and navigate through dense woods. The monster size crocs look like they are made of rubber.

The movie has a couple with a son move into a home when grandma dies. Grandma kept a chainsaw in the refrigerator. On the first day, the son finds the crocs and feeds them as pets, careful not to get too close. Unlike adults, boats, and automobiles, the crocs don't attack him. Dad is a wildlife ranger and mom is a Realtor. There is a sheriff who claims there are no crocs. The lake has been searched with sonar. The are four college kids out camping/ swimming on the lake. There is also a woman who is a guide for poaching elk who takes out a party which include one college kid searching for his girlfriend who is part of the said four. The story is simple. You could probably guess most of it by now and the only real question is who lives and who dies.

The movie includes the standard 1980's three gratuitous nude scenes, including one early full frontal in the unrated version. One sex scene. PLOT SPOILER: The babysitter keeps her clothes on.
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A third trip to Lake Placid.
michaelRokeefe11 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Intentions were to be the best of the Trilogy. Griff Furst directs this third visit to Lake Placid, Main; where the crocodiles are known for chomping. Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) is a game warden that relocates his family. Local Sheriff Tony Willinger (Michael Ironside) tries his best to convince everyone that the days of killer crocs are buried in the past. But his son, desperate for a pet, finds baby crocodiles and feeds them until they can satisfy their own growing appetites. The lake and surrounding forest will no longer be safe.

The script is cheesy and the CGI is more or less than mediocre. The plot is the same as the previous two flicks. There is eye candy you can't ignore. And more fun than fright.

Yancy Butler steals the show as the hunting guide. Rounding out the cast: Kristy Mitchell, Mark Evans, James Marchant, Bianca Ilich, Roxanne Pallett, Brian Landon and Kacey Barnfield.
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Way better than 2, but still not very good
Samiam37 November 2010
What could possibly be worse than Lake Placid 2? Welll oddly enough, not Lake Placid 3.

The makers of this picture deserve a little credit I suppose for attempting something more ambitious than ripping off the first as blatantly as the previous entry did. The jokes are better, and the performance quality though still highly unprofessional, is far less wooden.

Whereas Lake Placid 2 doesn't try at all, this one, it can be argued, tries too hard. It feels cumbersome and overlong, with too many faces and too many badly directed action/attack sequences. The embarrassingly plastic quality of the CG crocs is not remotely good enough to warrant the use of so many wide shots, where actors get dragged by the leg with cables, to be swapped in the editing room for a pair of reptilian jaws. The two come together like peanut butter and sauerkraut.

Lake Placid 3, could pass for watchable, unlike the last one, but the fact remains that it's still an amateurish product. This is the kind of movie that the original Lake Placid enjoys making fun of.
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'Lake Placid 4', anybody? Please, gimme. I'll watch it.
Vomitron_G11 July 2011
Silly second sequel to Steve Miner's original from 1999, this time about over-sized CGI-crocodiles eating a bunch of topless women with Michael Ironside, Colin Ferguson and a hard-boiled Yancy Butler out to slay the beasts. They're not really successful at this, resulting in a lot of casualties. The film's pretty much so dumb it becomes fun. Almost thankfully, it takes itself less serious than the previous installment, 'Lake Placid 2' (2007). The opening-scene of 'Lake Placid 3' features full frontal female nudity and sex on a muddy beach that ends in a croc-munching death of the couple. At least somebody knew what kind of film they were making.
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