Halloween (2018) Poster

(I) (2018)

Jamie Lee Curtis: Laurie Strode



  • Laurie Strode : He's waited for this night... he's waited for me... I've waited for him...

  • Laurie Strode : Happy Halloween, Michael.

  • Laurie Strode : Do you know that I prayed every night that he would escape?

    Hawkins : What the hell did you do that for?

    Laurie Strode : So I can kill him.

  • Laurie Strode : I always knew he'd come back. In this town, Michael Myers is a myth. He's the Boogeyman. A ghost story to scare kids. But this Boogeyman is real. An evil like his never stops, it just grows older. Darker. More determined. Forty years ago, he came to my home to kill. He killed my friends, and now he's back to finish what he started, with me. The one person who's ready to stop him.

  • Laurie Strode : You don't believe in the Boogeyman?

    Martin : I believe in Michael Myers, a deranged serial killer, but the Boogeyman? No.

    Laurie Strode : Well, you should.

  • Laurie Strode : He is a killer. But he will be killed tonight.

  • Laurie Strode : I need to protect my family. You have no security system, Karen.

    Karen Strode : Mom, you need help!

    Laurie Strode : Evil is real.

  • Laurie Strode : The bus crashed.

    Hawkins : Michael Myers escaped.

    Martin : He returned to Haddonfield. His home.

  • Laurie Strode : Michael Myers killed 5 people. And he's a human being, we need to understand. I'm twice divorced, and I'm a basket case.

  • Laurie Strode : Stay here. I've got to finish this.

  • Laurie Strode : Why are you all just standing here? Do something, dammit!

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