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  • When the Sydney murder weapon, buried by David, is found at a construction site, Detective Rodriguez examines the blood on it and finds out that it is Auggie's blood. Rodriguez and the police search Auggie's apartment only to find him gone in the aftermath of him getting fired from Coal. Riley is conflicted about whether to help the police, but Jonah pushes her to make a call as she knows where Auggie is staying. Meanwhile, a work incident causes Jonah to pretend he's engaged to Ella who really gets into the role playing. David arranges a secret play date with his little half-brother Noah. But after the little boy hurts himself, Lauren must come to David's rescue and risk the wrath of Dr. Michael Mancini.

  • The police come for Auggie, but he's not to be found. Riley questions her loyalty to the fugitive, with Jonah egging her on to report his whereabouts to the investigators. To get an amorous German director off Ella's back, Jonah pretends to be her fiance, living out Ella's thwarted longing, up to the point where she invites him to go exploring.... David plays big brother and Noah gets injured, and nurse Lauren has to deal with this while precariously balancing her secret life.


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  • Lady of the night Lauren ([Eastern-featured olive-skinned raven-haired Stephany Jacobsen), seductive down to her painted toenails, but ice-cold as can be, wakes up next to yet another punter. She excuses herself, the guy only paid for two hours, and time's up, but the mook offers her $1000 to stay till morning. Business-minded Lauren accepts mercenary style.

    Former close couple Jonah and Riley now lie in bed coldly facing opposite directions.

    Violet pensively looks at a subpoena she received to appear in court on charges relating to having resisted arrest.

    Next morning, Riley tells Jonah she doesn't like the way their relationship is heading, having kissed other people. Jonah's suggestion entails taking some time apart, while hers is the exact opposite, spending time together somewhere quiet. Before they can figure it out, a ruckus breaks out, with the police banging on Auggie's door., but he cannot be found. They have retrieved the murder weapon, and both Sydney's and Auggie's blood are on it. Riley, his friend, is aghast.

    Lauren arrives back at Melrose Place, and Ella passes a knowing comment about the night nurse having made many people feeling better, but Lauren convincingly regales her with an account of a hectic night at the hospital, mentioning that she has only 90 minutes of sleep before the next shift. Burning the candle at both ends, Lauren!

    Caleb wants Ella (alluring hot blonde Katie Cassidy) to lure German meister film director Franz Keppler into the WPK fold, and has set up a lunch meeting. She is dressed in a lime-green creation that has a slight cowl and an alluring back-slash, paired with matching sling-back high heels. Ella knows nothing about the guy's work, and says she's not into anything German, but (gay, therefore unswayed by her charms) Caleb's growing annoyance with her inspires her to announce that she is sure to land the deal.

    David watches as Michael and his trophy wife drive off going their separate ways for the day, then approaches the Mexican nanny, and gets to sneak away with Noah, despite her misgivings. He assures her nothing will happen, and tells Noah he is in for a surprise.

    Despite Riley's protests, Jonah thinks Auggie is guilty. Comes to light that Riley knows he is on a surfing trip. Jonah warns her that she is aiding and abetting a fugitive. Just then he receives an e-mail from Ella, he is needed at WPK.

    Ella wants Jonah to help her out with Franz in the guise that he is a publicist as well. Jonah is only too thrilled about the prospect of meeting the European filmmaker. He informs her about developments back home, and she is secretly relieved that Auggie is now the prime suspect.

    Michael quizzes the medical students, and Lauren falls short. He is quite disappointed with her, and reminds her that there are plenty of others who would kill to be in her position. Well, she had very little sleep... Back in his office, he is dismayed to find the video of him having sex with Violet (hot redhead fox Ashlee Simpson) running on his computer. He didn't return her phone calls, and now his blackmailer is here in person, and she demands he should find her a sympathetic lawyer who'd help her with her court case. He tells her to go to hell, but that's exactly where she could take his marriage should the video leak.

    Franz Keppler is instantly much taken with the pretty American lady. And tries coming on to her. Jonah fawns over his work, but the Bavarian film-maker has eyes only for the blonde beauty. Only one way to get him off his amorous advances on her. Jonah feigns being her fiancé. Ella becomes all lovey-dovey, she and Jnah even rub noses! Franz apologizes, and backs off. All this affection? We all have seen her pining for him.

    Exasperated with the police desperately fingering a suspect, Riley and Violet both believe Auggie to be innocent. Asked whether Auggie had behaved differently, Violet tells of the fight Auggie had with Marcello at Coal. Riley is obviously thrown when she learns that Violet had been intimate with Auggie last night.

    Their day at the carnival turns sour for David when Noah falls down when clambering after a prize. He phoned Lauren and rushed the kid off to hospital. Now he learns about a possible concussion, and Michael is to be notified. Lauren arranges a CT scan.

    Violet leaves a message for Auggie on his cellphone. Michael has found a presiding Judge who could be very lenient with her, but he uses this power to gain control over her, and she agrees to (apparently) delete the incriminating video from her cellphone. I don't think she actually did, do you?

    Franz is very impressed with the young 'couple', they are enough to inspire him to do a romantic comedy. They even kiss. Ella thinks Jonah is living out what he has always dreamed about, after all, he should know she didn't need any help. She suggests booking a hotel room. But Jonah isn't at all uncertain about his engagement, he wants only Riley. Dismayed. Ella loses out.

    Riley IMs Auggie and learns that he is in Mexico. Auggie texts that he has messed up his life. Riley contemplates contacting Detective Rodriguez.

    Lauren informs David that Noah will be okay. Michael and Vanessa are furious with him. "I wanted to be a brother!" he protests, but next time, Michael warns, he will press charges. Michael commends Lauren for doing her job well.

    Jonah finds Riley with her cellphone in her hands, and she admits to the Instant Messaging. While she believes in Auggie, she is worried about the nature of his text, and isn't sure whether he hurt anybody. She contacts the police. Supportively, Jonah holds her hand as the call goes through.

    Caleb informs Ella that Franz Keppler is on board with them. He liked Jonah, so Caleb is impressed with her choice of boyfriend. But he isn't her boyfriend. Caleb says he must want to be. Ella insists that Jonah is not her type, turns her back, and walks away, but her expression is one of sad loss.

    In the swimming pool, Violet (who shows why bikinis are major inventions) asks Lauren (long legs stretched out as she drifts dreamily on the LiLo) if she and Ella would consider having another roommate as her financial situation is tough. Lauren seriously doubts that Ella would be keen on sharing a bathroom with one more person. Violet accepts this, another plan will just have to be made. Ella informs Lauren and David re Auggie being the suspect in Sydney's murder. They are flabbergasted to hear this. Michael arrives poolside, and calls David aside. He appreciates that David tried being a brother to Noah. Ella, apologizing, confides to Jonah that she must have had too much to drink, that always makes her sexually adventurous....

    David thanks Lauren. He is going to try living up to her standards. No way does he want to continue with his illegal activities, for he doesn't want to go through such a shame again as that day she caught him robbing a house. Kissing Lauren, however, backfires, as intimacy now confuses her, bringing up memories of prostitution. She tells him she isn't up to a relationship, and they part ways.

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