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Slice of life
prittpen4 September 2011
This movie has no clearly defined narrative, no conclusion, no beginning and no end. It's just a 90-minute tour of a city that's falling apart through the eyes of a group of skateboarders. As their streets, culture, families and means of survival rapidly decay due to exposure to post-Yugoslavian corrupted capitalism and privatization they learn (not) to cope with the seemingly mundane problems of first love, going to college and not knowing what to do with their lives. The movie is made of little symptomatic details and seemingly pointless stunts, woven into a loose- threaded fabric. All against a stunning background of Bor and its surroundings.

Maybe I am subjective and the movie means so much more to me cause I can identify with the kids. I live in a neighboring country with a neighboring language and neighboring problems, and these kids might as well be my neighbors. It's sad, but that's okay. You get used to it.
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Small story, great acting
Marko-Kraljevic10 February 2011
The best thing about this movie is that all the actors are real people, from a real city and their personal life stories to tell. Don't expect some complicated plot, its a story about 19y old kids living, driving skateboard and doing nothing meaningful in a former communist planned copper mine city, witch now slowly decays. The cinematography is beautiful, giving the movie a distinct flavor that i liked very much. Acting is excellent and realistic, much better than that of many Serbian 'real' actors, with a big dose of humor as well. Overall its a universal movie about today's youth and their problems growing up that everyone will understand.
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Masterpiece social critique, portraying deprived youth living amidst transition
milosxlazic28 March 2017
Throughout the film, the self-destructive behavior of young punks playing the leading roles doesn't have a purpose or a goal as making a cool video clips or proving themselves to each other, but rather is a manifestation of the ongoing deprivation and failure to identify one-selves within the systems in which they are raised. The reason to this self-destruction becomes obvious upon later moments in the film, when their lives collide with an actual system.

The protests organized besides the main plot at the beginning may seem as an aesthetic addition to the dystopian atmosphere, while afterwards it becomes clear that the protests of their parents very logically intermingle their self-destructive behavior, even though none of the two might realize the connection.

The catharsic moment for me was entrance to the supermarket of a crew of skateboarders that accidentally found themselves in a passing-by protest, randomly knocking over things from the shelves, seemingly goalleslly destroying and consuming all found in their ways. This is obviously to symbolize the opposition towards the way the system is heading trying to organize and make orderly their lives, which outside the supermarket, or the employment bureau for that matter, are nothing like the capitalistic comfort these institutions promise.

The following scene happens in a room that has a dead-end street sign on the wall, an eye-candy additional to the preceeding scene, where the conversation is held between the friends, out of which one stole some oranges from the store being trashed, the act that the other denoted as unnecessary. The act of trashing the supermarket thus wasn't the act aiming to make any real damage to the actual store owner or chain, but it was rather a symbolic act against the seemingly orderly system that is being imposed, but failing to provide anything that would even cover over the initial lack. To prove his point, one of the two leaves the room and crashes the car of a friend who opposed the first at being so harsh against stealing the oranges.

To make a conclusion, all the acts in the film might seem completely disorderly, random, chaotic and very lifelike, but if one starts identifying and analyzing rather than enjoying the images for themselves, one might also realize the majestic connections and artistically great comments on societal, economical and financial situation among youth in a transitional country like Serbia, and the way the current situation might affect their lives and development.
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miljkovic-luka20 March 2011
First of all i liked this movie very much,acting is far better then what i got used to see in Serbian production movies in last 5 or even 10 years. Most of our top star actors wouldn't be able to play even themselves with so much ease, unlike these "kids". This movie is definitely not for people who depend on The Rules Of Making A Movie,or the The Rules Of Acting. If you are free living person,without any complexes,i am glad to say you will be very satisfied after seeing this movie.Probably you will wait for something that you can predict,and i am glad to say none of those things in here. But if you like rules....then just wait for green light and pass around this street.
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9/10 film about contemporary youth
frlecia4 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
it's a great movie about youth. period.

if you insist in reading further, id say there is a very interesting play with video interfaces and focus on sociotechonological transitions. it's a film about boredom, without being boring, and youth without being coming of age, just passing through their lives and struggles, perhaps a 'fight club' jr. the director managed to grasp in a picture the ethics and surroundings of youth movements, like the skater lifestyle, which is really hard, so congrats for doing it in a not canned and fake style. i think it does show an honest picture of our youth's reality.

it's full of critics, if you think for a moment you see this. i read in another review someone complaining about the love relationships (spoiler), but the lack of immersing the film in this shows not only a different approach, but also a real difficulty of the youngsters getting into love affairs. also the apathy, self-destruction or sadomasochism, the different perception of crimes and political life, if you want to think about this you can, i believe the movie was edited for this.

my score: 9 out of 10, 1 point is taken for not displaying more fully the social interactions (not only love affairs, friendships and family are covered, but there could be more depth in the contrasting "life conceptions" and less hit and run), but many were given for being able to show in a realistic way a lifestyle very uncommon for many people, and the beauty of such a lazy, or bum's life
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"Jackass", Serbian style...
buiger13 April 2013
"Jackass", Serbian style... I know that the above statement may seem overly simplistic, but I do believe that notwithstanding all the accolades, this film is nothing more than that (and I didn't like 'Jackass'). This is basically a documentary of the 'lives' (or better put 'non- lives') of a group of emotionally handicapped and stranded youths living deep in the Serbian province. It is however also a senseless peace of work about senseless things, a movie that condones a nihilistic view of life and a lifestyle that is absolutely destructive for our young generation.

This is a classical 'pseudo-art' film in my view, of the type that is often praised by critics even though most of them will not be able to tell you why. I have no idea why anybody would want to watch this movie, and I also don't understand how (and for what) it can be enjoyed. Call me basic and unsophisticated, but there you are.
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Not boring on average, but lack of promised drama left me confused and disappointed
JvH481 February 2011
I must admit being confused about this film. I was certainly not bored during its 102 minutes, but I was expecting some real contents, for instance the dramatic developments mentioned in the film announcement.

The young characters in the film acted believably and consistently, which may not come as a surprise as many of them were playing themselves. Similarly, the various landscapes and especially the skating "facilities" were beautiful. That alone makes this movie worth seeing.

But that is where my positive experiences end. The promised "two boys around one girl" drama fell short. It was hardly noticeable, only a little bit near the end (what did I miss?). Further, the coming painful separation due to some moving to university and others staying behind, could only be deduced from the synopsis, and was not a visible element in the movie. This is just logical, in my opinion, since these pains are bound to be felt half a year later, when people discover they are growing apart, and that contacts are doomed to falter, despite earlier vows to never let that happen.

All in all, I'm surprised to read that this film won several prizes. I obviously must have overlooked an important piece of the puzzle. For instance, the purpose of the subdivision in four parts was puzzling, as I saw no essential scene changes or other markings that something different was coming up.

I saw the 1st screening (out of 4) at the Rotterdam filmfestival 2011. The number of attendants at that time was unusually low (75 max), and around 1/3 left half way. As said, I was not bored. Hence I had no reason to leave prematurely, vaguely hoping that something essential had been saved to the end. If it was there, I missed it.
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Terribly boring movie with some amazing landscapes
prevodnenad2 February 2011
The long-awaited film in Serbia, particularly in the city of Bor where it was shot, continues to torment me, even ten days after it had its premiere. My first impression which I immediately shared on Facebook with my friends after viewing were: God d**n it .. What a bl**dy disappointment! My thoughts are a bit calmer after these ten days, and hopefully, more objective.

Let me explain first why I experienced the film as a disappointment, not just a personal disappointment because of bad movie (which cost me about two hours of life and many, many nerves), but also as a disappointment of a director that I personally know, since we are, by chance, former neighbors and former classmates, and a disappointment for a town I live in.

The film is most terribly and painfully boring, and I think that there cannot be any dispute of that, whatever are the other qualities or flaws that film may possess. The plot of a movie is virtually non-existent, so the "Tilva Roš" can be called as „movie" only in a abstract and general sense, as a set of loosely connected images and scenes.

Now to present (unfortunately the only) virtue of this film. Images that I mentioned, were beautiful in some moments! The film was shot on surreal locations of surface copper mine, which, by its colors and texture, extracted the movie from the complete disaster that hanged over it during all ninety minutes.

The second critical flaw is acting, that is, more precise, technical and semantic (un)quality of verbal discussions and body language of its main characters. None of the „naturščik" teenagers of course, were expected to shine in this regard, but I was personally expecting at least to understand what they talked about?! (I mean, what's the point if people can not even understand what they're talking about ?!) Unfortunately, most of the movie is lost in some background noise, a quick burst of attempted sentences and a parody of Eastern Serbia dialect. The main characters are irritating and bl**dy stupid, and the only characters from the film with which I was able to establish any relationship were minor, mostly negative characters, which, paradoxically, 'cause of extremely poor performance of the main characters, turned positive!

The third essential aspect of movie which failed to develop is the point of the movie. idea. I mean, aren't they supposed to tell us something on the end? The only thing the film shows is the absolute idiocy and disorientation of a generation of teenagers who do not know what to do with their life. Yes, I agree, the country is fuc*ed up, the town of Bor is fuc*ed up, but these characters would be lost and ruined even if they were born on the virgin green fields of Switzerland!

Rating 3 (out of 10) is knowingly exaggerated because of my love for the hometown and national cinema in general. Great pity for the young director and his, with undeserved euphoria shrouded, firstborn ... We can only hope that his next film would offer little bit more sense.
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great debut, otherwise a good documentary drama
dragokin29 April 2013
As a debut for Nikola Lezaic, Tilva Ros is an excellent movie. But if you're watching it without any previous knowledge, it is a decent documentary drama, hailed by critics as the best Serbian movie in years. Although Serbian cinematography has been struggling for a while now, the accolades might pitch your expectations too high.

The main quality of Tilva Ros is that it's been made by a movie buff filming a bunch of kids supported by a couple of professional actors. Visually it offers more than many high-budget dramas, which is a pleasant surprise for a movie debut. The soundtrack blends in perfectly with a run down industrial town, making the setting rather universal.

Unfortunately, the main characters don't have the training to deliver deeper impressions, they are merely playing themselves. Also, the plot is vague, making the movie almost a documentary. There is a strong reference to MTV Jackass, towards which i feel frank hostility, but the latter is a subjective impression.

Whether you like it or not, Tilva Ros is movie making for dummies and is a challenge even to some well established authors.
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