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Season 2

15 May 2017
Monisha Ki Mannat
The Sarabhais are back and stuck in a bus, thanks to a sticky situation Monisha has got them into. So what exactly happened to the family in these seven years and will Rosesh's heart go 'beat beat' with the entry of Jasmine Mavani?
22 May 2017
Monisha Ki Mannat - 2
The Sarabhais reach Matkadhar Baba's samadhi and what follows is a chain of crazy things. Whoopie, Rosesh can now finally marry Jasmine but will Maya let him?
29 May 2017
Rosesh Gets Married?
The mannat is fulfilled and Rosesh is all set to marry Jasmine.
5 Jun. 2017
Papa Don't Preach, Says Sahil!
If news of Rosesh becoming a 'father' is making Maya have a nervous breakdown, Indu's 'interfering' ways are making Sahil see red.
12 Jun. 2017
Indu's Antics
Sahil states that Indu is a bad influence on Arnab. Indu wants to prove that he is more than just a 'spoilt brat'. Will hosting an exhibition of antiques help?
19 Jun. 2017
Man of the Hour, Kachcha Kela
Indu and Maya Finally set the exhibition of antiques. Then Kachcha Kela came with his new Poem. During the exhibition Dushyant notice something about Kachcha Kela and start to blaming him for stealing. Is he innocent or really a thief?
26 Jun. 2017
Jasmine, Maya Lock Horns!
Sahil and Indu patch up. Meanwhile, Maya decides to leave the house. And that's not all, her nemesis Jasmine Mavani throws a challenge at her, khot nath kehti.
3 Jul. 2017
Maya Sarabhai vs Sahil Sarabhai
There are very bad comments for Maya written on the chits. Maya finds out it was Sahil as the chits were printed from his tablet. However, Maya finds out that it was Rosesh who had written about Maya.
10 Jul. 2017
Bahu Machhar Beta Khachhar
Rosesh finally bags a big serial but can he impress his director? Meanwhile, Maya shows off some serious acting chops.
17 Jul. 2017
Monisha-Sahil, Divorced?
'Rosla' moves in with Jasmine. Arnab goes missing and Maya's wish seems to have finally come true.

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