"The Venture Bros." Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel (TV Episode 2009) Poster


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Hank Venture: [runs up and hugs Brock, who is in a S.P.H.I.N.X. uniform] Why are you here? Why are you wearing that? Why didn't you say goodbye to me? Why didn't you...

Brock Samson: Hank, Hank! Listen, buddy. You have to trust me. You can't tell anybody we were here, this is our little secret.

Hank Venture: Why did you leave me?

Brock Samson: Hank, I'll never leave you. But right now these guys need me a little more. You can share me, Hank, can't you? I mean, look how big you've gotten! I can barely get my hands around these shoulders!

Sergeant Hatred: [Offscreen, coming up the hill] Hank! Hank!

Hank Venture: I'm over here! It's okay, I'm with-

[Turns to find Brock gone]

Sergeant Hatred: [Picks up the knife Brock used to kill the Hitler dog] Hank, did you kill Hitler?

Hank Venture: No, it was... it was an angel.

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