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Rizzoli & Isles Fifth Season DVD Release Hits June 9th

Rizzoli & Isles has been around for five seasons, and the 18-episode release of the latest season is headed your way. It hits June 9th, and has some interesting bonus features.

The show has had some ups and downs, with some episodes feeling decidedly clunky, but it hasn’t hurt the ratings, and the show has become the hit of TNT.

The release puts this one in your hand in time for the sixth season premiere, in case you need to do any catching up and/or revisiting.

Check out all the info below, and make sure to pick up your copy.

Four-Disc Set Includes All 18 Episodes from the Show’s Fifth Season

Plus Never-Before-Seen Bonus Material

Get set for another exciting season of the chartbusting, suspenseful hit cable series Rizzoli & Isles, with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s (Wbhe) release of Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Fifth Season, available June 9, 2015. Angie Harmon
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The Problems with "Rushlights" are Blinding

When a film has a really implausible story, it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not they’re willing to accept the theoretical reality the film wants to assert and go along for the ride. We do this all the time for Sci-Fi and fantasy flicks, and occasionally we forgive the hiccup in a drama or action flick. With Antoni Stutz’s Rushlights, even if you give it the average amount of suspension of disbelief it still stumbles right off the starting block from its own poorly thought out premise. That it tries to spin that initial flawed premise into a twisted tale of deceit of and double-dealings just serves to completely wear out the viewer’s patience for the narrative’s inept construction and tempt them to shut it off altogether.

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Rushlights thrills on DVD and Blu-ray

Featuring Dallas’ Josh Henderson, the thriller Rushlights has arrived on DVD and Blu-ray from Vertical Entertainment! Along with Henderson, the film features performances from Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, and Haley Webb. It was directed by Antoni Stutz. The film sees Henderson in the role of Billy and Webb as Sarah, two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles who travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend's inheritance. Once there, the two teens wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal when confronted with the twisted and bizarre underworld of Tremo, Texas. Check out the trailer from the film:
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Rushlights Movie Review

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Rushlights Movie Review
Title: Rushlights Directed by: Antoni Stutz Starring: Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, Josh Henderson, Haley Webb, Jordan Bridges, Crispian Belfrage Running Time: 96 minutes, Rated R, Available on Blu-ray Special Features: Behind the Scenes featurette Billy has been going to the local diner where Sarah works as a waitress for weeks and finally mustered the courage to ask her out. A week after a passionate tryst, she calls him up out of the blue crying. He goes to her apartment to investigate only to find her almost identical looking roommate Ellen, dead on the couch of an apparent heroin overdose; Sarah is crying in the bedroom. He gathers Sarah’s belongings and [ Read More ]

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New DVD Blu-ray: 'Black Rock,' 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation,' 'The Devil's Backbone'

Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week

"Black Rock"

What's It About? Co-written, directed by, and starring Katie Aselton, "Black Rock" follows three friends on a trip to a remote island. Initially setting out to dig up a time capsule they buried as kids the girls end up fighting for their lives once they meet a group of dangerous ex-soldiers.

Why We're In: Co-written by Aselton's husband Mark Duplass ("Safety Not Guaranteed"), "Black Rock" is a noteworthy survival thriller in the vein of 1972's "Deliverance." Along with Aselton, co-stars Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth give great performances in this film with gripping tension.

Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week

"The Devil's Backbone" Criterion Collection

What's It About? With 2001's "The Devil's Backbone," writer-director Guillermo del Toro declared himself a true master of contemporary horror. Set at the end of the Spanish Civil War, the story follows 12-year-old Carlos (Fernando Tielve) who
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Exclusive: Rushlights 'Shotgun' Clip

Exclusive: Rushlights 'Shotgun' Clip
A valuable lesson in firearm safety can be learned in our exclusive clip from Vertical Entertainment's thriller Rushlights. Josh Henderson and Haley Webb star as Billy and Sarah, two young lovers from L.A. who travel to Texas to con their way into an inheritance. As you can see in this scene, never make out while holding a huge shotgun, because old guns have a tendency to fire when dropped. Take a look as director Antoni Stutz's thriller opens in theaters June 21.

Rushlights - Exclusive "Shotgun"

Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb), two deliquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend's inheritance. The two teens wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal when confronted with the twisted and bizarre underworld of Tremo, TX.

Rushlights was released June 21st, 2013 and stars Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn,
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Antoni Stutz on Rushlights

In Antoni Stutz’s 90′s throwback neo-noir Rushlights, the casual flirtation between a very young, low-rent con-man, Billy (Josh Henderson), and ex-junkie turned lunch-counter waitress Sarah (Haley Webb) quickly grows into a torrid love affair in a tiny Texas hamlet, the type found in thrillers where money and guns often find themselves coming together in dangerous confluence, that bespeaks trouble. When Sarah’s roommate, with whom she has a remarkable resemblance, Od’s on heroin, she’s convinced by her cunning new lover to assume the dead woman’s identity after learning that she’s due to receive a hefty inheritance after the death of a wealthy …
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Rushlights's Moments of Illumination Quashed by Missteps

Rushlights's Moments of Illumination Quashed by Missteps
Film noir is a genre we largely associate with private dicks, feisty dames, and rain-slicked city streets. That is, until somebody decided perspiration was an effective substitute for precipitation, turning sunny locales like Miami or Los Angeles into suitable contemporary settings for these downbeat crime stories. In Rushlights, Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb) are a down-and-out L.A. couple who chance upon what may be history's least advisable make-it-rich scheme. When Sarah's roommate, Ellen, overdoses, they act as any decent human beings would: by hastily packing a bag and getting the hell out of Del Rey (or wherever). While cooling their heels, they discover Billy threw a bunch of Ellen's things in Sarah's bag, including Ellen's driver's license and a letter de...
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Sharon Stone Documentary Femme To Be Distributed By Vision Films

Vision Films, a worldwide distributor of independent films, has announced today that it has picked-up worldwide rights to the inspirational documentary Femme, which is directed by Emmanuel Itier (The Invocation, The Midnight Hour), and executive produced and narrated by Sharon Stone (Casino, Basic Instinct).

Femme features interviews with many internationally recognized speakers including Sharon Stone, Marianne Williamson, Gloria Steinem, Nobel Peace laureates Shirin Ebadi and Maired Maguire, Maria Bello, Angela Davis, Maria Conchita Alonso, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mary Buffett, Rickie Lee Jones, Jean Houston and Dr. Sue Morter. The soundtrack of the film includes music and songs from well-known artists such as Annie Lennox, Yoko Ono and Rickie Lee Jones. Femme, which has played at numerous international film festivals, is currently available for worldwide release. Vision Films will be introducing the documentary for the first time at the upcoming Marché du Film in Cannes.

Femme is a Celebration of Women
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Starz’s ‘Black Sails’, MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Add To Casts

Veteran British actor Mark Ryan has joined Starz’s upcoming series Black Sails, the eight-episode pirate adventure executive produced by Michael Bay that is set 20 years before the events in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Ryan will play Gates, Captain Flint’s (Toby Stephens) right-hand man. Ryan, who has been the on-set presence of the Autobots on all three Transformers movies, is managed by Sandy Oroumieh. Haley Webb is set for a major recurring role on the coming season of MTV’s Teen Wolf. She will play rumored love interest for Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). Webb, repped by Innovative and Principato Young, has completed indies Rushlights and Single In South Beach.
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Exclusive: Terence Bernie Hines Joins Ben Stiller's 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty'

With filming set to begin later this month, Ben Stiller continues to build up the cast to join him the remake of Danny Kaye's 1947 film "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty," and one more name has come on board.

Terence Bernie Hines has joined Stiller and the rest of the strong ensemble which includes Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt, Shirley MacLaine and Kathryn Hahn. This new version of the story will center on a mild-mannered photo manager at Life magazine, who is walked over by nearly everyone in his life, but finds his escape through his daydreams where he can, through imagination, live any kind of life he chooses -- unfortunately, those idle thoughts seem to cause him even more strife than when he's back in reality. Hines's role will find him in the offices of the magazine, playing Gary Manheim, a graphic designer and work buddy of Stiller's character.
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