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A Worthy Successor
Sargebri7 April 2010
Let me start of the reviews by saying that this version of a television classic is a worthy successor to all the versions that have aired in the past. Wayne Brady definitely brings a younger and hipper feel to the show and he is the perfect successor to Monty Hall. What also makes this version great is the chemistry between Brady and Jonathan Mangum. They pretty much have made this a showcase for their improvisational comedy skills and it shows whenever someone gets "zonked" or when they have to deal with some of the crazier contestants that they will get.

This show is definitely a great compliment to "The Price is Right", which it leads into.
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A Successful Revival of a Classic Game Show
hfan7730 April 2010
After two attempts to revive Let's Make a Deal without Monty Hall, the third time turned out to be a charm as CBS revived the show to replace the long running soap opera Guiding Light with Wayne Brady as host. I have seen numerous episodes and to me it's a successful revival of a classic game show since the producers and Hall, who serves as a consultant made the right choice in hiring Brady.

Coming off a stint on Fox's Don't Forget the Lyrics, Brady shows that he is a very competent host, injecting humor, not overpowering the game and having excellent rapport with contestants, which is a good asset for a game show host. He's also one of the few African- American game show hosts who is destined to have a long run. Let's Make a Deal has always been one of the most difficult shows to host and Brady has the ability to do what Bob Hilton and Billy Bush failed to do, build drama and suspense and have a quick wit.

Also added to the show's success is announcer/sidekick Jonathan Mangum. He has outstanding chemistry with Brady the way hall had with Jay Stewart and he also should have an outstanding future ahead of him as a game show announcer. Let's not overlook the show's model Tiffany Coyne.

CBS made the right choice in adding Let's Make a Deal to its daytime lineup, the first new network daytime game show in 15 years and by allowing stations to run it in either the morning or afternoon, it could have the potential to have a long run. And that's no zonk.
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Far From A Zonk!!!!!
Desertman8414 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Let's Make a Deal is a daytime television game show that is based around deals offered to members of the audience,who are wearing a costume,by the host.They normally make a decision by weighing the possibility of an offer for various valuable prizes or an undesirable non-item referred to as "Zonks".The contestant would make a point to wear a crazy and ridiculous costume as a chance of getting picking as a contestant.Wayne Brady acted as the host together with Jonathan Mangum as announcer/assistant,Tiffany Coyne as a model and musician Cat Gray. Beauteous Danielle Demski filled-in for Coyne during her maternity leave.

The show is definitely a delight for it offers a lot of humor.Wayne Brady is definitely an affable host and has great sense of humor which makes the show entertaining.Aside from that,watching different contestant of various personalities makes the show interesting especially when it comes to weighing options on making a deal. So far,so good.After the show has been revived after some years of absence,I assume that it would definitely last a lot longer and a it serves as a great preview to The Price Is Right as it is scheduled after it. Definitely,not a zonk!!!!!!!!!!!
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A superb revival.
BlackJack_B2 October 2010
As someone who loved the many versions of the Monty Hall-helmed "Let's Make A Deal", I was happy to hear about this revival a year ago. While it's not perfect, it's still way better than any other game show on T.V.

I've been a big fan of Wayne Brady for years; I've seen his stage show here in Ottawa. As one of the best improv comics around, he's able to use his myriad talents to fit into any situation his contestants place him in. I know that some purists prefer Monty's no-nonsense car salesman style but what can you do?

Wayne's good friend Jonathan Mangum is the announcer and the two share tremendous chemistry, which helps keep the show entertaining. They have worked together in Las Vegas for several years and put that to good use.

I was never a fan of Alison Fiori as the original door girl; Tiffany Coyne is a huge improvement here. She reminds me of Carol Merrill, the woman who had the same duties when Monty hosted. She's cool.

I especially like watching a game show during The Great Depression 2 and seeing what decisions people are making in regards to deals. It adds something to the show, that honest and unflinching reality we live in.

The only problem I have with Let's Make A Deal is that I'd prefer Wayne to just pick people quickly like Monty did. I don't know why he needs to go all 80's and have music playing while he chooses somebody.

Still, the show is great fun and Monty Hall has a hand in it so it's true to its source. I like some of the games they play and the contestants' crazy antics fit well since they are costumed. I'm glad to see a new season of shows are being aired and I will be enjoying this until May.

I do hope they get to return to Las Vegas, though. It seems to be more Vegas than Los Angeles in regards to atmosphere.
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Good adaption of a game show favorite
dinergirlt24 January 2018
When CBS announced the cancellation of Guiding Light and chose Let's Make A Deal as Guiding Light's replacement show many fans were disappointed at Guiding Light's cancellation but happy to see Let's Make A Deal return in a new version to TV. Although many people think this version of Let's Make A Deal seems like a spin-off of The Price Is Right because it's produced by FremantleMedia and shares Mike Richards as producer CBS has come to air a game show that people of all ages can like and enjoy on TV. When it comes to making deals and bringing joy and laughter to every contestant Wayne Brady is an excellent choice to host the show and delivers fun and excitement as the late Monty Hall did when he was the host of the original version of Let's Make A Deal and the announcer Jonathan Magnum and model Tiffany Coyne make excellent additions to the Let's Make A Deal cast along with Cat Gray who is also part of Wayne Brady's band. The only improvement I would do for Let's Make A Deal in the future is have more trips to U.S. cities be given as prizes to contestants who play rather than trips to South Africa India China England and other countries. But CBS has done an amazing job with Let's Make A Deal and I hope they can continue to keep the spirit of Monty Hall alive with future seasons. I am glad that it's still on the air and hope CBS makes more episodes and less themed episodes as well
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For all the reboots that suck, this one went absolutely perfect
illogic6620 September 2018
I was doubly thrilled when LMAD came back, because not only is it an excellent version of the classic show (everybody in the audience could potentially be a contestant and there is no 'peanut gallery' in the back) but Wayne Brady is a tremendous host who has great chemistry with Jonathan Mangum, Tiffany Coyne and Cat Gray. Together they are one of the best casts of any game show every made.

Ignore the bad reviews; two of them are people who were disappointed with their experience on the show (and two of those are people who were on the show and aren't even reviewing the actual show based on viewing it, so their reviews shouldn't even be here), and the others are just weird stuff about Wayne being racist or whatever, which is ridiculous (how paranoid and angry do you have to be to think the adorable and charming Wayne Brady is frigging racist?). Bottom line: one of the best game shows ever made, with one of the best hosts ever. They got lightning in a bottle twice.
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I like LMAD!!!
HotlikeFire2515 June 2019
Personally I like LMAD I like how Wayne, Jonathan, Cat and Tiffany all get along so well. The negative commenters sound like people who just hate change. Too bad, because change is needed undo the mess from old days, including old people tv.
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Wayne needs better way to call up audiences for Let Make A Deal.
ndoan-5549226 September 2018
Hi Wayne. You are a very good host for Let Make A Deal. I watched your show many times and have felt you focus on African-American audiences a lot. Example of your show in Sept 2018: you called up 4 African-Americans and only 1 white and 1 (possibly) Mexican-American. I do not know why your show does not have the way as same as Price Is Right, by drawing names from audiences instead of calling up by yourself. Hope you have more objective thoughts for your show to audiences. Thanks. Nhon Doan
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Gets more ridiculous every day
susiemohler23 April 2015
The older Let's make a deal was a classy show. This show has gotten to the point of ridiculousness and I now turn the channel - cannot stand the stupidity. Since I'm required to write 10 lines, I'll continue to reiterate how stupid this show is. I do not care to hear Wayne Brady sing - if he wants to be a singer - go do that. The stupid skits they do are an insult to our intelligence. Time to get this show off the air. Too bad because the older version was quite enjoyable. Same with Price is Right. Must be an agreement they sign to get on the show to see how utterly stupid the contestants can act. Sick of it and will not be watching it any more.
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mbcollie043 October 2014
Why can't we go back to Danielle? At least she knew better than to have tan lines with a strapless dress. Danielle had some sex appeal. Tiffany is just blah, nothing to really look at. Beef up the program with someone viewers can't wait to see next. Wayne and Johnny need to start practicing their routine. Johnathon is not a Drew Carey and needs to learn improve. The only thing making me keep watching the show are the gimmicks and Wayne. The intro says contestants are picked because they stand out, I men really, picking someone wearing a common every day dress! Pick people that have put some thought and work into their outfits. How many times have we seen contestants picked who are wearing a bacon, or banana costume they bought at the costume store for $10.99.
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