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(TV Series)


Phoebe Tonkin: Cleo



  • Cleo : I can't believe you haven't asked Will already.

    Bella : I've been really busy being the organizer, plus I'll be singing half the time. It's not really fair to ask a guy to go with me.

    Cleo : Bella, this is me you're talking to.

    Bella : [admits]  What if he says no?

    Cleo : Oh, as if!

    Bella : So I should ask him?

    Cleo : Come on!

    [shakes her head] 

    Cleo : Haven't the two of you had the hots for each other, like, a year? Just ask him already!

  • Cleo : [big gift package]  This was addressed to me, and it...


    Cleo : was just sitting outside.

    Kim : Come on, open it!

    Cleo : I don't know. Just left like that, it could be anything.

    Kim : Is it ticking?

  • Nate : [entering, with Kim in tow]  Hey, babe.

    Cleo : Babe? Really! What are you doing here, Nate?

    Kim : [smiling]  I told him how you think he's your secret admirer.

    Cleo : You what?

    Nate : All right. Chill. You're not the only chick with a crush on me.

    [snickers as he comes nearer, and Cleo retreats] 

    Nate : And there was no need for the whole crazy telescope story.

    [Kim settles in on comfy chair for live show] 

    Nate : If you really wanted to date the Nate, all you had to do was ask me to the party, like Bella did.

    Cleo : [trying to evade, reminds him:]  Bella did ask you to the party.

    Nate : Don't you worry your pretty little head. There's plenty of the Nate to go around.

    [Kim sits there enjoying this with a big smile] 

    Nate : In fact, I have a couple of hours free until I have to pick her up. Until then, this fine young thing is all yours.

  • Cleo : [in Moon Pool]  So it's actually official? You two are together?

    Bella : We're together!

    Cleo : Mm!

    Rikki : Now, is this you and Will, or you and Nate?

    Bella : I'm sorry, I should have spoken to you sooner.

    Rikki : The important thing is to never let a guy come between us again.

    Bella : Never.

    Cleo : From now on, it's just the three of us.

    Rikki : So, what are we gonna do today...?

    Cleo : ...the three of us?

    Bella : Uh... well...


    Bella : I kinda told Will... I'd see him.

    Rikki : Oh. Well, I guess you'd just have to do that then.

    Cleo : [pretending to be heavily disappointed]  Go on.


    Cleo : We'll be fine.

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