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Angel John says"Leave your brain at home to watch this one"
vinish77715 December 2009
Maradona is a happy-go-lucky 22-yearold guy who gives a damn about life , & cares nothing less than to live freely and enjoy every moment of his life . He lives with his parents who are worried what their son is going to make of himself, who hangs around in pubs late into the night,hangs around in wrong company and watches porn all day locked up in his bedroom! Life goes on for Maradona until one day he goofs up, badly enough that now the police are searching for him & he gets the exit card from his parents house & decides to take his life .....

This is where enters "Angel John"-played by Mohanlal, who gives him a "varadanam"... a gift..of 2 choices that he can choose to make with his life . He choose one among the two angel John lays out before him & the rest of the film is based upon that choice, its aftereffects, etc.

Overall i find the film very interesting, though in some ,you may cringe in between your seats..Maradona hitting on the married woman & she hitting bach, the low waist underwears, Maradona locked up watching porn, all can create some level of uneasiness for conservative audiences , but on the whole it is a fun, brainless entertainer.
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worst mohanlal movie!
timesquare6629 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
maradona(funny name for a malayalee guy) is the only son of his parents and he is spoilt.He flerts with older women, watches porn in locked room, shows his underwear style(which I hate from guys showing off in front of girls in today's generation).Yes Mr director we understand what you are trying to say about the spoilt youth in today's generation but you did not have to bring a excelled actor like mohanlal in this poor directed movie.Mr angel comes out of nowhere huh?

If I was the director and wanted to say this kind of story, I would have introduced mohanlal like a common man met by sheer incident by the lead actor and then the climax he realizes that in reality there is no man like that.

The lead actor is handsome,has dimples that can woo girls and has scope for some cheap comedy but his serious expressions are not convincing one bit.

jagathi and bijukuttan are just fine in their roles but no nice comedy as expected from them.

what made me laugh is when mohanlal walks with a rose with his wig hair and girls say "oooo so handsome,hot,cute".YEA RIGHT!!!!! It can be believable if it was mammooty but mohanlal? yuck NO

I know the potential of mohanlal as an actor-he can do so many splendid performances,but his directors let him down in movies like this.

If any directors is seeing this- Understand first that mammooty is good looking and mohanlal is not hot!

Don't spoil the reputation of a splendid actor like mohanlal with movies like this.I don't think if even mohanlal was the lead and some one else was angel, this movie could be saved.

The karate master? could have been mani, would hav been a little more believable instead of a skinny comedy actor.

The lead actress was OK looking,boring and was more dumb and foolish.Is this how an actress should be?
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