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Episode List


Season 1

25 May 2009
Episode #1.1
Royal concubine lady Mishil after the death of the Shilla king is going to gain enormous power and influence but a prophecy regarding twins promises her eventual downfall.
26 May 2009
Episode #1.2
King Jinpyeong and Lady Maya have twin daughters, forcing the king to send the younger daughter away with the maid Sohwa before Mishil can get her hands on the girl.
1 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.3
Fifteen years later, Deokman lives a life of a merchant with her mother Sohwa. King Jinpyeong's line of male heirs comes to an end.
2 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.4
Deokman displays her wits against a Chinese official. Lady Mishil's personal guard Chilsuk finally tracks down Deokman as the twin, and attempts to capture her and Sohwa.
8 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.5
After her husband's death, Princess Chunmyung leaves for the countryside to give birth to her son and keep him far from the reaches of Mishil.
9 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.6
Chunmyung encounters Deokman and mistakes her for a boy. Deokman believes Chunmyung is a nun and saves her life.
15 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.7
Chunmyung returns to the palace, and she brings in Kim Yushin to become part of the Hwarang in the palace.
16 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.8
Deokman is arrested and brought to the palace, but Chunmyung intervenes and assigns her to be part of the Hwarang.
22 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.9
Deokman struggles with Hwarang training. The Hwarang prepare for an upcoming battle.
23 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.10
The battle to protect Silla begins, and Yushin's troops are badly beaten.
29 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.11
Deokman survives an attack, but for Silla to win, Yushin's battered troops are forced to face the enemy once again, alone.
30 Jun. 2009
Episode #1.12
The Hwarang are rewarded for their achievements in battle. Deokman is arrested under suspicion of trying to assassinate Yushin's father.
6 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.13
Deokman discovers Chunmyung's true identity. Mishil's background is revealed and the source of her power is suspected to arrive at the palace through a foreign trading delegation.
7 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.14
The Sadaham Plum Blossom turns out to be an almanac. As Deokman tries to spy on Mishil, she discovers the true fate of Chilsuk.
13 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.15
Mishil attempts to discredit Deokman in front of Yushin and Chunmyung, but is thwarted. Instead, Deokman manages to get close to Mishil and spy on her for Chunmyung.
14 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.16
Using the almanac to her advantage, Mishil makes a prediction to manipulate the royal court. She attempts to bring Yushin over to her side.
20 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.17
Through Mishil, Deokman is one step closer to finding out her true identity. She attempts to meet with the king to answer her questions.
21 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.18
A theft among the Hwarang nearly forces Deokman to reveal her true gender, but Chunmyung's own questions and investigations lead her to learning the truth.
27 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.19
Chunmyung tries to send Deokman far from the palace and away from Mishil. Though unable to meet with the king, Deokman pursues a meeting with Queen Maya.
28 Jul. 2009
Episode #1.20
Deokman learns about her true identity.
3 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.21
Yushin and Deokman go on the run as everyone in the palace realizes who Deokman is. Bidam, Mishil's secret son, appears.
4 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.22
Yushin's father is on the hunt to kill Deokman, and Bidam's allegiances change.
10 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.23
Yushin, Deokman, and Bidam form an unlikely alliance against Mishil's soldiers. Chunmyung searches for Deokman with Alchun and other Hwarang guards.
11 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.24
Hwarang Daenambo is sent to kill Deokman, but a case of mistaken identity leads to the wrong person getting killed.
17 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.25
With the death of Chunmyung, Deokman plans to take revenge and earn her rightful place in the royal family.
18 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.26
A public announcement is made that threatens the position of Queen Maya and King Jinpyeong. Meanwhile, Yusin must deal with a threat against his family from his own people.
24 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.27
Ill omens begin to appear around the palace. Deokman tries to extract information from a mystical monk that can help her return to the palace.
25 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.28
Deokman uses Bidam and Yushin to trick Misil into believing that an eclipse will happen.
31 Aug. 2009
Episode #1.29
The royal house acknowledges Deokman as the lost daughter and crowns her as princess, and heir to the throne. Immediately, she makes her first decree as a princess - to build an astronomy tower.
1 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.30
Deokman's decision to release the almanac to the public is met with some consternation even among her supporters.
7 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.31
Munno makes a surprise return to the palace to oversee the Grand Marshal competition.
8 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.32
The Grand Marshal tournament begins, and the second question leads Deokman to discover a secret about the royal kings and Misil.
14 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.33
Bidam learns about his identity while Yushin prepares to win the tournament and become Grand Marshal.
15 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.34
The final duel for the Grand Marshal is set, and Chunchu, Princess Chunmyung's son, returns from China.
21 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.35
Yushin must defeat Chilsuk to become a Grand Marshal. Deokman and Chunchu meet for the first time.
22 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.36
Misil finds evidence against Yushin that could prevent him from becoming a Grand Marshal, and affect his loyalties.
28 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.37
Yushin marries into Misil's family and a tragedy brings Bidam back into the Hwarang.
29 Sep. 2009
Episode #1.38
An agricultural crisis caused by Misil brings Deokman into a battle of economics with her.
5 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.39
Deokman learns the hard way on what it takes to be an effective ruler for her people.
6 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.40
Despite the king's frail condition, Deokman does not want to marry, but expresses a desire to rule alone. She is not the only one who wants the throne.
12 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.41
Chunchu becomes Deokman's main rival for the throne as his true motives are revealed.
13 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.42
Misil takes a vacation, despite the turmoil within her camp, and returns with a stronger resolve to become queen.
19 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.43
Chunchu joins Deokman as they try to divide the nobles and bring them over to her side.
20 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.44
Deokman's plans to overthrow the council forces Mishil to make a drastic, risky move.
26 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.45
Deokman and Chunchu struggle to escape the palace to avoid Mishil and her troops.
27 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.46
Mishil orders a state of martial law and for Deokman to be captured and killed. Deokman's supporters are tortured into revealing her location.
2 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.47
An attack on Deokman's hideout brings tragic consequences for both sides, compelling Deokman to return to the palace.
3 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.48
Deokman gives herself up to Mishil but calls for a public trial for her supposed crimes.
9 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.49
With every intent on having Silla for herself, Mishil escapes with her loyal band of soldiers and starts a civil war.
10 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.50
Deokman offers a peaceful alliance, testing Mishil's will to continue fighting for her dream.
16 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.51
Following Mishil's death, Deokman must regain the loyalties of her followers, but Bidam also has plans of his own.
17 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.52
Years into Deokman's reign, the Internal Affairs under Bidam begin arresting suspected traitors that are linked to Yushin.
23 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.53
The balance of power is threatened as Bidam tries to bring about Yushin's fall from grace.
24 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.54
While Bidam tracks down the Bokya, Yushin is sent on a private mission to spy on the enemy kingdom of Baekje.
30 Nov. 2009
Episode #1.55
Yushin's information is deemed faulty and that places greater pressure on Deokman to execute him. Meanwhile Bidam tries to secure Deokman's heart.