"Criminal Minds" The Slave of Duty (TV Episode 2009) Poster

(TV Series)


Shemar Moore: Derek Morgan



  • David Rossi : [finding evidence at Belser's apartment]  Look at these.

    Derek Morgan : Garage door openers?

    David Rossi : Universal garage door openers. This solves the problem of having to copy a key. Some drivers are smart enough to use a valet key, but no one thinks to take a garage door opener with them.

    Emily Prentiss : That's how he got into Melissa Johnson's house. We only found prints on the interior garage door. We thought it was from when he moved the dog into the garage.

    David Rossi : People rarely think to lock a door that lies beyond another locked door.

  • Sympathetic attendant : If there's anything I can do...

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : [shakes hand]  Thank you.

    Evidence Tech Gina : I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Thank you, Gina. Thank you for coming.

    David Rossi : [next in receiving line]  I think you could use some air. Jack's okay. I saw him with his cousins.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : Okay. Jessica, would you make sure that, uh, Jack gets something to eat?

    Jessica Brooks : Sure.

    Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner : I'll be right back. Thanks.

    [follows Rossi and the men pass the team sitting in chairs at a table, and go off-screen] 

    Emily Prentiss : [gravely]  What do we do?

    Derek Morgan : There's nothin' we can do. We just gotta wait him out.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : [looks up]  You think he'll ever come back?

    Jennifer Jareau : [stoically]  Would you?

    Derek Morgan : He'll come back. I just don't know what he's gonna look like when he does.

    Jennifer Jareau : We just... need to be there for him when he's ready.

  • David Rossi : We believe our unsub is already with his next victim. If he matches pattern, she'll be a successful woman, probably brunette, early 30s to mid-40s. She'll be at home in Nashville's upper echelon.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : This means that he fits in. He drives the right car, he wears the right clothes, he's highly intelligent, and probably comes from a place of status.

    Derek Morgan : This guy's sociable, and he's endearing. You would never suspect that this man is capable of murder. But he will do whatever it takes to protect the fantasy that he's trying to relive.

    David Rossi : It's this fantasy which fuels his drive. He's recreating a romantic evening, repeating it with each of his victims.

    Derek Morgan : He most likely recently had a relationship taken away from him. So look at men who have lost loved ones or gone through a messy divorce.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Like Bundy, these women are representations of that first loss. Uh... Bundy picked victims who had similar features to the woman that abandoned him, and we believe that our unsub is doing the exact same thing.

    Emily Prentiss : These women were confident, successful, and strong, and they fought back. Which means he has the ability to overpower them fairly easily.

    David Rossi : He believes, or fantasizes, he's in a relationship with these women. No matter how fleeting the initial interaction is, it's everything to him, an invitation.

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Our technical analyst has compiled a list of locations that the victims visited prior to their death. These are high-class establishments. We're going to want to visit the same places.

    Derek Morgan : So look for men who fit the profile, but also women who match victimology. If somebody's been paying a little too much attention to them, talk to them. Get a read, then jot their name down so that we can check them out.

    Det. Landon Kaminski : All right, folks, pick up your canvassing assignments and get to work.

  • Derek Morgan : All right, baby girl. Talk to me. I need employer records and a list of venues that Culpepper contracted out to this weekend!

    Penelope Garcia : Oh, sir, check your email. It hit you inbox 60 seconds ago

    Derek Morgan : Thanks, Penelope

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