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Sleep inducing.
lorrainesophia27 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I only watched this because it is the run up to the William and Kate's Royal Wedding; and our TV's are being bombarded with romantic wedding films. The majority have been average to good. This one sunk to the lowest of lows. I agree with the previous reviewer, it is so dragged out, it appears the actors have forgotten the script and are gap filling. The brides father is the worst actor EVER and the remaining cast aren't much better, including Alicia Witt. The director must have been going through a really bad time in their life and gave a halfhearted effort. I wouldn't watch this again, even if paid large amounts of money. I don't think anyone should be married to anyone in this film, in fact they shouldn't even be acting together !
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Nice Idea + Bad Execution = Big Disappointment
Lily-3224 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
So I'm guessing the script was actually only long enough for about a half hour sitcom (without the comedy and including commercials) and then either the director told the actors to improv a lot (and they aren't very good at it) or the original writer was told to fill out the script and decided to just sit in random public places and steal random dialog snip-its from random passing conversations of anyone sitting nearby.

The random shots of best friend. I mean we always see her non-reaction reaction to things but she really doesn't say much. If I were the actress I'd be annoyed to be the best friend/maid of honor that really has the cast status of an extra.

Honestly, the whole time I kept thinking Jeffery and (wow I even forgot the main girls name) were perfect for each other (oh right! Kim!) and Evan should run. She was pretty much a wench the whole time.

It was nearly 3/4 over before anything made any kind of sense.

I'm usually pretty forgiving on movies. Trust me I own plenty of stupid ones by choice and I know they're stupid but somehow I can justify it enough. I can't justify this one at all.
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Not at all impressed
barefootmoses14 April 2013
For a Hallmark movie this one seemed like someone saw all the other Hallmark movies and tried to combine them and made this one. It was predictable from the get go and the story line was apparent 5 minutes into the movie. There was no chemistry between any of the characters and even the relationship between the parents was not believable. This does not represent Hallmark's usual story. Very disappointed with this movie. The sad thing was the lack of acting by the powerhouse names used to make this movie. All the ingredients for a successful movie are here but there is no recipe. The actors were restrictive in their dialog and they just did not interact with what I call "Hallmarkease!" The usual Hallmark movie has a story line that is somewhat guessable but it is fun and interesting to see it get to the end. This movie is the same way but it is so boring and uninteresting that it makes watching it painful. Not one of the actors pulls off any kind of redemptive acting. I would not recommend this to anyone and am very surprised Hallmark allowed this to air.
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Backyard catastrophe
redibirds310 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I like the actors they have in this movie. I just hate the movie as it was filmed or written or however/whoever created this mess.

I was uncomfortable watching this movie almost from minute 1. Only reason I kept watching was because I generally love Hallmark movies and they're usually good Sunday movies to watch. NOT this one.

I love the guy playing the ex/neighbor. He was the only character I really liked. The rest were snarky, stupid or just boring.

I mean, who says "who'd like to make a toast next? the busboy?" just because an ex says he wants to? That's A STUPID LINE. No creativity in this writing. No real intelligence displayed in this movie. Plain fodder, even plainer writing. Whoever wrote/directed/edited/produced this movie must have an "uncle" or something to help get it made to begin with.

But I still like the actors they snookered into being in this movie. They just made a bad choice in what they wanted to act in.
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Nothing was right with this movie
hikef59-359-7911915 August 2012
Watched this movie thinking it might not be as bad as the reviews I had read, turned out it was much worse ! Most of the actors did a poor job especially the actor who played the father of the bride. The performance of the actress (Alicia Witt)who played the bride was awful, not for one minute did I believe that she was in love and excited about marrying her man ! There was no chemistry between the two of them. I was also bothered by the music which I thought was overpowering. I did watch it to the end and still don't know why but honestly I was glad when it was over. A big waste of time in my opinion. Normally I like a lot of the Hallmark movies but this was a big let down.
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Wants to be Sweet Home Alabama...Fails. ((spoiler even though the film is predictable))
CranberriAppl28 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sweet Home Alabama was the first movie that came to mind when I read the Fios summary for Backyard Wedding. I'm a fan of Hallmark movies, and with Valentine's Day approaching, I was in the mood for a sweet romance. I didn't get one.

In a nutshell: girl and guy 1 are childhood sweethearts...girl/guy 1 marry and then breakup...girl meets guy 2 and gets engaged...girl and guy 1 start having feelings again...all of a sudden guy 2 is no good for girl...they split...girl and guy 1 marry and live happily ever after.

First off, I really didn't care for any of the characters including the heroine. Very little chemistry btwn the girl and the two guys. I didn't see why the old guy was better than the fiancée (Todd from Sweet Valley High). The major problem was that they originally broke up bc they were finding out they wanted different things. So you mean to tell me, all these years later, after all their separate experiences, they were suddenly perfect for each other? OK. Honestly, this should have ended just like My Best Friend's Wedding (great romcom). Just because you think you're meant to be w/someone and you feel you have to get what you want, doesn't make it right.

Don't get me wrong, you can kill time with this movie, but it isn't one of Hallmark's best.
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overall review
sa871316 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts out and doesn't even tell you how Kim's first marriage broke up. So while her and the new fiancé are having problems your screaming "just dump him and go back to Evan." Of course your not completely sure because maybe thats exactly what Evan, the ex, was doing to her to. Trust me if i was in her position there would be no way i would plan the wedding completely by myself and then just let my fiancé show up whenever it was convenient for him. When Jeff first started telling me that he wasn't going to be there for a couple days because his job was more important i would have been mad, probably understood the staying behind, but the going to a different state 5 days before the wedding i would have been mad, on the brink of finding someone else to stand with me at the alter. Apparently he didn't mention to his boss to have someone cover for him because he was getting married and if he couldn't' even tell him boss that then whats going to happen when the first baby comes, or the second, or the third.... All in all the movie went the way we knew it was going to go. Very happy to finally see the love birds from sixth grade together but it would have been a better ending if they would have fast forwarded like five years to them in some third world country, her helping as a doctor and him helping with the water.
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Backyard Wedding-A Winner in 'Philadelphia-High Society Genre ***1/2
edwagreen15 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful film which in its own way was a remake of 1940's "The Philadelphia Story," and its remake of "High Society in 1956.

A story of children growing up next door to one another and marrying as adults. Problem was that even though they were both professionals, they were unable to make the marriage work and divorce followed.

Now, our young lady is about to marry again but her husband-to-be is all concerned with business. Coincidentally, her ex-husband comes around wedding time to visit his parents, who still reside next door. The film is funny in the sense that the 2 fathers have been arguing with each other for years and will do anything to get on the nerves of each other.

This is an absolutely enjoyable romp dealing with the coming of the age of maturity and reason. The second time around can't very much better than this.
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I liked where it was going
bornexcited31 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is predictable, sloppy, and somewhat stupid but if you can relate, in any way, you will like the concept. I feel very conflicted, liked some parts and didn't like others. Basic plot: childhood sweethearts get married too early so they divorce. Girl gets engaged to another guy and right before the wedding the first guy realize he was an idiot. Girl then gets all stuck in her feelings...( I mean who hasn't done that right?)

So here's what I liked: Not your usual Hallmark movie! Did not have that hallmark feel, (that strict beginning, middle, end formula) probably a bad thing but I kinda liked it. Somewhat refreshing. I loved the fact that they're childhood sweethearts. No denying that chemistry. The main actors chosen did OK, there was a few misses at times but I think overall they captured the correct emotion. I felt the pain and hurt and confusion both Evan and Kim had. (Even if they didn't really do a good job showing it, I imagined the rest since I could relate). I really just liked the general concept. I liked what they tried to do.

What I didn't like (I would rate this a 2 on a technical standpoint): 1) NO character development.- not for the main characters and definitely not for the secondary cast. Took forever to find out why Kim/Evan divorced, Never found out what job Jeffery had that he was willing to risk everything for, had no idea who half the people in the scene was (no/late character introduction) I found myself always asking, "who is this??" 2) No story development. Yes I liked the general idea but the story definitely needed more work. The writers had us believing the crazy blond bridesmaid was the antagonist, when the story actually had none. Tons of inconsistencies. Why did it take Evan 4 years to realize he wanted to be with Kim? Even he couldn't answer that. How have he changed after 4 years? "He just grew up??" Not buying it. Why did the dads hate each other? One minute Kim is hiding from Evan and literally the next scene they're shopping together?? The writers definitely get an F and the director gets a C-. No character or story development, plot holes, random shots of irrelevant characters, god awful writing, weak intro and concluding voice overs.

The writers was this film biggest issue. As I said before, I just liked the general concept simply bc I went through something similar and happy their story turned out better than mine. Truth be told this film should've never left pre production. If I couldn't relate I would rate this movie a 4.
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