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Watch: Go Behind the Scenes of Joe and Samantha's Sexy Bachelor in Paradise Photo Shoot

Sunday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise featured a steamy poolside photo shoot featuring season 2's unexpected villain Joe Bailey and his dream woman Samantha Steffen, and now People has the inside scoop from the potential new couple.

"It was really down-to-earth, it was really comforting," said Joe, who created a rather uncomfortable situation back in the house by allegedly leading on fellow contestant Juelia so he could stay on the show until Samantha arrived.

Samantha – who had just joined the cast in Paradise before being whisked away for her first one-on-date at the People photo shoot – called the Vidanta Resort in Nuevo Vallarta,
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Danielle Milian Sinks Husband's Romantic Getaway—See the Turned Up Deleted Scene!

Danielle Milian Sinks Husband's Romantic Getaway—See the Turned Up Deleted Scene!
Last week on Christina Milian Turned Up, we learned all about Danielle Milian's sensitive stomach. So perhaps Richard should have known better last night than to take to the high seas to mend things with his wife? "I'm going to do everything within my power to make sure she knows I love her," Richard says. He starts off by saying all the right things and appears to be winning Danielle over. But it's not all smooth sailing! In the deleted scene above from the finale, choppy surf arrives shortly after dinner is served aboard the bow of the ship. You can guess what happens next. "The perfect date ended with my husband holding my hair while I'm yakking...
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‘Short Term 12′ Review: 5 Reasons To Go See Best Movie Of The Year

Short Term 12′ is an honest and stark portrayal of life both living and working in a foster home. Here are the five reasons why you must go see this movie!

Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr. and Kaitlyn Dever are just three of the many wonderful actors who make up the cast of Short Term 12, Destin Daniel Cretton‘s independent film about the harsh reality and emotional turmoil of living and working in a foster care facility. Watch the trailer here.

Short Term 12′ Review — Five Reasons To See This Movie

1) Brie Larson — Brie plays Grace, a care giver at the Short Term 12 facility, who’s dark past haunts her. Clearly having a troubled childhood herself, Grace forms deep bonds with some of the children, including Jayden.

2) John Gallagher Jr — Newsroom star John takes on a different role by playing Mason, Grace’s co-worker and boyfriend. Mason has
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‘Lovelace’ Will Shock You: 5 Reasons To Go See It

70′s hair, pornography, all star cast and Amanda Seyfried — are you hooked yet? Here’s 5 reasons why you should go see ‘Lovelace’ in theaters!

Lovelace captures the true story of ’70s porn-star, Linda Lovelace. With her iconic film Deep Throat that hit theaters nationwide, Linda became a household name. What people never realized however, is what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. You won’t want to miss this “intense” and “enlightening” biopic.

Amanda Seyfried In ‘Lovelace’: Movie Review

Amanda Seyfried Bares All

First Mean Girls, then Les Miserables, and now Lovelace! Amanda Seyfried, 27, is on fire as Linda Lovelace, capturing your heart as the innocent yet bold young porn star. Amanda defies expectations with this daring biopic as she makes you fall for her girlish charm and sympathize with her painful desperation as she struggles to escape from her abusive husband and the pornographic industry. Plus, she takes her clothes off!
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‘World War Z’: Stunning Twist Ending Reveals New Clue About Zombies

Spoiler alert: We’ve seen a lot of zombie movies, but ‘World War Z’ shocked us with its crazy twist ending!

Brad Pitt‘s latest film World War Z is yet another blockbuster capitalizing on the zombie craze — and we’re still reeling from its crazy, original twist.

World War Z’ Revealed What About Zombies?

Beware: There are huge spoilers from here on! In the crazy final moments of World War Z, Brad’s character Gerry Lane discovers a new way to survive the zombie apocalypse.

After tirelessly fighting the zombie pandemic, Gerry comes up with a major medical breakthrough: He figures out that the zombies won’t eat sick people! So he does what any sane (maybe) person would do — he injects himself with a strain of a terminal-but-curable illness. Say what?!

Gerry is reunited with his family, and a vaccine is developed with lethal pathogens that are used
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Blu-Ray and Digital Download Release Dates Set for Warm Bodies

If you missed the hilarious and heart warming Warm Bodies starring Nicholas Hoult (X-Men Days of Future Past) when it was in theaters, you have a chance to redeem yourself coming this month. You could wait until June 4th for the Blu-Ray and DVD release, or you can catch the early digital download release May 14th. Here’s the press release.

Cold Body. Warm Heart. “An inspired mash-up of zombie heart and romantic comedy brains”

– Peter Debruge, Variety “The perfect date movie!”

Kevin McCarthy, CBS Radio “The greatest zombie love story ever told.”

– Kevin Steincross, Fox-tv Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer Star in Zombie Rom-Com Arriving On Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View June 4 Early Digital Download Window Begins May 14

Santa Monica, CA March 25, 2013 – One very unusual zombie forms a romantic relationship with a teenage girl in Warm Bodies, which stars hot young actors Nicholas Hoult (Jack the Giant Slayer,
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Comic Book Release List – Week of March 6, 2013

The following is a list of all comic books, graphic novels and specialty items that will be available this week and shipped to comic book stores who have placed orders for them.

Action Lab Entertainment

NFL Rush Zone Guardians Of The Core Tp, $14.99

NFL Rush Zone Season Of The Guardians #1 (Chad Cicconi & Dave Dwonch Regular Cover), $3.99

NFL Rush Zone Season Of The Guardians 32 Team Variant Pack, $125.00

Amryl Entertainment

Cavewoman Oasis #1 (Devon Massey Regular Cover), $3.75

Cavewoman Oasis #1 (Devon Massey Special Edition), Ar

Archie Comics

Archie #641 (Archie Meets Glee Part 1), $2.99

Archie Double Digest #238 (Double Double Edition), $5.99

New Crusaders Rise of the Heroes Tp, $14.99

Sonic Saga Volume 2 Order From Chaos Tp, $11.99

Sonic The Hedgehog #246, $2.99

Aspen Comics

Legend Of The Shadow Clan #2 (Of 5)(Billy Tan Reserved Cover), $3.99

Legend Of The Shadow Clan #2 (Of 5)(Cory Smith Direct Market Cover), $3.99

Legend Of The Shadow Clan #2 (Of 5)(J Scott Campbell Sketch Variant Cover), Ar

Avatar Press

Crossed Volume 5 Hc,
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Is the Latest Die Hard Flick a Domestic Hit or a Flop?

Willis stars in the action thriller A Good Day to Die Hard, but fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise doesn't have a very good weekend in North America The latest Bruce Willis Die Hard entry is having a just okay weekend at the domestic box office. The perfect date movie, it grossed a passable (for such a widely popular and long-lasting action franchise) $8.23 million at 3,553 theaters this past Thursday, Valentine's Day, plus an estimated $25 million from Friday to Sunday (February 15-17), according to studio estimates found on the web site Box Office Mojo. (Pictured above is A Good Day to Die Hard's star Willis as hero John McClane.) The movie's domestic total is $33.2 million after four days. That's hardly a fantastic opening, especially when taking into account that tomorrow is the Presidents Day holiday in the United States. Now, the Big Question: Could the latest Die Hard flick reach
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