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A fairly satisfying conclusion. A little over the top.
Sleepin_Dragon28 August 2015
The Police delve deeper into the growing list of murders, they use Guy to try and get answers, they start with Don. The killer is finally unveiled and more truths are unearthed.

A few notes on some of the performances, Jennifer Ehle has been very good as Melissa, a mix of sinister and sweet, but she is rather beautiful. Tim Dutton has been particularly good, a fine acting performance, he's done sad, angry and intense very well. Bill Patterson, who admittedly I'm a huge fan of, has been the standout, he is so good, nothing is over played. Julie Walters had some good moments, but was a bit quiet, trouble is so much is expected when you see her name in the credits. Adrian Dunbar now, I wouldn't say it was his best performance, a mix of good and bad, did well in the finale. Christopher Ryan and Diana Weston, again good in parts. Gary Cady, a very handsome chap, but a wee bit wooden, but likable enough.

Quite a few amendments to the plot, I don't want to give them away, some are really good, some don't work as well. The ending is way to over the top, it doesn't really work too well, again it's changed heavily from what Durbridge wrote. I hope the BBC or ITV pick up Durbridge's work, it's time Melissa, the Doll etc were remade.

Not bad, but down on the last few episodes. 6/10
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