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4 Jan. 2010
Hibiku oto: Futsugyô no machi
Long ago, Kanata Sorami heard the clear, golden sound of a trumpet being played by a female soldier. In hopes of following in the footsteps of the mysterious musician, Kanata enlists in the Helvetian Republic Army at Clock Tower Fortress.
11 Jan. 2010
Uijin: Isu no wa
Kanata meets the other members of her platoon and finds her way around the fortress. After hearing chilling reports of a ghost haunting the old barracks, Kanata and Kureha explore the ruins and find more than they expected.
18 Jan. 2010
Tai no ichinichi: Rio hashiru
Rio and Kanata spend the day working on bugle lessons but Kanata falls suddenly ill. With the others gone and no medicine left in the storeroom, Rio must turn to an unlikely place for help.
25 Jan. 2010
Tsuyu no sora: Hari no niji
Kanata struggles to improve her bugle skills when practice doesn't seem to help. Meanwhile, Noel tries to make a replacement lens for the optical sensor.
1 Feb. 2010
Yamafumi: Sekai no hate
Kanata, Kureha, and Noel travel to a location in the wilderness that's along the border of No Man's Land to investigate three ancient surveillance devices. The task seems simple enough until the group finds out their hike will be more difficult than they imagined.
8 Feb. 2010
Kanata no kyûjitsu: Kamiyui
It's a bright, sunny day, and Kanata has received her first paycheck! Meanwhile Mishio and the rest of the platoon run into problems when the Mafia comes to Seize.
15 Feb. 2010
Semishigure: Shôrônagashi
Second Lieutenant Filicia is usually bright and cheerful but there's a part of her past that haunts her. As summer reaches its hazy peak, memories of her old platoon keep resurfacing, along with visions of their terrible fate.
22 Feb. 2010
Denwaban: Kinkyû jitai wo sengen su
Kanata happily volunteers for phone duty to prove her worth to the team but she soon discovers staying in one spot is harder than it sounds.
1 Mar. 2010
Kyozô to jitsuzô
The rainy season arrives in Seize and a typhoon is on the way. Unfortunately Kureha is preoccupied with Claus, the Desert Wolf hero of the 481st Platoon!
8 Mar. 2010
Tabidachi: Hatsuyuki no koro
Old Lady Jacott has lived in the mountains for most of her life. She's always been able to take care of herself but now her health is failing, and winter is coming. Rio agrees to help the old woman but soon learns lessons that only Jacott can teach her.
15 Mar. 2010
Raihôsha: Moyuru setsugen
The peace talks between Helvetia and Rome have ended in disagreement and there are rumors of Roman troops on the move. Meanwhile, Kanata and Kureha find a Roman scout lying injured in the snow.
22 Mar. 2010
Sôkyû ni hibike
The Demon of Vingt is ready to spark another war and the women of the 1121st Platoon are outnumbered and overwhelmed. Luckily, they use their courage and the sound of the sky for hope.


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