"Ben 10: Alien Force" Vendetta (TV Episode 2010) Poster

(TV Series)


John DiMaggio: Ragnarok, Rath


  • Rath : You tin cans want to tangle with Rath? Come on! Let's do it! There'e enough of me for the lot of ya!

    Forever Knight : Wait. New plan. Run away! RUN AWAY!

    [the Forever Knights run away but find Kevin blocking their path] 

    Kevin Levin : Bad idea.

    [the knights run away again and find Gwen] 

    Gwen Tennyson : Lady or the tiger, boys. Your choice. Okay, not really.

  • Ragnarok : How noble - willing to sacrifice yourself for your principles - but will you be quite so cavalier with the life of your partner?

    Devin Levin : No!

    Grandpa Max : Don't worry about me, Devin. If the choice is me or the solar system, it's no choice at all.

    Ragnarok : Last chance - my key or your friend. Which will it be?

    Devin Levin : You'll get *nothing* from me!

    Ragnarok : Your friend it is, then.

  • Ragnarok : You're an Osmosian, yes? Who are you?

    Kevin Levin : My name is Kevin Ethan Levin. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

  • Kevin Levin : There's nowhere you can hide from me!

    Ragnarok : I'm about to extinguish your sun, Levin. Your world will die. We shall not meet again.

  • Ragnarok : You again. I should have eliminated you when I had the chance.

    Kevin Levin : Your mistake.

  • Ragnarok : [as Kevin smashes some equipment]  Stop! You don't know what you're doing!

    Kevin Levin : I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm saving the Earth and avenging my dad!

  • Ragnarok : Please, take my hand. Save me.

    Kevin Levin : Save you? You killed my dad, remember?

    Ragnarok : Yes. Your father. He was a Plumber, an honorable man. He would never let anyone die if he could help it. Please! For your father.

    [Kevin removes the key from Ragnarok's head] 

    Ragnarok : No!

    Kevin Levin : For my father.

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