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Missed their chance to kill off Nikki
ms-logic16 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Show starts with Colby and Nikki in a car accident. If they had taken advantage and gotten rid of the Nikki character here, they may not have been canceled. Too bad. Adding her character appears to be part of a strategy to widen the audience by dumbing-down the show. As a tip-of-the-hat to the regular audience, they said she had a law degree, but then they had her talk like a thug and act like a narrow-minded redneck -- Poor decision that hurt the show. Instead of gaining a new audience, they lost the old. Now they're canceled. If they had just killed her off in this show, they could have rescinded this bad decision and added an intelligent female role. Too bad!
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Red underwear
jotix1009 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A gorgeous woman, stylishly dressed, is seen at a hotel lobby waiting for someone. As a man enters the place, he goes directly to her, greeting her warmly. They proceed to the elevator to go to a room. Another person, not as well dressed as the couple, also goes into the lift. There is something strange with the man; he does not appear to belong since he is shabbily dressed. As the couple near a room at the end of the hallway, they embrace. The stranger that seems to be following the pair, goes in a different direction, but it is made clear, he is tailing them. Later, the handsome man is found dead in bed dressed in sexy red underwear.

The FBI are called to the investigation of the murder. The blond we first saw, is a prostitute and the agents are trying to get a serial killer whose M.O. is the same. This criminal will murder men that have engaged in sex with prostitutes, then proceeds to steal their cars. Colby and Nikki are warned about having spotted the victim's car, now going to a desolate area, they give chase, but their official vehicle suffers an accident, where she is badly hurt.

Charlie Eppes is consulted to help the investigation. He compares the murders to the movement of sharks in the ocean. The agents are interested in Jack Steves, a man that has a group that advises ladies that engage in prostitution. The federal think he might know who is the guy that is using the women in order to kill and rob the men. Professor Russell Lazlo, a motorcyclist enthusiast, who has been trying to interest Don into joining a group, is the one that discovers that one prostitute that died in circumstances similar to the new cases, was a hemophiliac. The agents discover she had a sister who might help them get to the criminal they want.

An interesting episode directed by Stephen Gylenhaal, who is a frequent contributor to the series. The chapter was written by Julie Hebert. The regular cast and guest stars came together in this installment to make the viewer keep his attention to the criminal case being told. Tony Hale as Laz, has some funny moments. Anna Camp, Clea Duvall and Kritin Richardson are featured.
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