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  • Before the movie hit the theatres, you didn't really hear any censorship which ensured the profitable PG-13 rating. The director even explained that the version we saw in the theatres was exactly how the movie was conceptualized. Still an Unrated Version was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. The result really is a "real" Unrated version: Roughly half of the differences in comparison to the Theatrical Version are alterations that were done due to censorship. Of course, the alterations neither make a gory horror movie out of House at the End of the Street, nor do they make the movie cleverer. Still, the Unrated Version is the slightly better version of the flick and deserves to be called "unrated".

    The theatrical version runs 101 minutes, while the unrated version clocks in at 102 minutes. (the time differences are so minimal, IMDb does not allow for the alternate running time to be added under that section.)

    The (US-)DVD and the Blu-Ray include both versions, so you can decide which one you prefer. Edit (Coming Soon)


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