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(2010– )

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Season 1

Jun. 2010
Big Score
In order to get a part in a commercial, Warren sabotages a rival puppet actor.
21 Jun. 2010
At the suggestion of Dr. Drew, Warren gives up sex and must live vicariously through Greg the Bunny, whom Warren forces to lose his virginity.
28 Jun. 2010
Crash Course
Warren takes a group of 6th graders on "a field trip to real life."
19 Jul. 2010
As part of a twelve step program, Warren sets out to make amends with all the people he's wronged in his life.
12 Jul. 2010
Gay Ape
Warren pretends to be gay in order to advance his acting career.
5 Jul. 2010
Bad Po-Fo
Warren tries to get out of his MTV reality show in order to star in a network crime drama.
It Girl
Warren wants to get back in the spotlight by dating an "ItGirl," but first he has to break her out of rehab.
2 Aug. 2010
Support System
When Warren is kicked out of his AA meeting for being disruptive, he decides to form a support group of his own.
9 Aug. 2010
Out with the Old
Warren decides to sell off many of his prized possessions in hopes of letting go of the past.
16 Aug. 2010
Anger Management
Warren must learn to control his anger after destroying a miniature golf course.
3 Aug. 2010
Black Lotus
When Warren blows all his rent money at the Racetrack with Count Blah and David Koechner, he seeks out his former "Greg the Bunny" cast members for help.
30 Aug. 2010
Rock Opera
Warren runs into problems while trying to write, direct and produce his magnum opus, a rock opera about his life.

 Season 1 

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