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Sex, Drugs and Alcohol.... Puppet Style.
LittleGoose22 August 2010
Start with an Ape puppet. Give him a "special" helmet, add a pinch of sincerity, ample of libido and a raging alcohol problem and you have yourself the rumblings of a great TV show.

Warren DeMontague is a Thespian actor who is down on his luck and trying to get back into Hollywood. Unfortunately the drugs, alcohol and hookers keep getting in the way.

What cracks me up is the fact that he interacts with his human counterparts so well. The puppetry is second to none and his facial expressions are spot on. What's so funny about the show is that Warren is nearly always drunk, spends most of his time frequenting lap dancing bars and enjoying the sound of his own voice.

Must watch comedy TV. I just hope MTV keeps this going and it runs for a second season.
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Warren The Ape is the Funniest show on MTV!!
munster-monkey7 September 2010
I've never heard of Warren the Ape before, at first I was skeptical on if this show was going to be funny. The first episode I got a few laughs, but it wasn't hilarious. Then the second episode came on air it was called "Abstinence" and I got to tell you that was the funniest episode, after that I became a huge fan. I especially liked the character Greg the Bunny, and the part that got me laughing is when Greg took him to play "Dungeons and Dragons" that whole seen was funny. As the show went on, it got funnier.

This show has the best puppeteer just by the way the puppet interacts with the actors, and I know it must be hard to improvise, and to make expressions with a puppet, that's another reason why I like this show. And I like the whole plot of that he's a actor who is trying to make a comeback, and he's an alcoholic, he does drugs, and is a sex addict, and he's a puppet, oh I'm sorry a "Fabricated American." lol

When I started to like this show I had to find out who the puppeteer is and I found out his name is Dan Milano. And that lead me to find out who Greg the Bunny is, and that they had a sit-com on Fox about 6 years ago, but it got canceled. But before that they had their own little show on a thing called "Junktape", and then they got put on Independent Film Channel (IFC). On Junktape it was just Greg the Bunny interviewing people on the street, it may seem lame but it's pretty funny. On IFC they added little more puppets, including Warren the Ape. On IFC they would do freakin' funny parodies of movies and shows, and they were freer to do improve. On Fox they were restricted on allot of things, but FOX gave them allot of new characters and a new Greg. Oh yeah, these shows aren't for people with "baby ears"!, because it includes adult themes.

I have got to give props to the puppeteers especially Dan Milano. He's an excellent voice actor and puppeteer, and does amazing improve with a puppet.

I'm a huge fan of Greg the Bunny and Warren the Ape, and I hope Warren the Ape doesn't get canceled I think it's a great hit, and I hope you guys like this show to.
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