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Lennie James: Harry Shaw


  • Duke : Who are you?

    Langral : Secret Service.

    Duke : I didn't hear anything about this.

    Harry Shaw : That will be why they call it secret, right?

  • Harry Shaw : We could send in one man. One man with one very specific order. To get Emilie Warnock out.

    President Warnock : Who?

    [cuts to] 

    Snow : I'd rather castrate myself with blunt rocks.

  • Snow : I didn't get the girl.

    Harry Shaw : Ain't that the story of your life?

  • Harry Shaw : Tell me what I can do to help, Snow.

    Snow : Uh, shoot Langral?

  • Snow : I'm happy not to go.

    Harry Shaw : You're going.

    Snow : Okay.

    Harry Shaw : Go now.

  • Harry Shaw : [over the comms]  Snow, what's going on?

    Snow : [on the ship, rubbing his head]  You know, global warming, some celebrity is getting a boob-job, Congress is screwing the pooch again. You know, same old.

    Harry Shaw : Snow, come on man! I mean, what's going on there?

    Harry Shaw : Oh yeah. Well, you wild-cat smacked me in the head with a fire extinguisher and locked herself in some room. So, she's safe. Send the cavalry.

    Langral : Listen, Snow. You stick to the plan. You better do your job or I'll hit you with a Sherman tank. Got that?

    Harry Shaw : A Sherman tank? Yeah, right. Toss my caber, Langral. I got other things to do.

  • Harry Shaw : Nut?

    Snow : [lighting up cigarette]  Nah, I'm trying to give them up.

  • Snow : [about MS-One]  So, how many prisoners exactly?

    Langral : 497. Mainly rapists and murderers. You'll fit right in.

    Snow : [about Emilie]  How do we know she's not dead already?

    Harry Shaw : She's wearing a telementry medical transmitter. All the first family have them.

    Snow : So, if I actually find her, if she is alive; how do we get off the ship?

    Snow : Easy. Hitch a ride, man. There's an escape pod on level five.

  • Harry Shaw : If this work, I'll wear a tutu and pink panty hose.

  • Harry Shaw : Nobody smokes anymore, Snow!

  • Harry Shaw : [about accepting the mission]  Snow, you should really think about this, because it could benefit all of us.

  • Harry Shaw : Here we go. Reality TV.

  • Harry Shaw : Hey, tell me you are not thinking of negotiating with these psychos!

    Langral : This is all over the news in six hours.

  • Harry Shaw : Let's hold on. This stuffed shirt may well pull this off.

  • Harry Shaw : Did you make contact with our friend?

    Snow : Affirmative.

    Harry Shaw : And what about the thing that you lost? Did our friend come through for us?

    Snow : [defeated]  No, Harry.

  • Harry Shaw : [to Emilie over the comms]  You tell me the truth and I'll stop killing your friends.

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