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Maggie Grace: Emilie Warnock



  • Emilie Warnock : Who are you? Who sent you?

    Snow : Your old man did.

    Emilie Warnock : My dad. What did he say?

    Snow : Well, I didn't get to meet him personally. He kind of delegated your rescue. He had a big conference on the corn surplus.

    Emilie Warnock : You're kidding me?

    Snow : No. No, apparently, we should all be eating more corn.

    Emilie Warnock : About my father?

    Snow : Oh, yeah. I made that other bit up.

    Emilie Warnock : Did he have a message for me?

    Snow : Yes. You are adopted.

  • Emilie Warnock : Are you always this obnoxious?

    Snow : Shh...

    [Emilie gets quiet] 

    Emilie Warnock : [whispering]  Did you hear something?

    Snow : No, I'm just enjoying the silence.

  • Snow : Ok, see here on the map?

    Emilie Warnock : Yeah.

    Snow : That's where the pod is. You get in it, you fly away. The good guys will come and get you, ok?

    Emilie Warnock : On my own?

    Snow : You're a big girl, right? Here's an apple and a gun. Don't talk to strangers, shoot them.

  • [Snow gives Emilie an injection] 

    Emilie Warnock : What is that?

    Snow : That's to stop the bleeding. And hopefully the talking.

  • Emilie Warnock : I know something about you. Amazing what you could find out as First Daughter in old Army documents. Last name Snow. First name... Marion.

    Snow : My old man was a John Wayne fan.

    Emilie Warnock : Must have been tough on the playground.

    Snow : That's why I'm so lovable.

    Emilie Warnock : Looks like you're a free man.

    Snow : Thanks to you.

    Emilie Warnock : What kind of Robin Hood would I be if I didn't stop to rescue Maid Marion once in a while?

  • [last lines] 

    Snow : You know, I've got this feeling your old man's not going to approve of this. I mean, I can't really see this going anywhere, can you?

    Emilie Warnock : Depends on how good you are in bed.

    Snow : Well in that case, I give it at least 10 minutes.

  • Emilie Warnock : You can't smoke in here.

    Snow : All evidence to the contrary.

  • Emilie Warnock : So it says here you were convicted of aggravated physical assault?

    Hydell : No. I'm innocent. That wasn't me. That's a case of mistaken identity.

    Emilie Warnock : 53 counts?

    Hydell : I've a very familiar face.

  • Emilie Warnock : [moving away from Snow]  What the hell are you doing?

    Snow : I'm bringing you back from the dead.

    Emilie Warnock : I was dead?

    Snow : Yeah and so far, I think I prefer you that way. Come on, that's enough fore-play. We gotta get out of here.

  • Emilie Warnock : What if this doesn't work?

    Snow : Well, then we're probably gonna die.

    Emilie Warnock : Is that your idea of encouragement?

  • Emilie Warnock : Do you dream while you're under?

    Hydell : Well, I'm gonna dream about you. Aren't I?

  • Emilie Warnock : So, what do I call you?

    Snow : You know what? Don't call me.

    Emilie Warnock : What's your name?

    Snow : Snow.

    Emilie Warnock : Snow?

    Snow : Yeah. Or Sir. You can decide.

  • Snow : [after Mace dies in the breached air-lock]  Well, that's that then.

    Emilie Warnock : I'm sorry.

    Snow : Yeah right. I'm sure you are.

    Emilie Warnock : I know he was your friend.

    Snow : [upset]  I don't need your sympathy. Neither does he.

    Emilie Warnock : No, no. He needed a friend who wouldn't hang him out to dry.

    Snow : [even angrier]  Yeah. I'm taking the rap for something I didn't do, okay! I didn't put him here!

  • Emilie Warnock : [to Snow]  Or are you all mouth, no trousers?

  • Emilie Warnock : Mr. Hydell, how are you feeling?... Are you experiencing any disorientation?

    Hydell : [points to his face]  I can't see out of that eye anymore.

    Emilie Warnock : And what happen to your face? Did you burn it?

  • Emilie Warnock : So, what's the plan? Surely you have a plan to rescue the hostages?

    Snow : What hostages?

    Emilie Warnock : The hostages! The staff, the guards... Should I write it out in crayon?

  • Emilie Warnock : [about Hydell's scars]  Why do they do that?

    Snow : Do what?

    Emilie Warnock : The markings on the face.

    Snow : Other prisoners do it to them. Lets everyone know you're a rat.

  • Emilie Warnock : [to Snow about Mace]  Now you're asking a crazy man where he hid a briefcase that you threw away in a crowded subway station?

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