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24 Jan. 2003
Jiya's Magical Transformation
On her 18th birthday, Jiya receives special powers just like her mom and grandmom. Soon, the novice angel realises that wielding magic is no child's play.
31 Jan. 2003
Jiya Commits a Blunder
Jiya seeks Nani's help to bring Pam back to her human form. Later, they set out to meet Rani Devi when things get out of hand.
7 Feb. 2003
Nani Helps Jiya
In order to teach Pam a lesson, Nani follows Jiya to college. Later, Mita confirms Jiya's feelings for Dhruv.
14 Feb. 2003
Sushma in Trouble
Jiya accidentally casts an odd spell on Nani, what will be the consequences?
21 Feb. 2003
Jiya's Goof-up
In an effort to help Mita, Jiya uses a spell on Raja. Later, he proposes to Jiya in front of Mita while Nani's interference makes the matters worse.
28 Feb. 2003
Nani Punishes Suraj
Suraj's flirting and lying make Nani punish him while Radha refuses to help him. Later, Jiya's makes the problem worse.
7 Mar. 2003
Dadi Visits the Family
Suraj's mother, Dadi frequently fights with Nani while Jiya tries to pacify them. Later, Nani's magic spell puts Dadi in a difficult situation.
14 Mar. 2003
Nani's Clever Plan
Nani comes up with a plan to drive Dadi out of the house by creating an evil clone of the latter, will Nani's plan be successful?
21 Mar. 2003
Pams Evil Trap
It's holi time, but Jiya is scared of colours. Nani decides to help her with a spell while Pam makes a cunning plan.
28 Mar. 2003
The Ladies Lose Their Powers
Dhruv fools Jiya while Suraj is delighted as the ladies lose their magical powers. Will they regain their powers?
4 Apr. 2003
Pam Tricks Jiya
Pam engages Jiya in order to meet Dhruv. Later, Jiya seeks Nani's help to undo her blunder.
11 Apr. 2003
Jiya's Truth Powder
Nani gives Jiya a magical powder of truth. However, a new problem arises when the plan backfires at the last minute.
18 Apr. 2003
Nani to the Rescue
Dr. Chaddha and family arrive for dinner while Radha runs out of food. Later, a disinterested Nani agrees to help them.
25 Apr. 2003
Jiya's Acting Chance
Pam tries to sabotage Jiya's chances of acting in an ad-film while Suraj takes an odd step. Will Nani be able to make things right for her granddaughter?
2 May 2003
Dhruv to Save Jiya
Nani commits a blunder while trying to help Jiya for her examinations. Later, Dhruv takes a stand when Pam tries to frame Jiya.
9 May 2003
Meet Flirty Riya
Radha's college friend Riya comes to visit and stirs up trouble by flirting with Suraj.
16 May 2003
Jiya Is in a Fix
Jiya's present for Suraj and Radha's anniversary turns on her. Can Jiya solve this problem?
23 May 2003
Nanis Ingenious Plan
As Jiya struggles to know about Dhruv's feelings, Nani comes up with an ingenious plan.
30 May 2003
Pams Evil Plan
Jiya and gang decide to participate in a singing show. However, the evil Pam is up to her sly tricks again.

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