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What? Come ON!
IndridC0ld26 June 2013
The script for this final episode is quite simply the biggest disappointment of 21st century television programming. More than anything, it reads like a bad attempt at science fiction by a college freshman who chose to procrastinate until the night before his own "original" short story was due. No, better still, its like a high school book report done by a student who couldn't be bothered reading the book. An epic failure that so tarnished how I feel about this show, that I won't even watch it on Netflix.

Now, to be fair, this show had lot's of ups and downs over the years that it ran. However, the NEXT TO LAST season had such truly great writing, that it was almost too good for network television. Some of those episodes stayed with me for days. They challenged the mind, and our concept of reality in ways that only great story telling does. If only THAT had been the last season!
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More summary stuff and archived footage
Horst_In_Translation1 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Lost: Final Chapter" is a short film from 6 years ago and it is another so-called episode 0 from "Lost", an episode that introduces the audience to a new season, in this case the final season. And while the drama is certainly dominant in this little film that, as usual, runs for 42 minutes like a "real" episode, it is once again really nothing but stuff you have seen in the previous season(s) already. Which is why in my opinion it was not necessary to make this. It would have been far more interesting if we had the actors comment on the action and the characters, but (unfortunately also as usual), none of the actors appear in here, it is really all just recycled footage. Cannot recommend checking it out unless you're a contender for biggest "Lost" fan under the sun. Thumbs down.
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