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Joaquim de Almeida: Reyes



  • Reyes : [crawling out of his wrecked car and lying on the ground]  Help me.

    Hobbs : [shoots him in the torso, without looking at him]  That's for my team, you son of a bitch.

  • Zizi : God Himself couldn't get at your money if He wanted to.

    Reyes : God isn't my worry.

  • Reyes : Look, I would love to expand my operations into your countries but, quite frankly, your business methods are too violent. Let me tell you a true story. Five hundred years ago, the Portuguese and the Spanish came here, each trying to get the country from their natives. The Spaniards arrived, guns blazing, determined to prove who was boss. The natives killed every single Spaniard. Personally, I prefer the methods of the Portuguese. They came bearing gifts. Mirrors, scissors, trinkets. Things that the natives couldn't get on their own, but to continue receiving them, they had to work for the Portuguese. And that's why all Brazilians speak Portuguese today. Now, if you dominate the people with violence, they will eventually fight back because they have nothing to lose. And that's the key. I go into the favelas and give them something to lose. Electricity, running water, school rooms for their kids. And for that taste of a better life, I own them.

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